In the modern technology era, to make it more convenient for customers to use services but save time and effort, the best Shopify booking apps were born and are currently used by many businesses, industries, and services to serve customers more quickly and conveniently. 

I know that you have a wide choice of service-based businesses with your Shopify store. Having an intelligent appointment system, however, is a big step in increasing customer satisfaction and comfort. Furthermore, given my list of the best booking apps Shopify I’ve compiled, there’s no reason to stop you from experiencing them.

You’ve just heard of the scheduling app and have a lot of questions about it. Then please refer to the article below to understand more about these apps.

Are you ready to explore? Let’s read more now!

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What Is A Booking Service?

Simply, the booking service is to make an appointment online. In most business fields, booking online is the preferred form in today’s life. Booking services are also more popular and more convenient, chosen by many individuals and collectives. In addition, booking online also helps companies manage the installation and storage of customer information or build discounts.

Best Shopify Booking Apps

Booking service is a method that helps customers to book service appointments through the online form. This service is usually provided by hospitals/clinics/beauty care centers to serve clients wishing to use the services of hospitals/clinics/centers. In particular, there are now Shopify calendar applications developed on mobile platforms, with the central operating systems being iOS and Android. 

Through this application, customers who need to make an appointment for services in an actual store, including beauty services, medical care, glasses, etc., can book an appointment for a time, and precise location. Clearly, and at the same time, update news from programs and incentives provided by business units.

The purpose of booking is to help people get the best preparation for their upcoming intentions. And yet, the benefits of booking in advance also help people be more proactive in balancing costs and finances by their needs.

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How Do The Shopify Booking Apps Help Your Store?

Convenient For Customers

How Shopify Booking App Helps Your Store

The booking system for Shopify gives clients more freedom. Customers can book an appointment to use the service any time they have free time, pre-book any time of the day, and quickly reschedule when there is a change. Many forms of appointment will help increase comfort for guests. Customers can choose to register for an appointment via text message, phone, or email confirmation of the work.

Optimizing Customer Experience

One of the factors that help retain customers is the point-of-sale experience. Each business will bring a different experience through its service. Imagine if your customers do not make an appointment. When they arrive at the store, they have to wait for hours because the customers are too crowded – having the best booking app Shopify helps you arrange personnel and time to serve customers the fastest and best. Customers do not have to waste time waiting, thereby increasing the service experience and customer satisfaction.

Increasing Sales

One of the outstanding advantages of having a Shopify appointment booking app is that it saves customers time and effort when customers are reasonably scheduled and served quickly without having to wait. From there, it keeps the waiting time of customers, reducing your effort and management costs.

What’s more, your appointment booking application will be perfect if there is additional functionality to allow customers to leave reviews and feedback. This helps you understand your customers deeply and know their wishes and assessments of customers about the quality of your service. Thereby helping your business improve operations to better serve your customers.

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Shopify Booking Apps Help Increasing Sales

Easy Management

Booking apps for Shopify allow you to create multiple appointment time frames for the day so that customers can freely choose the proper appointment schedule. Most importantly, you can completely manage all your appointments to optimize the customer care time of our company. 

Moreover, to increase revenue and encourage customers to book appointments, apps also can send discount codes via email. When customers make an appointment, they can enter a discount code, gifted to enjoy preferential treatment when using your company’s services. You can also offer a variety of payment options for your customers to choose from. 

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Top 7 Best Shopify Booking Apps for 2024

App Developer Rating Free Plan? Free Trial Start price/month
Sesami: Appointment Booking Sesami Inc. 4.7* No 30-day $19/month
Tipo Appointment Booking Tipo 4.6* Yes 7-day $14.90/month
Easy Appointment Booking Servicify 4.9* Yes No $15/month
BTA: Appointment Booking App Zetya Pty Ltd 4.7* Yes 14-day $14/month
Appointment Booking Appointo Sidepanda Inc. 5.0* Yes No $1/month
Booking App by Webkul Webkul Software Pvt Ltd 4.9* No 15-day $18/month
Event Calendar: Tickets & RSVP Event Calendar App  4.5*  No   7-day $39.99/month 

Sesami: Appointment Booking

Sesami: Appointment Booking App

Rating: 4.7 (393 reviews)

Indeed, as the e-commerce market explodes around the world, constantly upgrading stores is essential. That’s when you need the best Shopify booking app – Sesami: Appointment Booking. Developed by Sesami Inc., this app is appreciated by Shopify shop owners for its valuable features and the ability to personalize their customers. 

