Can you sell services on Shopify? Definitely, yes!

Shopify is one of the best platforms that allows users to set up their eCommerce stores and sell all kinds of products including services. You can run your consultancy, coaching business, or even as a freelancer with Shopify and sell your products anywhere around the world.

In this article, let’s go through the detailed guide on selling a service on Shopify.

Benefits Of Selling A Service On Shopify

selling a service on shopify

Selling a service on Shopify comes with a multitude of advantages:

1. Effortless store launch without requiring web development skills

Running a store on Shopify is elementary as far as tech knowledge is concerned thus enabling you to focus on selling and improving services.

2. Simple Store Setup and Product Management

It also provides an easy way of establishing a shop and running services as goods thereafter. It makes the administrative issues simple to handle enabling one to use it for customizations.

3. Extensive Array of Features

Moreover, Shopify has an array of functionalities that are more than what you can get from others. The platform gives service providers specialized features such as customizable themes and analytical tools to boost their online presence.

4. Secure Payment Processing

Every transaction is securely guaranteed by Shopify and therefore, it leaves you and your customer with peace of mind. Accepting online payment through the Shopify payments gateway eliminates the laborious process of setting up third-party providers and different accounts. This simplifies the payments making it easy to use and efficient.

5. Built-in Shipping and Fulfillment Options

Designed primarily for physical goods, Shopify’s flexible design can be used even in the provision of services by providing built-in shipping and fulfillment options that are customized to each specific provider.

6. Access to Valuable Customer Data

Through the use of Shopify Analytics- an integrated reporting system, the platform generates data about client interaction with the site’s products. This enables you to design your services in line with their specific requirements.

However, for a more in-depth understanding of customer interaction and preference you can Google Analytics also integrate it in your store.

Which Service Can You Sell on Shopify?

Services Sell on Shopify

A wide variety of products in many industries is successfully advertised and sold through Shopify. Here are instances of services that can be offered on the platform:

1. Consulting: Demonstrate your abilities as a consultant in business, marketing, finance, and career guidance on Shopify. Besides, clients can readily make a booking of appointments or packages via your website.

2. Education: Build a digital learning platform on Shopify for companies offering online courses, workouts, or training. This creates opportunities for customers to buy educational content and then have easy access to it.

3. Marketing: Whether search engine optimization (SEO), social media, or content marketing, consider elevating your marketing game with Shopify.

4. IT, web design, and software development: You should emphasize your skills in IT, web design, and software development for Shopify, where you provide services like website creation, software development, and technical advice.

5. Graphic design and branding: Graphic designers among others using Shopify can display their portfolios. Provide offerings such as logo design, webpage building, content generation, and complete branding solutions at the minimum level.

6. Household services: Use your Shopify platform to cater to household needs like cleaning, grooming, garden maintenance, etc., and other repairs/installations.

7. Fitness and Wellness Service: Reach Fitness Enthusiasts and Wellness Seekers using Shopify. An instructor may sell online workout programs, meal plans, coaching sessions, or a monthly membership subscription in their area of specialization as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, nutritionist, or expert.

8. Virtual Services: Leverage the increasing need for virtual services through innovative advertisement and sales strategies on Shopify. For example, it can be a virtual assistant, a language tutor, an online therapist, or even a social media manager.

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How To Sell Services On Shopify In 6 Simple Steps

6 simple steps of selling a service on shopify

Step 1: Set up your Shopify store

Firstly, if you have a shop, skip this section and proceed to to open an account on a trial basis. In this step, you’ll be asked to give your store name and some other information concerning your company.

Upon accessing your Shopify admin dashboard, proceed with the subsequent steps to establish your store:

  • Choose an Appropriate Theme: You can select one of the many professionally looking designs offered on the Shopify Theme store and modify it to fit your brand. Consider one of our preselected best Shopify themes such as the Eurus theme that match what you are offering to provide smooth navigation for your guests.
  • Tailor Your Store: Make your mark at your store by putting up the logo, choosing colors, and arranging content. Make your store pages efficiently using page builder apps.
  • Incorporate Relevant Pages: Write vital pages, including ”About Us”, “Services” and “Contact”. Provide detailed information about your services including your experience and contacts.
  • Establish Payment Gateway: Configure an effective payment gateway that will allow easy checkout of your services. You can use different gateways such as PayPal and Stripe with ease to set up your payment process by utilizing the Shopify support system.

Step 2: Add your services as products

1. Likewise, go to Products > Add products, and just as easily, your services will appear on your storefront. Offer a vivid depiction of the service, and its price tag as well as pictures to kick your presentation.

2. Use attractive graphics and provide in-depth service descriptions describing why your services are exceptional.

3. When putting together a Shopify service page, create several versions that will allow customers to buy your services in different ways. As depicted in the illustration above, you could portray diverse types of call durations as optional.

4. Since you’re selling services, make sure you pick “Digital product or service” as you can see below under Shipping.

5. After filling in all required service details, mark the status “Active” and hit save to make your services live on your store.

Choose digital product or service

Step 3: Integrate an appointment booking app

After this, if your services entail schedule making, you need to put in an appointment software. With this tool, customers can choose from your available schedules and can instantly schedule sessions right on your website.

Moreover, many apps are created to help you book an appointment that may serve different purposes depending on what suits you best. Check them out on Shopify app store to find the most suitable one for your needs.

Integrate an appointment booking app

Step 4: Generate Booking Events for your services

1. Once you have installed the app, go to the website and create your first event booking for your business through the click of “Create your first event.”

Generate Booking Events for your services

2. After that, select Your Product Name, and select “Create an event”.

Generate Booking Events for your services 2

3. Include information about the event like the length of the sessions and the participants’ number. Finally, click “Continue to next step”, select the time slots, and share it with the public.

Generate Booking Events for your services 3

4. As shown above, at this point, the “Add to cart” button on the product page of the selected service should be replaced with the “Select a time”.

Step 5: Optimize and launch your service store

Lastly, visit your store pages with a view to increasing conversion rate after you’ve created service listings and configured appointment-driven services as events. Ensure that you have confirmed the checkout process, tax adjustments as well as other configurations before accepting any orders for your services.

Lastly, once you arrange everything properly and have it ready to go, move a step forward to bring traffic into the store that will lead you to make a sale.

Step 6: Market and promote your services

Now you start advertising your activities, telling your future clients about the product.

  • SEO Optimization: To improve your site visibility in searches, include keywords in your service descriptions and meta tags. Or you can consider using Shopify SEO apps to help you at this point.
  • Email Marketing: Begin developing an email list to promote services, update information, and give out discount coupons. For advice check out our ecommerce email marketing guide.

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  • Social Media Marketing: Be active on different social media pages and create more followers. Generate hype through fascinating stuff, cases, references, and advertisements. Lure your followers to your Shopify store for more info.
  • Content Marketing: Create a blog in your Shopify store then write helpful articles about what you are doing. Give useful information, hints, and opinions to be recognized as an expert and lure prospects. See the best Shopify themes for the blog.

Look at leveraging paid campaigns through social media and Google Ads for faster outreach and quick growth. Start with one or two media for best results as opposed to trying your luck in everything at the beginning.

The Final Words

Selling a service on Shopify might require some brainstorming and adaptability to ensure that it is successfully presented and marketed online. Using features such as services as products, variant management and meta fields in the platform helps create an elegant and gripping consumer experience. Start exploring the profitability of supplying services with Shopify, and take your company to another level.

To learn about other tips for working better on eCommerce and Shopify with BSS Commerce Shopify and being successful in selling your service on Shopify, it’s necessary that you keep up-to-date with new business and marketing trends.

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