If you are doing your online business on the Shopify platform and want to find a way to increase your store engagement, you should consider using a Wishlist app. In this article, we will discuss the benefit of having wishlists in your store, and recommend the six best Shopify Wishlist apps for your eCommerce business.

A wishlist is a straightforward method but can help grow your store’s sales volumes as well as boost customer engagement and conversion rate. It is one of the most important features any online store should have.

The table is a summarized version of the 5+ best Shopify Wishlist apps comparison for you to take a quick look at.

No Shopify Wishlist Apps Start Price/month Ratings Developer Free Trial Free Plan
1 Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist by Growwave $49/month 4.8⭐ Growave 14-day No
2 Wishlist ‑ Wishify by Zooomy $5.99/month 5.0⭐ Zooomy 7-day Yes
3 Wishlist Plus by Swym Corporation $24/month 4.9⭐ Swym Corporation 30-day Yes
4 Wishlist King by Appmate $4.95/month 5.0⭐ Appmate 14-day No
5 Smart Wishlist by Webmarked $4.99/month 4.4⭐ Webmarked 60-day No

What is a Wishlist?

If a customer can’t buy a product they’ve liked right away, the Wishlist feature lets them save the products to buy later. It also allows your customers to create their collections so they can quickly find those products when they return to your store.

Wishlists can improve customer retention, loyalty, and conversions to your store. This feature not only improves customers’ shopping experience but also provides a strategic value to you, which signifies customers’ interest in particular products that you are selling. Those reports will be really helpful when you prepare for future marketing activities.

Why should you use a Shopify Wishlist App?

The wishlist data and analysis can give you a lot of important information: What products are the most popular? What products can be combined and sold together? What products do your customers not care about much? You can also send targeted emails to remind your customers about the products they’ve saved or even give them a discount or offer similar products. This approach empowers you to bring back a lot of customers and improve your sales numbers.

Review 5 Best Shopify Wishlist Apps

#1 Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist by Growwave

Growave Loyalty & Wishlist Shopify app

Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist is an all-in-one marketing platform. It can help your Shopify store to reach, engage, and convert its audience. One of the most vital points of this wishlist app for Shopify is that it has a great variety of tools.

More than a Wishlists app, it also comes with Referral and Loyalty programs, Reviews, Q&A features, etc. It also can send targeted emails to customers to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

The best thing is, with that fantastic package, its price is affordable. It’s suitable for small and medium-sized Shopify stores.

Highlight features:

  • Has seven features in one app (Wishlists, Rewards and Loyalty, Reviews, Referrals, Instagram galleries, Social Sharing, and Social login) which can save your time and money
  • Automatically sends targeted emails to customers with personalized wishlist emails and discount codes
  • Detailed analytics reports
  • Fully customizable
  • Integrates with other popular apps
  • Good customer support system

Any negatives?

Their free plan doesn’t include other advanced features. And even in your trial time, you cannot test those features for free.


They have 4 plans to choose from, each plan has a 14-day free trial with an external list of features.

  • Free Plan: (Best Free plan compared to other apps), includes 100 orders/month (500 total orders), Basic features: loyalty, wishlist, reviews, Instagram UGC, branding
  • Medium: $49/month, includes 500 monthly orders and all Free features plus Advanced rewards, referral program, nudges (popups), 1 integration (e.g. Klaviyo), customizable emails
  • Growth: $149/month, includes all Medium feature list plus VIP Tiers, points expiry, gift cards, wishlist reminders, review forms, custom domain (referrals)
  • Enterprise plan: $349/month, Growth plan feature list plus Points redemption at checkout, custom actions (rewards), API, unlimited integrations, priority support

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#2 Wishlist ‑ Wishify by Zooomy

Wishlist - Wishify best wishlist app for Shopify

Wishlist ‑ Wishify can help your customers gather all their favorites in one place with one simple click. Customers can easily see their Wishlist just by logging into their account. It also allows you to send reminder emails to your customers so they can come back and complete the transaction. You can easily customize, so the wishlist’s look matches your branding and theme.

This app is used by thousands of users across the globe. It is one of the most popular Shopify wishlist apps.

Highlight features

  • Add to cart feature integrated for quick checkout
  • Custom email template to send your customers a reminder
  • Allow customers to share their wishlist via social platforms as well as email
  • Detailed reports
  • Quick checkout function
  • Guest wishlist feature
  • Easy to customize the wishlist button to match your store’s theme and branding
  • Compatible with almost every Shopify theme
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Fast and responsive customer service

Any negatives?

Its features only revolve around the wishlist. There aren’t any expanded features. But sometimes, simple is the best.


They have 4 plans to choose from, depending on the wishlist item number on your store every month.

  • Free plan: no monthly fee, up to 100 Wishlist items each month per store, customization settings, wishlist page in the main menu
  • Professional plan: $5.99/month, up to 1000 Wishlist items each month per store, Share wishlist via social media and email, widget on collection page, guest wishlist, heart icon in header, customize button to match the theme
  • Premium plan: $12.99/month, up to 3000 Wishlist items each month per store, all Professional plan feature list, full reports
  • Advanced plan: $29.99/month, up to 10000 Wishlist items each month per store, all Professional plan feature list, automatic wishlist reminder emails

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#3 Wishlist Plus by Swym Corporation

Wishlist Plus Shopify app

Wishlist Plus is widely regarded as the best wishlist app for Shopify, earning an impressive 4.9-star rating. It aims to help you increase your store’s revenue, average purchase size, and customer retention. It will make it easier for your shoppers to place an order because they don’t need to search for their favorite products. They can find it in their wishlist and then add it to the shopping cart. Login is not required while you use this app. And your customers can add an unlimited number of items to their wishlist.

