Managing a Shopify store efficiently can be rewarding, but it comes with its unique set of challenges. Merchants need to ensure that all business activities operate seamlessly without any mistakes from marketing and sales strategy to the accounting and shipping process. This may not be possible if you are a high-volume business dealing with huge transactions regularly. That’s where Shopify embedded apps come to the rescue.

In this blog, BSS Commerce Shopify will inform you how embedded apps are valuable to Shopify stores and give you a list of the top 7 Shopify embedded apps.

What is a Shopify embedded app?

A Shopify embedded app is a specialized software solution that extends the functionality of Shopify stores. Displayed within the Shopify admin dashboard, this app provides a unified experience for merchants without redirecting them to external websites. This integration makes it easier to manage their Shopify store and contribute to the growth and efficiency of online businesses.

Shopify embedded apps are developed by third-party creators and undergo a thorough approval process by Shopify to ensure that they all meet certain quality and security standards. There are typical types of embedded apps available, spanning from tools aiding in marketing and sales to applications offering support in accounting and shipping tasks.

Advantages of using Shopify embedded apps

The Shopify embedded apps offer several advantages for merchants to enhance their overall experience in managing and growing their online business. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of using embedded apps for your Shopify store:

Seamless user experience

Shopify embedded apps are built using advanced web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to ensure a seamless user experience with a cohesive and unified interface. Integrating directly into the Shopify admin, these apps allow merchants to access additional features and functionalities without navigating external websites, and streamlining their workflow.

Simply setup process

Merchants can add new apps to their store with just a few clicks. With App Bridge assistance, a tool that provides standard Shopify UI components, merchants may receive step-by-step guides to create embedded apps, making the development process faster and simpler.

Enhanced security

Security is paramount in eCommerce, and embedded apps provide a lot of robust protection for both merchants and customers. Shopify embedded apps generate a unique token to protect all requests from the user interface to the server and verify that the request came from the intended store.

Work well in Shopify POS

Businesses also install embedded apps to Shopify POS system. This compatibility ensures a consistent and unified user experience across sales channels, whether online or brick-and-mortar stores.

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Flexibility to implement any functionality

Developers can implement a wide range of functionality tailored to specific business requirements and goals. This adaptability allows merchants to customize their store operations, providing a personalized experience for business owners and customers.

Review 7+ Shopify Embedded App Examples

Let’s dig deep into the top 9+ best Shopify embedded apps for expanding your Shopify store functionalities and bringing your online business to the next level.

App Developer Rating Free plan available Free trial Start price/month
BSS: Product Labels & Badges BSS Commerce 4.9⭐ Yes No $5/month
BLOOP: Referral & Loyalty BSS Commerce 5.0⭐ Yes 7-day $20/month
BSS: Product Variants Options BSS Commerce 4.9⭐ Yes  14-day $10/month
MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator BSS Commerce 4.7⭐ Yes 7-day $5/month
Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer Pro Tapita 5.0⭐ Yes No $9.99/month Product Reviews 5.0⭐ Yes No $15/month
Hextom: Bulk Product Edit Hextom  4.8⭐ Yes No $9.99/month

#1 BSS: Product Labels & Badges

Rating: 4.9⭐

BSS Product Labels & Badges Shopify embedded app

The first of the top 7 best Shopify embedded apps is BSS Product Labels & Badges. It is a useful app for businesses wanting to boost their revenue, especially during seasonal sales. It provides a wide range of eye-catching pre-designed labels and badges to encourage customers to purchase repeatedly.

With a label library with various categories, this app empowers businesses to highlight their unique product features. You can also custom display settings of labels, badges, banners, or pop-ups to draw customers’ attention to your latest sales and discounts. It is a fantastic way to convert visitors to loyal customers, boost sales, as well as enhance your brand awareness.

Key features:

  • A pre-made label library for specific events or promotions such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday (BFCM), Chrismas, NewYear, and more
  • Set up labels based on specific conditions such as stock status, discount range, or other criteria.
  • Freedom to choose where to display labels, including product pages, collection pages, search results, and more, ensuring that the right products are highlighted in different sections of the online store.
  • Customize labels, badges, and banners with dynamic text and adjust font sizes, styles, and colors to match the store’s branding.
  • Display labels specifically on selected variants of products showcased on the product page


BSS: Product Labels & Badges offers merchants a free plan and three paid options. They are:

  • Free Forever: This plan allows merchants to embed in the Shopify admin at no cost. It includes fundamental features such as 2 labels/badges/banners for 20 items, 50+ free samples, free fix theme-incompatible, multiple conditions, custom-text labels, and stack labels/badges
  • Pro plan: This plan costs $5 per month and includes unlimited Labels/Badges for unlimited items, 200+ FREE samples, labels for available & sold-out, labels for discounted items, and VIP support
  • Advanced plan: $10/month, includes all features in Free and Pro plan plus 3000+ samples, labels per product tags/collection, country restriction, schedule, labels per customer, text hover effect
  • Platinum plan: $20/month, includes all features of Advanced plan, plus unlimited labels’ positions, 5000+ designed library presets, labels per variants

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BSS Product Labels & Badges

#2 BLOOP: Referral & Loyalty

Rating: 5.0⭐

BLOOP Referral & Loyalty Shopify embedded app example

BLOOP: Referral & Loyalty is one of the best Shopify embedded apps for boosting marketing efforts and attracting customers. It allows businesses to create customized loyalty programs, reward customers for purchases and other actions, and offer personalized incentives to drive customer engagement and repeat business. Through customer rewards programs and the power of worth-of-mouth marketing, businesses can expand product lifetime value, and create a more engaging shopping experience for their customers, boost returning customer rates, and increase sales performance.

