Can’t deny the fact that there are many different Shopify Plus Alternatives platforms with many features and powerful technology that you don’t know about. If that really is so, this post is for you, we have listed below the platforms with a brief review of the benefits and their user experience.

After reading our list of the top Shopify Plus alternatives, we hope you can choose an e-commerce platform that meets your needs immediately!

Overview of Shopify Plus & Shopify Plus Alternatives

First of all, what is Shopify Plus? In 2014, Shopify launched the Shopify Plus program in an effort to compete with enterprise eCommerce systems like Magento, Volusion, and Demandware and attract big-name online retailers. Shopify Plus is designed for businesses and is suitable for sellers or retailers with large numbers. In addition, Shopify Plus offers some customization to meet the requirements of businesses. The Shopify Plus package provides a specialized set of tools that assist higher volume sellers in managing their online store. Each Shopify Plus client receives a unique pricing proposal.

So, what are Shopify Plus alternatives? Shopify Plus alternatives are eCommerce platforms that are the same as Shopify Plus, released with the purpose of helping customers open their online store easily and quickly.

There are many Shopify Plus competitors you can find in the marketplace. For example, Magento Commerce, BigCommerce Enterprise, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud are a ton of excellent Shopify substitutes that are equally deserving of your attention. These types of platforms provide comparable features and functionality to Shopify Plus, although they can have various pricing plans or focus on various kinds of businesses.

You shouldn’t consider Shopify Plus to be your only choice. Despite the fact that Shopify Plus would seem to be the industry standard for eCommerce solutions, competition is fierce.

We want to demonstrate that picking an eCommerce platform is a crucial choice. In order to find the finest Shopify alternatives, we have done research and given suitable advice before picking the best Shopify Plus competitors.

Things To Know When Seeking Shopify Plus Alternatives

After covering the fundamentals, let’s go over the reasons you might be considering using a different platform to manage your e-commerce firm.


No matter which pricing option you select, if you use a payment processor other than Shopify Payments, you will still have to pay additional transaction fees. It’s crucial to note that not all countries have access to the Shopify Payments system yet.

Additionally, Shopify charges fees for processing credit cards. Even though switching to a more expensive plan results in a minor reduction in rates, it’s still an additional expense. In addition, the majority of the apps in Shopify’s app store will cost extra. If you want to use some advanced features, for example tracking, marketing tools and more, you can consider paying for extra packages.

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No Trial Period and Free Plan

In contrast to other platforms, Shopify Plus does not offer a free plan to let you try out its services before committing to a premium plan. Shopify Plus starts at $2000 per month and the fee can be variable depending on the volume of your business.

However, you can try Shopify to see how Shopify and Shopify Plus work. Shopify offers a 3-day trial for new users and 3 months with $1 per month for new users opening a new store on Shopify.

Many website builders offer free or unlimited trial periods, so you can test them out until you are happy or certain. You may start your business off with this because they offer free subdomains that you can maintain forever.

As a result, alternatives to Shopify Plus with free plans, a branded subdomain, or a longer trial period are more prudent.

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Only Intended for Store Owners

Despite the fact that Shopify Plus’s site editor contains features for blog entries, it is not intended for bloggers. It resembles an eCommerce website builder more than a regular website builder.

Therefore, Shopify Plus is excessive if your goal is to create a website without eCommerce capabilities. Instead, you want to look at alternatives with more affordable packages designed just for standard sites.

BSS Commerce offer comprehensive Shopify Plus Development Services, from strategy and planning to design and development to testing and launch. We can help you create a store that reflects your brand, engages your customers, and boosts your sales by 200%. 

How To Pick The Best Shopify Plus Alternative?

how to pick best shopify plus alternatives

Pricing & Fee

Pricing is one of the main considerations taken into account when selecting a Shopify Plus substitute. On some platforms, there are currently many different plans with free and paid forms. If you are a newcomer in the phase of online business, you should consider whether this platform is suitable for you or not.

Also, another factor to consider is the fee. Does the platform charge transaction or processing costs for each purchase in addition to a monthly fee? Is a separate payment gateway required, or can you make use of the platform’s integrated payment processing? These are essential questions to ask while considering pricing.