Specifically, the tool allows your customers to book appointments directly through Shopify. Not only that, Sesami provides an advantageous Book Me button to help your store maximize sales. If you need a multifunctional app, Sesami also can leverage marketing for you like social media advertising and more. Not only practical for your customers, but the app also has an intuitive control panel that makes it easy to use. Furthermore, you can schedule payments with the client’s appointments according to your wishes. 

In addition, the application supports booking schedules both on POS and mobile applications quickly. Your employees can also book a room directly through Shopify POS. Finally, it allows you to send a booking confirmation email with the attached calendar file to the client. 

In short, with the Sesami app, you can overcome most of the challenges of making an appointment. Online and offline works to billing are all integrated with one app so that you can use it with peace of mind.

Standout Features:

  • Support multi-language and different time zones
  • Provide synchronization with Google Calendar. 
  • Instantly schedule and cancel events via Shopify and Shopify POS. 
  • Provide buffer time to tidy up completed appointments. 
  • There’s a “Book me” button that calls to action. 
  • Schedule notifications and confirmations via email with calendar event files attached. 
  • Have the ability to link to Zoom, Google Hangout, Meet, and so on. 
  • Good customer support service.

Pricing: 30-day free trial

  • Small: $19/month
  • Medium: $49/month
  • Pro: $129/month
  • Premium: $299/month

Tipo Appointment Booking

Tipo: Shopify Appoinment Booking App

Rating: 4.6 (381 reviews)

More than just an ordinary planner, Tipo is a powerful appointment booking system with valuable features. Why? It provides an efficient booking service as you can keep track of all information on appointments, including status, date, time, location, and more. Certainly, Tipo is one of the best Shopify booking apps that you should not miss in the present era. 

Regardless of day or night, Tipo provides outstanding services to help your passengers access the reservation system at any time. Not only that, with its intuitive and unified interface, it does not require any coding knowledge during use. This means that you will install and use it efficiently, even when you are just starting. Mainly, this app is perfect for shops offering courses, sports, private clinics law consultants, and so on.

If you want to customize it for your taste or match your branding, it also allows you to add different rules in the booking section. Examples are drop-down lists, radio buttons, checkboxes, and so on. In other words, you can fully interact with your customers with the Tipo app. Like Sesami, the Tipo will send email notifications automatically to your customers and employees when the appointment status changes. 

Standout Features:

  • Take control of the online scheduling system with powerful customization like fonts, colors, images, and more. 
  • Allow booking by individual or group. 
  • Provides the ability to access activity logs of all booking activities. 
  • Include useful analytics and reports. 
  • Send email notifications automatically to customers when there is any change.

Pricing: 7-day free trial.

  • Free plan available
  • Pro: $14.90/month

Easy Appointment Booking

Easy Appoinment Booking Shopify app

Rating: 4.9 (222 reviews)

If you’re looking to get started as quickly as possible and chat with a real support person when you need it, look at the Easy Appointment Booking app. You can get started in just a few clicks with helpful live chat, email, and FAQ support, ensuring the app is set up correctly on your store. This app emerged this past year after winning the Shopify App Challenge.

Their app states they help you save time, grow revenue, and improve your customer experience. With custom fields, variant-based calendars, in-person and virtual event support, and Google Calendar integration, it has what you need to grow your services without the headache. They even have a ‘Book Now’ button that appears on every page if you wish to market your events and services on any page on your site.

Lately, they’ve made a push to ensure your schedule is managed with ease. Blocking out double bookings by default or by your Google Calendar with the ability to add override dates ensures your customers book with you when you are available. Reminders 24h before your event and customer self-serve rescheduling feature allow you to focus on your services while customers make their way to you. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Standout Features:

  • Google Calendar for syncing bookings, blocking personal appointments, and writing to team calendars
  • Book Now button that markets your services on any page on your site
  • Custom fields to capture information from customers before they meet with you
  • Send automatic email notifications with the event details, variant, custom field responses, and more
  • Customization like text updates, language, fonts, colors, images, and more


  • Starter: Free
  • Standard: $15/month
  • Pro: $20/month

BTA: Appointment Booking App

BTA Appointment Booking App Shopify

Rating: 4.7 (404 reviews)

One of the indispensable features of the best app Shopify for booking appointments is allowing customers to book appropriate times in advance, and Shopify BookThatApp is no exception. Specifically, the app offers a real-time variety of time slots that make it easy for your customers to select and make reservations. This means that even new or existing customers in your Shopify store can access the product page, choose available dates, and book instantly. 

Of course, to meet today’s customers’ needs, this booking Shopify app is entirely optimized for mobile-friendly, making it possible for customers to use mobile phones to navigate without difficulty. And yet, it integrates with iCal and Google Calendar to make it easier for you to manage your bookings. In addition, each preset in the calendar will have a different color, or in other words, color-coded. As the store owner, it will be easy to distinguish between the booking forms and limit confusion. 