BLOOP is also appreciated for its responsive customer service. With 10 years of experience, the BSS Commerce expert team will respond to you in time and resolve your problems to ensure a seamless integration and operation process.

Key features:

BLOOP offers more outstanding features compared to other Shopify referral apps, such as:

  • Automatically granting incentives or bonuses to customers who are referees and referees without the need for manual intervention
  • Customize social sharing and email content, as well as branding design, to enhance brand recognition, maintain consistency across different platforms, and create a cohesive and professional online presence.
  • Reward customers with points for various activities, which customers can later redeem for discounts, free products, or other incentives.
  • Collect and analyze valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends
  • Track and analyze data from referral activities and loyalty programs to measure the overall impact on revenue generation, making informed decisions to optimize marketing efforts.


BLOOP: Referral & Loyalty offers your business a free plan and a paid version at a reasonable price:

  • Free plan: You can integrate with your Shopify admin dashboard and use this app for free without any pressure to upgrade to the paid version. It includes these features: referral page & popup, loyalty program, reward/coupon expiration setup, setup, scam detection, branding, and translation.
  • Basic: This plan costs $20 per month and includes all FREE FOREVER features, plus change email/domain sender, multiple referral rules, post-purchase widget, and remove watermark.

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#3 BSS: Product Variants Options

Rating: 4.9⭐

BSS: Product Variants Options is an all-in-one customization solution that allows merchants to manage and customize various product options and variants. With unlimited product options, merchants can streamline the process of displaying, and selling products with multiple options, and providing a personalized shopping experience for their customers. This approach can encourage customers to purchase, boost revenue, and maintain strong relationships with them.

BSS Product Variants Options one of the best Shopify embedded apps

Key features:

  • Various option types including image swatch, textbox, multi-select, file upload, and more
  • Add price add-o options to charge extra fees for selected options
  • Condition logic feature to show or hide options based on previous selections for efficiently navigating and customizing.
  • Easy to edit options on the cart page for a better shopping experience.
  • Other features: inventory management, the ability to change the image


BSS: Product Variants Options has three pricing plans, including

  • Free plan: This plan offers unlimited options, image/color swatches, 8 option types, and min/max characters for the text field.
  • Advanced plan: This paid option costs $10/month and includes a price add-on, conditional logic, file upload/date time picker, edit options on the cart page, and show options on order confirmation & packing slips.
  • Platinum plan: $20/month, includes all features in Advanced Plan, plus quantity selector – swatch options, discount box on the cart page, and VIP support/ one-by-one take care.

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BSS Product Variants Options

#4 MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator

Rating: 4.7⭐

MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator is a powerful tool designed to assist businesses that have multiple retail locations or authorized dealers. It allows users to add store locations individually or in bulk with a CSV file, making it easy for consumers to find the nearest stores or dealers that carry a particular product or brand they want to buy. MAPPY offers a wide range of templates to customize the interactive Google map design/ store locator page to match your brand or store appearance perfectly.

MAPPY Dealer & Store Locator Shopify embedded app

Key features:

  • Add store locations individually or in bulk using a CSV file
  • The ability to add tags to store locations enables customers to easily search for specific features, products, or services offered by the stores
  • Instant directions for customers to easily find the directions to your stores
  • Auto-detect shows nearby stores based on customers’ IP addresses
  • The ability to translate the store locator page into multiple languages
  • Search History Records allows store owners to check the search history of all customers on a map.


MAPPY has four pricing plans, and all plans offer a 14-day free trial to explore all of its functionalities.

  • Free: This plan is suitable for development stores, partner test stores, and newcomers under the Shopify free trial. It offers filter/search by country location/phone, positioning displayed fields, and up to 5 store locations
  • Basic plan: $5/month, including search filter, find my location, bulk imports&exports, auto-detect locations when import, up to 50 store locations
  • Advanced plan: $15/month, includes Basic Plan, plus customer search records, up to 500 store locations
  • Platinum Plan: $50/month: includes all features, 500+ store occasions, and more store locations depending on the dynamic plan.

