Why is the Shopify Pre-Order App so popular? We know you are here because you want to know the answer to this question. Surely, you will have the answer after reading this article.

What is the Shopify Pre-Order App?

Best Shopify Pre Order App

Preorder is the concept of a seller allowing buyers to order a product that is out of stock or has not been released to the market. When products are available, they will be sent to the buyer.

By taking advantage of the pre-order feature, businesses, including start-ups or large corporations, can earn a huge amount of money. The reason is that it allows your consumers to get what they’re looking for without having to go to your competitors.

The Shopify pre-order app can be a tool for you to raise funds by selling products that are unavailable or not ready to ship in your store. This is also considered a step for you to test the market, and determine whether customers are interested in your product or not. Using the Shopify pre-order app, you can easily set up pre-orders for your store without requiring any complex programming skills.

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So, among thousands of Shopify pre-order apps, how do you choose a good Shopify pre-order app that is right for you?

Key Features a Shopify Pre-Order App Should Have

The following criteria should be satisfied by a strong pre-order application for Shopify stores:

Easy to use

The pre-order app needs to be easily integrated into the Shopify platform. This ensures that installing and using the app is not disruptive and does not affect the user experience on your Shopify store.

Pre-order product management

The app needs to provide the ability to manage pre-order products easily and effectively. A good app will allow you to easily set up and manage products available for pre-order, including managing inventory quantities, pre-order times, and related information.

Limited product feature

As mentioned above, scarcity is one of the effective sales strategies, especially with pre-orders. Therefore, make sure the Shopify pre-order app you use offers a feature to limit the number of products that can be pre-ordered. This is extremely useful in stimulating customers’ desire to conquer and own, encouraging them to order sooner to make sure they own the product.

Notifications and customizable interface

A good Shopify Pre-Order app will certainly provide the ability to customize notifications to customers about their pre-order status, including order confirmation notifications, product availability notifications, and shipping notifications. Additionally, the app’s interface needs to be customized to match your Shopify store’s design and branding.

Report and analysis

Sales reports, analysis of customer purchasing behavior, and customer activity are also necessary criteria for a pre-order app on Shopify. Thanks to that, you can track the number of pre-orders, revenue, inventory, etc. Besides, based on statistical data and other important parameters, you will get an overall view of the effectiveness of the pre-order campaign, thereby devising a business plan more suitable to the situation of the business.

SEO and mobile-friendly

An SEO-friendly Pre-Order app will help your Shopify store rank higher on search engines like Google. This means potential customers will easily find you when they search for pre-order-related products.

Additionally, in an era where everyone owns a mobile phone, your pre-order app must be compatible with mobile users. Ensuring that your Pre-Order app is compatible and displays well on mobile devices helps create a convenient shopping experience for your mobile customers.

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Integrate many methods of payments

Depending on each individual’s conditions and preferences, customers will choose different payment methods. By integrating multiple payment methods, the Shopify Pre Order app meets customers’ needs for flexibility and makes it easy for them to complete the payment process the way they want.

When customers can choose a payment method they feel comfortable and trust, you will inspire customer trust, increase the likelihood of completing transactions, and conversion rates, and create breakthroughs in revenue.

Find Out the Best Shopify Pre-Order App

Name  Developer Free plan Free Trial Start price/month Rating
Pre order Now Wolf Boss Apps Yes Yes Free 4.9 ⭐
Pre‑Order Notify Me T Preorder Kairock Partners SRL Yes No From $6.65/month 5.0 ⭐
PreOrder Globo | Back in Stock Globo Yes 7-day free trial From $6.70/month 4.8 ⭐
Appikon ‑ Pre‑Order Appikon Software Pvt Ltd Yes No From $29/month 4.8 ⭐
K: PreOrder Now PreSale Kaktus  Yes 7-day free trial From $6.70/month 4.9 ⭐
Notify! Back in Stock|PreOrder Notify Me Yes 7-day free trial From$7.96/month 5.0 ⭐

Free Pre-Order App Shopify

#1 Pre-order Now Wolf by Boss Apps

now wolf shopify pre order app

PreOrder Wolf is one of the best free Shopify pre-order apps that offers several special features to boost your sales. Even though this app does not brag about various features, the available ones are sufficient to be revolutionary. With this app, preorders may be enabled for individual products or variants, Collections, or All Products.

Additionally, you have the option to conditionally allow or disable preorders based on the availability of an item, its stock level, or the arrival of new inventory. This is what you get with PreOrder Wolf.

Key features:

  • Limits on the amount of pre-orders
  • The dashboard helps maintain details related to pending payments, pre-orders, order status, etc.
  • Adaptable design modification
  • Delivery text on the checkout page, basket, or product
  • Keep selling products even if they are out of supply

Best Shopify Pre-Order Apps – Paid

#2 Pre‑Order Notify Me T Preorder

Pre‑Order Notify Me T Preorder is now one of the best-rated Shopify pre-order apps that allows you to offer both pre-order and back-in-stock notifications to gauge your customers. With Timesact, pre-order emails, order tags, and restock alerts are all equipped automatically. As a result, it gives you the permission to transit from a coming soon or product drop to a pre-sale and from a pre-sale to in-stock.

Key features: 

  • 30-minute in-person help from their experts (for first-time users)
  • Permits discounts and partial payments for preorders and backorders.
  • Automated email alerts to customers for special events
  • The use of countdown timers to create suspense
  • Automatic updates to inventory status
  • Set Up Call with a Timesact specialist for support and get started.
  • Discounts: To increase demand, you might apply discounts.
  • Product Drops & Coming Soon: Create anticipation with product drops and coming soon before moving into a pre-sale.
  • Inventory Tracking helps to control pre-orders and restocks in real-time.
  • Advanced analytics gives you customer insights and then improves your strategy.