Finally, with this app, you have complete control and management of your program. That means you can customize the rules of time or limit a certain number of days. On a side note, BTA: Appointment Booking App also offers Shopify store themes (including free and paid ones) that improve theme compatibility.

Standout Features:

  • Allow your customers to check availability. 
  • Show the available date and time right on the product page. 
  • There is high compatibility with most of the themes on Shopify. 
  • Send notifications to your customers via SMS and email automatically. 
  • Provide consistent performance analysis and improvement reports. 
  • Real-time inventory update. 
  • Provide customization of the reservation rules. 
  • Integrate with iCal and Google Calendar.


  • Free plan available
  • Lite: $14/month
  • Standard: $25/month
  • Premium: $49.95/month

Appointment Booking Appointo

Appointo Appointment Booking Shopify Apps

Rating: 5.0 (492 reviews)

Do you want to save time, speed up sales, and improve service quality? All of this can be done with just one app, Appointment Booking Appointo. SidePanda developed the application to eliminate any challenge in scheduling appointments between your store and customers. Besides, the app emphasizes that it is particularly suitable for Covid-affected stores. That means your store’s problems during a pandemic like increased cart abandonment rates, reduced sales, and so on will be improved with Appointo. 

Specifically, the app offers basic to advanced appointments at a physical store or via a Zoom link. Then the confirmation emails will also be sent automatically to your customers quickly. And yet, you can completely control the size of group appointments or allow multiple customers to schedule simultaneously. With such a feature, if you are doing business tours, courses, webinars should not be ignored. 

Moreover, when the customer completes the appointment, these apps will send an email informing them of booking confirmation, rescheduling, or canceling a reservation. And suppose there is no change in the work. In that case, the system will also send an email to notify the adjustment information and remind the guests not to forget the appointment.

Of course, in addition to the basic features required with the best Shopify booking app, Appointo also has other advanced features. Examples include blocking last-minute calls, blocking certain days, customizing time rules, and more. In addition, the integrated multi-calendar helps you easily control and improve customer satisfaction.

Standout Features:

  • Offer group scheduling features with many advanced options. 
  • Automatically send confirmation emails to your customers. 
  • Integrate Calendars like Google, Microsoft, Outlook, and iCloud. 
  • Include a simple and elegant interface. 
  • Provide advanced features and customizable timing rules.


  • Free plan
  • Pro: $1 first month then $10/month
  • Premium: $1 first month then $20/month
  • Advanced: $1 first month then $35/month

Booking App by Webkul

Best Shopify Booking App by Webkul

Rating: 4.9 (57 reviews)

There are many store formats suitable for booking services, such as clinics, courses, ticket sales, etc., and the Booking App by Webkul is an excellent choice for you. Like the clients on the list, Webkul allows you to easily add various appointment types such as event reservations, rental reservations, and concert reservations. In addition, calendar positions are also easily added to help customers choose a location and time that suits them. 

On the store side, your employees will also easily control, approve, or perform other operations when having a reservation on the same dashboard. Moreover, the application also helps you send confirmation emails to customers automatically, saving you time and effort. And of course, you and the administrator will easily control all those emails as well. 

Last but not least, the Booking App by Webkul allows you to make customizations to pre-ordered products from the product menu on the Shopify store. In other words, you and your staff can edit any reservation information as needed.

Standout Features:

  • Provide available calendar boxes to help your customers quickly order products and services. 
  • Give you complete control over the online booking system. 
  • Provide customization of the reservation rules such as date, time, etc. 
  • Flexible checkout procedures are included because of your store’s POS system compatibility. 
  • Send email notifications automatically to customers and users with any changes in appointments. 
  • Manage reservations easily with an intuitive control panel.

Pricing: 15-day free trial.

There is only one price tag for $18 a month. If you pay annually ($190/year), the price drops to $15.83/month.

Event Calendar App

Event Calendar Tickets & RSVP

Rating: 4.5 (44 reviews)

Need to find an intelligent way to showcase your store’s events? Want to update them quickly? The Event Calendar App, one of the best Shopify booking apps, is the perfect choice for you. Not only is it easy to use for both you and your customers, but it also provides a beautiful interface. Therefore, the Event Calendar App has been trusted by hundreds of Shopify stores. And I’m sure, after using it, you will also be one of them. 

Specifically, the application will remind customers of events through the calendar on your behalf. With sync with Google, Apple, or Outlook calendars, the app quickly reminds your customers of their appointments. In addition, this is also a rare application to personalize appointment scheduling for each customer object. Customers can even register and receive notifications for store events right in their calendars. 