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#5 Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer Pro

Ranking: 5.0⭐

Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer Pro is one of the most popular Shopify embedded apps that is highly recommended for its user-friendliness and efficiency in enhancing SEO efforts. This app comes with a robust collection of tools that empower merchants to control major elements of your Shopify store. Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer Pro is directly integrated into your Shopify store to assist sellers in measuring SEO factors and improving website rankings on Google search results. It also offers comprehensive guidance and an expert support team in case you lack any prior experience in coding, marketing, or SEO.

Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer Pro Shopify embedded apps

Key features:

Instantly increase page speed scores and loading time to boost conversion

  • Flexibility to control and customize meta tags, keywords, titles, and descriptions of your website
  • Tapita SEO Audit to monitor website health, fix SEO errors, and evaluate the performance of SEO elements.
  • Integrate with Google Search Console to monitor page indexing status
  • Bulk-optimize image alt text in minutes


Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer Pro offers merchants three pricing plans.

  • Free: $0/month, includes one-click speed optimization: 50 pages, instant page, image optimization: 900 images/month, SEO schemas, bulk metadata templates, general SEO audit based on 5 pages, on-page SEO audit, support to fix Critical SEO issues
  • Basic: $9.99/month, includes one-click speed optimization: 150 pages, page speed history: 30 days, page speed notification: weekly, unlimited image optimization, advanced SEO schemas, page indexing, Google Search Console, and more
  • Standard: $29.99/month, includes $29.99/month, includes one-click optimization: 400 pages, pages speed history: 120 days, page speed notification: daily, unlimited image optimization, general SEO audit based on 50 pages, support to fix all SEO issues, page indexing: check status 50 pages

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#6 Product Reviews

Rating: 5.0⭐ Product Reviews is the first on the list of examples for the Shopify embedded apps. Customer post-purchase reviews are essential for online businesses as they offer valuable insight into customer satisfaction, product quality, and overall shopping experience. And,, a remarkable and customizable review app is here to help you with this task. It is embedded into Shopify admin to request customer email reviews after their order fulfillment or delivery. By showing reviews on your storefront widgets, sharing them on social media, and adding stars on Google for SEO, this app contributes to the re-marketing strategy, converting visitors to loyal customers. Product Reviews Shopify embedded app

Key features:

  • Offer typical types of review requests such as Q&A, coupon, and email marketing integration.
  • Customizable and automatic email review requests, widgets, and Google shopping integration
  • Review schema markup enables store owners to display star ratings, the overall rating, and the number of reviews on search engine results. It helps increase online visibility, build trust, and engage customers to click on your Shopify store.
  • Share reviews on social media platforms to attract more potential customers.

Pricing: provides merchants with 2 pricing options:

  • Free: This pricing strategy allows you to install and use this app for free without pressure to upgrade to the paid version. Its features include Unlimited review requests, photos & videos, carousel themes, in-email reviews, curated reviews, shop syndication, SEO snippets, and manual social push
  • Awesome: $15/month, includes site reviews, All Reviews Page, Q&A, custom forms, coupons, product groups, cross-shop syndication, Google Shopping, no branding.

#7 Hextom: Bulk Product Edit

Rating: 4.8⭐

Hextom: Bulk Product Edit is among the top 7 best Shopify embedded apps specially tailored for large businesses that have to manage a store with hundreds of products and customers. With this Shopify powerful tool, you don’t have to manually add a tag or update the URL, meta title, and meta description for hundreds of products. This Shopify embedded app has a user-friendly interface, an advanced filtering system, a flexible CSV export-import, and other robust functionalities that enable store owners to bulk edit products, collections, customers, and metafields in a few clicks quickly and accurately.

Hextom Bulk Product Edit Shopify embedded app example

Key features:

  • Efficient bulk editing to deal with large inventory or complex data structures, enabling merchants to swiftly and accurately edit multiple products, collections, customers, and metafields.
  • Advanced filtering and CSV Integration to ensure that merchants can choose the most suitable method for editing need
  • Schedule tasks to run at a later date or set up daily or weekly recurring tasks.
  • Migrating the risk of manual editing by backing up all changes made during bulk edits


Hextom offers four pricing plans with reasonable prices that may fit your business budget and needs. All four options offer unlimited bulk edit & CSV import and export, 30 days of tasks backup and restore task logs, and email support.

  • Free plan: A free demo for exploration allows you to edit 10 products or 10 collections per task.
  • Basic plan: $9.99/month, allowing merchants to edit 500 products or 30 collections per task.
  • Pro plan: $19.99/month, allowing merchants to edit 5000 products or 300 collections per task, and 10 scheduled tasks.
  • Advanced plan: $49.99/month, allowing business to edit 50,000 products or 3000 collections per month, and 100 scheduled tasks.

The final words

Here are the top 7+ Shopify embedded apps examples, which are powerful solutions to manage your Shopify business efficiently and comprehensively. Let’s choose the right apps that best suit your business requirements and get more profits for your Shopify stores.

If you are seeking assistance in configuring the Shopify embedded apps then BSS Commerce Shopify experts are right here to help you set up your success in no time. Contact us immediately for our Shopify website development services. With over 10 years of experience, we ensure Shopify website development is the most optimal and effective for your business.