Flex Shopify Theme is a multi-purpose, modern, and stylish eCommerce template for Shopify users. Flex is a highly advanced and customizable theme developed by Out of the Sandbox – one of Shopify’s top providers of premium themes.

With Flex, merchants can display their stores in a trendy and sophisticated fashion. The theme includes several pre-built layouts and sections that one can simply add using a drag-and-drop interface on a page. Shopify Flex Theme fits any apparel shop, electronics store, or any other niche perfectly as it suits every business need.

Still curious about this theme? In this article, BSS Commerce Shopify will go through its design, as well as its characteristics.

Key Features of Flex Shopify Theme

The Flex Shopify Theme happens to be an outstanding solution with numerous critical functions that aim at taking your business to greater heights.

Various Layout Options

flex theme shopify - styles

With the Flex Shopify Theme, you gain access to multiple layout options, allowing you to create a unique and visually appealing store. Whether you prefer a grid or list style, full-width or boxed layout, the theme’s flexibility can cater to various design preferences and product display requirements. You can choose the layout depending on the specialty of your item and the type of user experience you would like to offer.

Mega menus and drop-downs

This theme offers up to 10 mega menus, and each one offers up to 6 columns. Also, you might consider using the drop-down multi-purpose menu.

Header and footer styles

The Flex Shopify Theme has four header styles and four footer styles that you can choose from. You can use Classic, Search Focus, Centered, or Vertical headers. It may be helpful to consider using a horizontal header across the top of any page or try a vertical header on the left half of the page.

All the standard functions and options for adding components to the header – such as announcements bars, and top bars, among others – are provided. Additionally, you can explore using the content blocks to attempt to have various styles of footers.

Product page layouts

Product page Flex Shopify Theme

These 3 variations of product pages – Classic, Image scrolling, and Section – will show how professional you are when it comes to displaying your store’s products.

Homepage layouts

Choose from a selection of 13 unique styles, view the demos, and make your shop live as soon as possible, that’s all. Theme setting is pre-determined and this helps in guiding you on how to structure your website. The Flex Shopify Theme comes with an easily navigable and flexible drag-and-drop page builder which helps in creating custom pages and layout.

CSS Customization

The Flex Theme Shopify is equipped with advanced customization tools for the purpose that you can have complete control over how your online store looks. Using CSS customizations – an element in coding responsible for defining how the webpage looks or appears – you have the ability to change anything on the site without any coding involved.

As to this, you may select a color, text styles, and layouts, among others as you prefer. The Flex Shopify Theme has two methods of creating themed customizations – template customization and general theme settings.

Once you’ve selected your page template, you can also create new page components as needed via a drop-down list. Using the Shopify theme manager, Flex theme allows for customization of CSS, it’s so simple that anyone can do it.

Comprehensive Icon Library

Icon is up-to-date, trendy, and definitely contributes to a better customer experience and improves the attractiveness of an eCommerce store.

A large library of icons is incorporated into the Flex Shopify Theme where you have access to all the built-in options. Plus, there are options for the addition of icons into some particular elements on your website – such as at the bottom bar, announcement bar, add-to-cart button, text with icons, and featured promotions, among others.

Support & Documentation

It is important to note that the help system and the voluminous documentation are at your disposal when you use the Flex Theme Shopify. In addition, the theme’s developers offer extensive resources such as guides, tutorials, and troubleshooting for setting up. Furthermore, you are eligible to seek customer support on anything relating to a theme.

Additionally, the Flex Theme Shopify has a self-service guide that addresses many of the frequently encountered questions.

Understanding Flex Shopify Theme: A Comprehensive Guide

Flex Shopify Theme review

Who is Flex Shopify Theme for?

Just like its name, Shopify Flex Theme is a flexible theme that can be used by any eCommerce business, in any industry. Nevertheless, since it provides business owners complete control over how their online store looks and operates – without any coding skills required – then, it is perfectly suitable for entrepreneurs, small to mid-sized businesses, or retailers.

The theme’s unlimited customizing options allow users to create visually pleasing storefronts following their brands’ images. Therefore, this Flex Shopify Theme is ideal for beauty & wellness stores, FnB businesses, art & stationery shops, home decor or electronics essentials stores, and many more.



User-friendly Flex Shopify Theme

A beginner can easily build a professional eCommerce store using this Shopify theme. An intuitive interface with a built-in drag-and-drop function makes it possible for one to make changes or update anything even without any coding knowledge.

In addition, Shopify Flex Theme can be integrated with Shopify. It also runs perfectly well in several browsers and is mobile-compatible.

Enhanced SEO customization

The SEO optimization of this Shopify theme will improve your store’s online presence, resulting in increased traffic and higher sales volume.

Unrestricted theme customization & layout flexibility

A total of 13 theme styles, 10 mega menus, 4 header styles, and 4 footer styles is a really impressive assortment. Moreover, it has an icons library that separates it from the other themes.