And yet, the Event Calendar App is suitable for all electronic devices, including web browsers on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. If you want your customers to be aware of the store’s activities, please give the app a try!

Standout Features:

  • Support for efficient ticket sales for events in your store. 
  • Make sure your customers stay up to date with in-store events. 
  • Compatible with all electronic devices, including web browsers on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. 
  • Give your customers multiple views. 
  • Include different themes and presets.

Pricing: 7-day free trial.

  • Hobby: $39.99/month
  • Scale: $60/month
  • Business: $199/month

FAQs: Shopify Booking Apps

How to choose the best booking apps for Shopify stores?

There are many criteria to evaluate an application, but we cannot apply machines in all cases. I mean, for every store owner, there will be unique relevance rating criteria. For the larger stores, they need more than just basic features. Besides the ability to manage reservations, for example, they need both performance analysis reports or more advanced customization of time rules, and so on. But the small and midsize stores are not only interested in features but also affordable. 

Of course, these are just a few typical cases but cannot represent all stores. So, I will list the most critical factors that will help you find the best Shopify booking apps that still fit your online store. 

  • Ratings and reviews on the Shopify App Store. Make sure to refer to the reviews from previous users who have experienced these applications and give you the most accurate opinion. Of course, I’ve helped you do that in this post, so you’ll save some time. 
  • Feature. As noted above, for every business, you will need different parts. See what our store is missing so you can find helpful extras, not redundancies. 
  • Price. Your budget will be primarily determined by your choice of application. No matter how good the app you can’t afford, it’s not the right app for you. 
  • Supplier reputation. This is not so necessary, but it is still more secure with a reputable developer, right?

What are examples of online stores offering booking services?

You will not be strange about appointments at service providers like:

  • Course: this allows students to choose their subject, time, place, and favorite teacher. 
  • Beauty Salon, Spa: Customers can book an appointment with the time and place available. 
  • Fitness room: choose your favorite coach and sport for an individual or a group of friends. 
  • Private clinic: the client has the right to designate the desired physician, schedule an examination, and pay. 
  • Law consultant: No need to wait, customers can book an appointment right in the online store
  • Repair center: provides several services, facilities, and repairers. 

In addition, clothing, jewelry, footwear, and furniture stores have also started to offer face-to-face meetings to make it easier to connect and advise customers. That means the limitations of online shopping will be resolved. 

Specifically, let’s take the example of Toufie, a shoe business for women. The company specializes in selling handmade shoes that are customized for each customer. Therefore, they need an appointment system to be able to check customer measurements with their own eyes. Its co-founder, Meliza Salim, said, “Appointment bookings are one of the indispensable components of a customer’s risk-free shopping experience at Toufie”. Thanks to the Shopify appointment booking plugin, the store management process becomes easy for both businesses and customers.

Toufie’s appointment booking form

In short, booking a live appointment drama will help your customers find the perfect fit for the online shopping experience. Therefore, I firmly believe that with service providers, this is an essential thing.

How is the booking service different from other non-physical products on Shopify?

Currently, Shopify stores sell not only physical products such as clothing, accessories, home appliances, electronics, and more but also non-physical products. Specifically, those products are the services that stores provide to their customers, including:

  • Service booking
  • Member
  • Digital products
  • Event tickets
  • Digital gift cards
  • Rentals
  • And more

However, the booking service brings certain benefits that not all non-physical products have. First of all, this service’s convenience is that your customers can choose a time that suits their work and personal needs. On your side, you can be more proactive in the store’s schedule and manage it more easily. 

Moreover, through a booking service, you can take advantage of collecting customer information and creating loyal customers for your store in the most natural way, without causing discomfort for customers. And of course, your customers are also delighted with providing personal information to choose the right time, place, and staff they want.


It’s hard to find downsides in using these booking Shopify apps. Why? The truth is that among the apps that help improve customer satisfaction, the ones listed above are extremely reasonably priced, and most of them have a free plan if you want to spend some time on the experience. And not to mention the great features they bring to both you and your customers.

What factors determine a customer acquisition? That is the satisfaction with the quality of the product or service that you provide. Once your customers are satisfied with your speedy, dedicated service and optimized purchasing experience through our appointment booking software, this will stimulate them to re-buy and increase sales and profits.

On your part, any barriers or difficulties in organizing appointments and connecting with clients will be solved. And your customers have the right to decide on the reservation. Isn’t this a mutually beneficial relationship? It can save time, and effort, ease of management, and also increase sales revenue. The only thing you need to consider is choosing the proper booklet app for your Shopify store. 

Please consider the criteria that BSS Commerce Shopify summarized above and what my intended use is to make the right choice. I hope this article is of help to you!

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