Easy of Use

The feature of Ease to use in the e-commerce platform plays a crucial role when picking the best Shopify Plus Alternatives. What use is a beautiful website if you’re afraid to touch it for fear of damaging something? In addition to customizing products and procedures like order management and shipping, ease of use also extends to customization.


A hosted solution like Shopify Plus or Squarespace may be the best option if you want the platform to manage everything. Some websites, like Shopify Plus and Wix, charge a monthly subscription price that includes hosting. Despite not offering hosting, WooCommerce and Ecwid make it simple to set up your store on a hosting platform like WordPress.

Options for Themes and Design

To make your online store appear branded and professional, you can pick a platform that offers a variety of themes and design possibilities.

Additionally, a platform with open source or Shopify Plus API can be your best choice if you enjoy working with programming and want more control over your store’s design. With these platforms, you may frequently find themes that the platform offers, hire a web designer, or even purchase a ready-made theme from a marketplace.


Security is always your first priority when operating an online store and you want to be sure that the information about your consumers is secure and that hackers can’t access your store. Look for a platform that includes features like SSL encryption and PCI compliance when evaluating security. While PCI compliance guarantees that your store is secure from hackers, SSL encryption is crucial for safeguarding the data of your consumers.

SEO Optimization

Potential customers can see your store by making your website search engine-friendly, particularly for Google. For instance, consider features like a built-in blog, customized URLs, meta tags, and social sharing buttons when evaluating a platform’s SEO capabilities.

Also take into account whether the platform has any extra tools for SEO, including the capacity to design unique pages or incorporate structured data. These elements can help a website stand out compared to competitors and get more visitors to the store.

Customer Support

Customer support should be the final consideration when choosing the best Shopify Plus alternatives. Every once in a while, something will go wrong, and need to refer from rely on the platform’s customer support team to help you fix any issues.

Look for features like round-the-clock assistance, live chat, a forum for community discussion, email support, and the same platform when evaluating customer service, you’ll be able to get support when needed.

Refer to 14+ Best Shopify Plus Alternatives

Let’s dig a little deeper and examine the best Shopify Plus alternatives and what they have to offer for your store in the section below.


magento - shopify plus alternative

Magento may already be familiar to those in the eCommerce field. eBay bought the business in 2011, and Adobe later bought it in 2018. With a large and well-established community around the world, this well-liked platform is perfect for experienced store owners.

To create a fully creative store, a lot of significant and expanding companies have opted for Magento website development. The reason for this is that, among eCommerce software, Magento has the most extensive feature list. Everything from marketing to client analysis is the reason why so many big businesses adore Magento. You can add nearly any kind of feature to your own store.

It’s easy to understand why Shopify Plus Magento is so popular when you look at the rates. One of the top Shopify alternatives due to its pricing, which is fairly comparable to WooCommerce’s.

In addition, Magento Shopify Plus integration is the process of connecting a Magento e-commerce platform with Shopify Plus to create a seamless experience for managing inventory, orders, and customer data across both platforms. Through this integration, businesses may better serve their customers by utilizing the advantages of both platforms.


  • Scalable and flexible
  • You can create a stunning and useful e-commerce store with the support of 250K+ developers and cutting-edge functionality.
  • For safe payment channels, there are many options.
  • There are numerous add-ons and extensions available through its extensive partner ecosystem.
  • Huge inventory


woocommerce - shopify plus alternative

WooCommerce is another Shopify Plus alternative for many business owners. It is open-source, totally free to use, and—best of all—rated highly for measuring visitor satisfaction. Versatility is one of WooCommerce’s advantages. About pricing, only the hosting fee needs to be paid. In addition, unlike Shopify Plus, you just need to make a one-time purchase to access their sophisticated services.

Your WooCommerce website’s speed can be considerably increased when combined with dependable e-commerce hosting options. To improve the performance of your store, you can combine it with a number of plugins for abandoned carts and configure the website such that customers can easily add more products or recommendations after a sale if you wish to upsell.