#3 PreOrder Globo | Back in Stock

pre order app shopify globo

Globo Pre-Order is another Shopify pre-order app that offers a variety of features that most users are raving about. Globo Pre-Order can help you control your pre-order strategy as well as automatically update new products when they are available. To be more specific, it allows you to set up the date and time for your items with a countdown timer, update new products automatically when they are in stock, and provide you with in-depth reports of your sales.

Key features:

  • Simple to activate the pre-order option for any product on Shopify that is out of stock.
  • Custom delivery note
  • Display the “Notify me” button when a product is out of stock.
  • Back-in-stock alerts
  • Partial or full payment

#4 Appikon ‑ Pre‑Order

shopify pre order app appikon

With years of Shopify expertise under their belt, Appikon asserts that Pre-Order Today is the most feature-rich and user-friendly pre-order software available on the Shopify app store. By using Appikon Pre-Order App, you may establish your preorder status for “coming soon” and soon-to-be-launched goods. Additionally, since it doesn’t require any code, installation is simple. Actually, theme adjustment is not required.

  • Allow sellers to create preorders and waitlists in order to sell more “coming soon” and “out of stock” products.
  • Change For out-of-stock and backorder items, use the Add to Cart with Pre Order buttons.
  • Keep track of emails so you can give your clients pre-order confirmations.
  • Encourage sales by providing discounts on backordered and preordered goods.
  • Simple setup and installation—no coding or theme modification is required

#5 K: PreOrder Now & PreSale

Kaktus shopify pre order app

K: PreOrder Now & PreSale ‑ Kaktus enables you to boost sales on your website by allowing customers to purchase items even while they’re out of stock. It lets you pre-sell items that are either out of stock or coming soon by replacing the standard Out of Stock button with an enticing Pre-Order button. In addition to improving sales, this improves consumer satisfaction by allowing customers to purchase things before they become available leading to excitement around the debut of new products and raising average order values.

Key features:

  • Monitor sales and average revenue using robust analytics
  • Easy to set up and install campaigns with only a few steps
  • Completely editable layouts that fit your store
  • “Pre-Order & PreSale” buttons
  • Boost client satisfaction by continuing to sell even when an item isn’t available.

#6 Pre-Order Now WOD

WOD Shopify pre order app

Pre-Order Now WOD is the ideal solution to help sellers launch new items or manage on-demand products. The Pre-Order Now WOD service simplifies the website creation process, allowing customers to plan ahead, set their budget, and have a clear timeline for their website’s completion. It eliminates the uncertainty associated with waiting for availability and ensures that customers have a seamless experience from start to finish.

Key features:

  • Manage your Pre-Orders better with outstanding features such as badges, emails, tagging, mixed cart alerts, discounts applied to pre-orders, and many more.
  • Works out of the box—no theme installation or complicated coding required
  • Partial Payments: Collect partial payments and retrieve the balance before shipping
  • Stylish badge: Stylish pre-order “badge” on product image on product page
  • Mixed cart alert: Alert customers when both a pre-order item and a ready-to-ship item are in the cart

#7 Notify! Back in Stock|PreOrder

Notify me shopify pre order app

The Notify! Back In Stock|PreOrder app allows customers to interact and receive notifications about your inventory status even if they have not made a pre-order for your product. This is accomplished by placing an automated “Notify me” widget beneath your product listing if an item runs out of stock. Because it enables you to connect with potential consumers even if they aren’t ready to pay for the goods just yet, this feature is really helpful.

Key features:

  • The advanced analytics dashboard provides a Compelling Report about inventory trends and analyzes customer preferences
  • Fully customizable widgets Allow you to show the button everywhere you want: pre-order product pages, home/collection page, and hide button on specific products.
  • It will send automated notifications to your customers and keep them informed about back-in-stock products.
  • Combine with other marketing tools for workflow creation

So which Shopify Pre-Order App Should You Use?

Based on the above analysis, we conclude that there is no Shopify pre-order app that is the best. The application you should use is the one that best suits your goals, requirements, and financial capabilities. Remember to evaluate the following aspects before deciding to use a pre-order app for your Shopify store:

First, you should carefully review the application’s features. A pre-order app should provide important features such as allowing customers to pre-order products that are not yet available, manage pre-order quantities, display information about estimated delivery times, and integrate the feature to notify customers when the product is ready.

Second, consider the app’s flexibility and ease of use. It should have a user-friendly and straightforward interface that makes it easy for you to make changes. In addition, the application you choose needs to work smoothly and be compatible with other themes and features on Shopify.

Third, user reviews and feedback about the application is also a factor worth paying attention to. Although we know that all reviews are subjective the reviews of previous customers come from real experiences. Therefore, consider the customer review of that application as a reference for you to have an overview of the quality and performance of the application from other users. Reading reviews and comments can provide important information about the developer’s support, response speed, and problem-solving ability.

Finally, consider the price and service packages that the application offers to ensure that you can afford it for a reasonable period to ensure the stability of your store’s business operations. row. Don’t forget to compare different apps to make sure you get the best value for your money! Hope you find a great Shopify pre-order to increase sales for your store!

In a nutshell

Adding pre-orders to your Shopify store is a great way to attract more loyal customers and increase your revenue. However, choosing the right Shopify pre-order app to work wonders can be a challenge. Remember, while most Shopify order-ahead apps offer all the essentials, each one offers additional functionality that sets them apart from the others. It may be an additional feature, customer support, or even usability.

Never look for the best, find the most suitable thing that can help you achieve your business goals. Good luck!

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