It allows users to comfortably make changes and adapt pre-designed themes that should differentiate their shops in this large market. Moreover, the theme offers diverse layouts, leaving a business with an opportunity to develop an attractive and unique store.


Support through ticket submission

Ticket submission is the only form of support for this Shopify Flex Theme. Consequently, users would have to wait for the response from the support team of Shopify. And since they often take up to 24 hours, that may be very annoying when urgency is demanded instantly. In addition, daily and at maximum volumes like heavy rushes, it may take one to two days to receive responses.

Separate licenses requirement

Buying the theme means that users have exclusive rights to use it at a single Shopify store. Therefore, additional licenses must be purchased to utilize the theme across several stores. The increased rates may expand the total costs for merchants that have several stores or intend to scale the business in the future.

How much does Flex Shopify Theme cost?

Flex Shopify Theme will cost you $495. After purchasing it, you will get a 14-day money-back guarantee, which is somehow relevant to a free trial. This price is applied to one store. After making this purchase, you will receive a ZIP file comprising all the built-in styles. You will also receive for free an update on this theme after one year.

Keep in mind that Flex is a Shopify premium theme, hence you cannot buy it from the Shopify theme store. To get a Flex theme, you’ll need to go to Out of the Sandbox’s website.


shopify flex theme - reviews

On Out of the Sandbox’s website, Flex Theme has a rating of 5/5, based on 134 reviews. The theme was praised for its flexibility, and great customer support, as well as how the theme is well-designed and customizable.

The theme also received a 5/5 rating on Heycarson, although some reviews point out that using the theme updater could result in all the customizing processes being restarted.

Stores using Shopify Flex Theme to get inspired from

SFMOMA Museum Store

shopify theme flex - sfmoma museum store

With the product line ranging from housewares to books, contemporary jewelry & accessories as well as unique gifts, Flex Shopify Theme is utilized by the SFMOMA Museum Store, making art presented enticingly and effectively.

The theme enables SFMOMA Museum Store to unify bold images, refined colors, and clean fonts. Ultimately, this translates into an online shop that reflects the artistic aura of the museum and offers customers a first-rate shopping experience.

So Pretty Cara Cotter

shopify flex theme - so pretty cara cotter

So Pretty Cara Cotter is known widely as one of the brands offering the exclusive and glamorous look of jewelry items. The elegance and sophistication of their collection are illustrated in their well-designed website which also displays beautiful high-quality jewelry images. So Pretty Cara Cotter has come up with a digital store that provides a rich shopping experience to its clients who can navigate through various categories and engage with products via mega menus and drop-downs.

Sakura Bloom

theme flex shopify - sakura bloom

Sakura Bloom is a baby and kids store whose website depicts the effectiveness of adaptation between designs and functions, seamlessly merging the design and use to immerse visitors into a visual tour.

The customizable options of the Flex Shopify Theme allow the Sakura Bloom store to infuse every page with a playful but classy vibe, from the carefully considered design of a homepage layout and product pages with a gentle sense of humor underlined by sophistication. Just take a look to see how the Shopify Flex theme enhances the visual experience, encouraging customers to wade into a fascinating array of baby products, such as slings and carriers.

Flex Shopify Theme Alternatives

flex theme shopify demo - eurus

Apart from the Flex Shopify Theme, Shopify has numerous other themes to suit your taste. For instance, at about half the price of Flex Shopify Theme, Eurus by BSS Commerce offers a variety of features that are suitable to the needs of any business. This theme is ideal for any business type or industry, such as apparel, jewelry sports, outdoor, wellness, electronics, home decor, and many more.

Eurus offers features like a quick setup, an unlimited free trial to try as much as you want until you are content with the design, more than 35 drag-and-drop sections, and a diversity of product discovery features, among others.

Eurus undeniably surpasses all expectations with its extensive features: a countdown timer, a pre-order option, and even gift wrapping to enhance customer experience, and many more.

Moreover, this theme is associated with an EU translation utility that caters to various European languages including French, Dutch, and Espanol. All this is devoid of any necessity for an understanding of coding. Your online store, when equipped with Eurus’s services, will boast a beautiful design – a site guaranteed to leave an indelible impression on your customers.

BSS’s Eurus Theme is ideal for high-volume shops with sizable catalogs and time-constrained operations and offers compatibility with all recent Shopify versions.

Final thoughts

To summarize, the Flex Shopify Theme offers a potent and adaptable solution for eCommerce businesses that aspire to an attention-grabbing, responsive, and extensively customizable online store. This theme further provides lightning-fast loading speeds that bolster the overall user experience while boosting conversion rates. Through its broad range of features and extensive customization options, Flex Theme guarantees merchants can curate compellingly unique shopping experiences for their customers.

Additionally, the Eurus Theme by BSS Commerce Shopify presents a potentially more economical option for those seeking flexible, visually pleasing designs. Setting up Eurus is effortless, and it provides an array of customizable designs that are suitable not only for business preferences but also for customer inclinations.

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