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  • Many extensions and helpful add-ons
  • Freedom to offer any number of products in your store if you have coding skills
  • Free WordPress WooCommerce plugin with simple settings
  • Numerous features ensure maximum creativity
  • Simple to set up


bigcommerce - shopify plus alternative

If you want a straightforward, no-frills experience and the flexibility of utilizing a drag-and-drop editor when building up a website, BigCommerce is an excellent option.

You can create an online store using its hosted all-in-one solution without having any coding expertise or sophisticated technological understanding. Beginners may easily utilize it, and at the same time, it has the capacity to create a sizable online business.

There are many beautiful themes on the platform, but only seven are available for free. It is superior to Shopify Plus in terms of personalization because the premium options cost money.

However, the load times on BigCommerce are a little slower than those of other sites. As a result, you must decide carefully depending on the products you sell, and the revenue you generate will define the charges appropriate for your website.


  • No coding
  • There are numerous built-in, drag-and-drop visual editing tools that will help you construct a stunning eCommerce store.
  • Multiple-channel sales
  • Lots of options are available for free, including an Instagram in-app checkout feature.
  • Fully editable URLs and SEO optimization
  • Great for many business models


squarespace - shopify plus alternative

With the term “king of design, Squarespace has become popular on the list of the best e-commerce platforms. They provide a selection of stunning, responsive store templates that are simple to edit. If you want your website to have a more upscale appearance, Squarespace is without a doubt the builder to use.

Similar to Wix, Squarespace has excellent drag-and-drop capabilities. You can quickly create a professional store with this assistance. However, as compared to other hosted eCommerce platforms, the given sales tools are unquestionably less sophisticated.


  • Fit for smaller stores
  • Really simple to set up.
  • No coding experience is necessary.
  • Impressive themes and diversity
  • Allows you to create an attractive online store using your own product photographs and designs with a wide range of lovely templates.
  • The website builder is simple to use, making it simple to work on the backend.


ecwid - shopify plus alternative

Ecwid is yet another excellent Shopify Plus rival for online shopping. To help users with payments and sales, Ecwid provides a number of POS tools and payment gateway alternatives. Another benefit of using Ecwid is the ability to sell digital goods. Additionally, it provides alternatives for marketing automation and enables you to provide clients with discounts.

About pricing, Ecwid offers three paid options: a free plan and three paid plans with more functionality.

  • Free Plan Forever
  • Venture: Every year billing or $19 on each month
  • Business: Every year billing or $39 on each month
  • Unlimited: Every year billing or $99 on each month


  • Crafted to seamlessly integrate with social networks
  • The Ecwid storefront is simple to connect with a website.
  • Ecwid can modify a website’s theme, and it can also identify and translate more than 51 languages automatically.
  • Ecwid offers a no-cost plan.
  • The platform features a robust support system that includes email, online chat, and phone help.
  • With no transaction costs


pinnacle cart - shopify plus alternative

A self-hosted eCommerce platform called PinnacleCart is available to retailers who want to expand to the enterprise level. If you want to open an internet store, it is unquestionably a great platform to consider. PinnacleCart has a ton of functionality already built-in, and each user is easily able to use the dashboard.

PinnacleCart appears to be a fantastic option, but it seems to be better suited to sellers who already have some expertise with online sales. About the cost, the standard plan for PinnacleCart starts at $79.95/month.


  • Supports a variety of languages
  • HTML, CSS, and code editing tools with over 25 payment gateways
  • Themes are flexible and diverse
  • Fit for larger businesses or stores


sellfy - shopify plus competitor

Another Shopify Plus alternative is Sellfy. Sellfy is an eCommerce platform that is easy to use and different from other eCommerce options. And certainly, setting it up is far simpler than doing so with Shopify Plus. With Sellfy, you can open a store for free, but if you want more, you must get their paid version. The beginner subscription costs $22 per month, and the premium package costs $119 per month.

It’s fit for businesses that want to sell goods as well as for online business owners. In the event that you don’t enjoy Sellfy’s platform, they also provide a 30-day return option.