Besides, you can design the wishlist look to be more eye-catching or fit your theme better. This app is trusted and used by over 2000 Shopify stores.

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Highlight features

  • No login is required to create a wishlist
  • Allows customer to share their wishlist via social media
  • An advanced dashboard that shows customer wishlists and popular products
  • Detailed engagement reports
  • Integrates seamlessly with all themes
  • Custom styling your wishlist widgets
  • Compatible with all Shopify’s theme

Any negatives?

Their customer support isn’t responsive, and there can be bugs sometimes.

Pricing: 30-day free trial

They have 4 plans to choose from, each plan has an external list of features.

  • Free: no monthly fee, includes up to 100 wishlist items each month, easy, code-free setup, and 20 Save for Later items/month
  • Starter: $14.99/month, includes WL reminders, up to 1k WL items/month, 100 Save for Later items each month, detailed reports, multiple lists, non-English support, up to 10k sessions/month
  • Pro: $49.99/month, includes Klaviyo integration, up to 10k WL items/month, price drop, back-in-stock emails, own branding, up to 50k sessions/month
  • Premium: $99.99/month, JS/REST API support, up to 50k WL items/month, 5k Save for Later items/month, custom email template, up to 100k sessions/month.

If these plans do not meet your satisfaction, please feel free to contact our wishlist for additional options or a larger volume.

#4 Wishlist King by Appmate

Wishlist King Shopify wishlist app

Wishlist King allows your customers to create and share their wishlist visually with preview images via social media or email.

With this Shopify wishlist app, customers can add wishlists from any page on your website, whether it is the homepage or product page. Furthermore, it will send you a lot of reports that show the number of wishlists, the top products, and more. And you can integrate with Google Conversion Tracking to check how successful your wishlists are.

The best thing about Wishlist King is that if you want to change the wishlist app on your Shopify store, the app can import your old wishlist data from the previous apps that you have used. So your customers will not lose their wishlists.

Highlight features

  • Allow customers to share their wishlist with preview images via social media
  • Wishlist analytic tools
  • Integrate with Google Conversion Tracking
  • Compatible with all Shopify’s theme
  • Fully customizable design

Any negatives?

Sometimes, their customer support takes a long time to respond. But overall, their support is fine.


They have 4 plans, all plans have full feature lists. It is charged based on the Shopify pricing plan you chose.

  • Basic Shopify: $4.95 per month, unlimited wishlist functionality for Shopify Basic stores
  • Shopify: $19 per month, unlimited wishlist functionality for Shopify Standard stores
  • Advanced Shopify: $29 per month, unlimited wishlist functionality for Shopify Advanced stores
  • Shopify Plus: $49 per month, unlimited wishlist functionality for Shopify Plus stores

They don’t provide a free plan, but you can use the 14-day free trial to test it out.

#5 Smart Wishlist by Webmarked

Smart Wishlist Shopify App


Smart Wishlist is one of the best Shopify Wishlist apps right now. It is used by a large number of Shopify stores, including many Shopify Plus businesses. It allows your customers to create their wishlist without login. Therefore, your customers will feel that their privacy is still maintained and that you’re not collecting their email details by using the Wishlist.

This app is super easy to set up and use. The best thing is that it allows an unlimited number of wishlists across numerous stores, unlike most Wishlist apps. And there will be no reduction in the speed of your website. This app uses AJAX for requests, so your website doesn’t need to refresh or reload. Smart Wishlist can support non-English languages.

Highlight features

  • No customer login or registration is required to create a Wishlist
  • The only Wishlist app allows customers to add items to the Wishlist directly from the collection or catalog
  • Customers can share their Wishlists via social networks
  • Detailed Wishlist Usage Report
  • Offer unlimited wishlists
  • API to fetch wishlist data
  • Loading fast
  • Support importing wishlists from other third-party wishlists app
  • Mobile-optimized and fully responsive
  • Supports non-English languages
  • 24/7 online support

Any negatives?

It has very basic wishlist functionality, and its customer support can take a long time to respond.


Smart Wishlist has only 1 plan to choose from with all its features and unlimited wishlists. It costs $4.99 per month. While this app wasn’t originally designed as a free wishlist app Shopify, you can explore its features with a complimentary 60-day trial.




As you can see, a Wishlist app will help drive more sales to your store and make the user experience better with minimum effort. The good news is, you have plenty of app options available on the Shopify app store.

Above, BSS Commerce Shopify reviewed the 5 best Shopify wishlist apps. And it depends on your needs to decide which one suits your store the best. All 5 apps have a free plan/free trial period, so if you are still confused, we recommend you give every app above a try if possible. I hope this article can give you a good overview of some of the best Shopify Wishlist apps for your online business.

Best luck to you!