  • Extension hosting for online shops
  • The user experience is tidy, well-structured, and refreshingly easy to use
  • Embedded print-on-demand
  • Built-in assistance for physical, digital, and subscription goods
  • Email marketing is built-in
  • PWYW capability is built-in
  • Embedding the “buy now” button is a plus
  • Numerous goods without limit
  • Simple and quick checkout


dukaan - shopify plus competitor

Businesses can consider Dukaan if they need a complete eCommerce solution for B2C and D2C transactions. Dukaan is an effective SaaS platform that enables you to launch your own eCommerce store in less than a minute. Simplicity when using the platform and excellent scalability make Dukaan unique.

Dukaan offers a variety of potent eCommerce features that are easily accessible from its dashboard. The platform is absolutely unique since, despite its sophisticated features, there is no learning curve associated with it.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple to set up.
  • Sell an endless number of goods.
  • No transaction fees
  • Incredibly fast loading times
  • Supported by a 22+ strong worldwide data center network


opencart - shopify plus alternative

OpenCart is a free Shopify Plus alternative with a comparatively up-to-date framework that enables you to build expert-looking websites that you can tailor to your requirements. Another advantage of OpenCart is that it includes a user-friendly dashboard for managing an established store, even though constructing a storefront unquestionably requires programming expertise.

It’s a fantastic online store builder, nevertheless, if you’re on a tight budget and prepared to up your customizing game, despite the requirement for coding knowledge.


  • No-cost remedy
  • A large selection of extensions
  • Supports a full range of currencies and languages.
  • Endless goods
  • Fit for most e-commerce stores
  • Supports a variety of payment gateways and is quite adaptable
  • Very quick setup and launches

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x-cart - shopify plus alternative

X-Cart, developed by Qualiteam, is quick, efficient, and comparatively simple to use. It has a ton of different functions to meet e-commerce demands. The pricing range begins at $199 per month and goes all the way to $399 per month.

This robust platform allows for an infinite number of customizations, and a skilled developer may utilize it to quickly build a fantastic business, making it a strong Shopify Plus substitute.

Let’s remember that the support team of X-Cart cannot offer so much help at the same moment if there a trouble. They will only attribute the problem to your servers, leaving you on your own to address it.


  • Full of cutting-edge features
  • Strengths in virtual servers perform
  • Simple to assemble and use.

Big Cartel

big cartel - shopify plus alternative

Another option on other eCommerce platforms is BigCartel. In this instance, the solution is specifically aimed at artists who are eager to begin selling their art online. This theme is reviewed as the most easy to use as possible because Big Cartel gives so many necessary features for your store.

Big Cartel offers many benefits, one of which is the ability to open a store without spending any money. However, you’ll be limited to selling only 5 items. Big Cartel can be the best option if all you’re looking for is a way to sell a few items online without needing anything complex.


  • None coding
  • Simple to set up and use
  • There is a free plan and a $29.99 most costly option
  • Great for small businesses
  • With no transaction costs
  • Crafted for a particular market
  • Offers the essential and advanced e-commerce functionality required to expand the store

Weebly (Square E-Commerce)

weebly - shopify plus alternative

For those looking for a free Shopify Plus alternative to get started, Weebly is another practical hosted platform. Weebly offers less functionality than Shopify Plus; however, their most costly plan is considerably less expensive than Shopify Plus’s Plan.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of your budget on the features in-store, Weebly must not have a suitable option.

Weebly is a fantastic option that is straightforward to use right out of the box if you want to set up a website using a simple builder. Weebly may disappoint you in terms of scalability, though.


  • Reasonable price
  • Quick and simple beginning
  • There are over 70 store templates.
  • Various and flexible features
  • Launch your website rapidly.
  • A selection of apps and tools are available.
  • Gives you membership zones and enables team collaboration.
  • Totally free domain
  • Free trial


volusion - shopify plus alternative

Volusion is one of the well-known Shopify Plus alternatives. More than 200,000 organizations use this platform, which is also very well-liked by startups and smaller businesses. Your clients will appreciate the simplicity of Volusion’s clever one-click checkout option.

You can also access a variety of plugins and features through the platform, which you can incorporate into your online business. It’s excellent for shipping companies. You will need to learn how to minimize your shipping costs, though. Remember that the bandwidth is metered, so if you exceed the allotted amount, the business may charge you about $7 per GB.

You may access a number of new services, such as other categories, subcategories, and gift vouchers, for a monthly fee that typically ranges between $15 and $35.Even though a GUI is used for the majority of the work, you will still need some basic coding knowledge to set up your business.


  • User-friendly
  • Assistance with a variety of payment processors
  • Facilitate study and reporting; free SEO and analytics tools are available
  • Fantastic, cost-free themes
  • No transaction costs
  • Endless product listings
  • Instantaneous shipping and tax rate computation

3dCart (Shift4 Shop)

shift4shop - shopify plus alternative

Shift4 Shop (3dCart) is a hosted, all-inclusive eCommerce platform similar to Shopify Plus. So you’ll be able to start from scratch when creating and launching your own internet business.

Paid Shift4 Shop subscriptions provide you access to services like real-time delivery with top partners and the ability to link more than 300 different payment providers. This platform provides an extensive inventory system in addition to a host of useful features, such SEO tools to improve your search engine ranks.

Additionally, it costs less than Shopify Plus. Shift4 Shop delivers more built-in capabilities that are exclusive to higher Shopify Plus subscriptions, even with the basic plan. However, you should be aware that using Shift4 Shop to establish a store might not be the simplest operation.


  • Support for a number of widely used payment gateways
  • It is possible to customize things using HTML and CSS
  • Amazingly quick loading times
  • Endless listings
  • No transaction fees
  • Affordable for both newcomers and large businesses


prestashop - shopify plus alternative

For e-commerce business owners on a tight budget, PrestaShop is a well-liked Shopify Plus alternative. Although technically free, you still need to purchase both a hosting package and a domain name.

The most practical option if you want to build a distinctive online business is an open-source solution and making an enduring brand is the key to success in the competitive world of eCommerce, Prestashop’s store configuration is hence more adaptable than Shopify Plus’s.

You should be aware of two things before downloading PrestaShop, as follows:

You need your own hosting in order to use PrestaShop to create an online store.
Find a professional developer to support you if you cannot fix the code. You could also need help dealing with the technical side whenever you run into issues or need to make adjustments.


  • Free 100%
  • Free, open-source, self-hosted platform
  • Exceptional customizability
  • There are more than 1,500 store templates on the PrestaShop marketplace
  • Countless goods
  • Integrated marketing tools
  • Support fully about languages and currencies.

Wrapping Up

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, so picking the best platform is undoubtedly not a simple assignment. Starting a profitable online store is possible using any of the platforms we’ve covered in this post.

Our research’s major goal was to demonstrate to you that you should first evaluate your needs, abilities, and financial situation before selecting the best eCommerce platform. With that information, picking a solution that solves the problem perfectly is simple.

Shopify Plus Alternatives: FAQs

What kind of support can I expect from a Shopify Plus alternative?

Depending on the platform you select, the level of assistance you can anticipate from a Shopify Plus alternative will change.

Some platforms include live chat, email, and phone support around the clock. Others might provide assistance during business hours or have a system for tracking support requests.

Many Shopify Plus alternatives provide tools like documentation, video tutorials, and community forums in addition to customer assistance to assist you in resolving problems or learning how to use the platform.

How long does it take to migrate from Shopify Plus to an alternative platform?

Several variables, like the size of the store, the complexity of data, and the platform migrating to, will affect how long it takes to migrate from Shopify Plus to another platform.

Some platforms provide migration solutions that might streamline the procedure and speed it up. It’s crucial to ensure that all of the data is structured and prepared for transfer to cut down on the migration process’ duration. Additionally, you have to think about working with a developer or migration specialist to facilitate the procedure and guarantee accuracy.

Will I need to hire a developer to switch to a Shopify Plus alternative?

Depending on technical proficiency and the intricacy of the store, you may or may not need to employ a developer to migrate to a Shopify Plus substitute.

The data from the store can be transferred using several Shopify Plus alternatives’ simple migration solutions, which don’t require any coding or technical expertise. To get help with the transferring process, you might need to employ an eCommerce expert team like BSS Commerce Shopify if the store is more complicated and has modifications or integrations.