The Startup Theme Shopify functions as a propellant in the lift-off of business. This is one of the coolest, trendiest themes created specifically for newbie entrepreneurs who want to shake up the online market. The theme is highly fashionable and it can transform your store into a store worth millions of dollars, at an affordable cost.

Startup Theme Shopify is an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to create their own successful online business site, whether they are new to online stores or want to change theirs altogether. This theme is aesthetically appealing, comes with customization options, and provides performance optimization. Startups may use it to compete in a cut-throat eCommerce environment.

Still curious about this theme? In this article, BSS Commerce Shopify shall be taking you through its design and key features.

Understanding Startup Theme Shopify

startup theme shopify

To run an eCommerce business successfully, a visually appealing and easy–to–use website is of utmost importance. This is where the Shopify Startup Theme comes into play. This is a perfect theme for any direct-to-consumer business or startup that wants to start an eCommerce store, featuring a beautiful design with all of the necessary functions as well as many optional customizations.

Who is Shopify Startup Theme for?

All Shopify businesses can comfortably use the Startup Theme. This theme, however, suits small businesses well, for instance, one-product stores or premium stores that intend to set their footprints in the eCommerce industry for better branding and exposure. This theme would also be perfect for other D2C startups that want to emphasize their product’s superiority with attractive visual communication.

This Startup Theme can be used in fashion, wellness, home decor stores, or travel agencies.

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$240 is what you need for a one-time payment for Startup Theme Shopify. It comes with an unlimited free trial, allowing you to test and evaluate it before making a purchase decision. Not to mention that there are no hidden charges or extra fees for this theme.


Startup Theme Shopify received a review of 4/5 on the Shopify Theme Store. On the Heycarson site, Startup Theme Shopify received a rating of 4.57/5. Most reviews appreciate the ease of setup and use of this theme, as well as praising the user-friendly design for helping customers easily navigate through the website, thereby enhancing the customer experience. The fact that it does not require coding or technical skills is also a factor that helps the Startup Shopify Theme be popular with users.

On the other hand, some reviews say that the features provided are quite few compared to the money they spent – some reviews even say that the functions are not too much compared to free Shopify themes. Some wish to have additional customizations to suit the requirements of different stores.

Features of Startup Theme Shopify

Cart & Checkout

Cart notes & In-store pickups

Cart Notes enhance convenience by allowing clients to note their specific orders with additional details, ensuring that their preferences are known and accommodated.

Additionally, the theme supports In-store Pickups, which allows clients to pick up the purchased goods in person at the physical shop. Such provision enables more people to order personalized products online as others like working with their hands while other people cannot afford expensive shipping costs and waiting times.

Quick buy

The Quick Buy feature lives up to its name. This Startup Shopify Theme allows customers to simply click on a product that they find interesting and it is automatically added to their cart without having to exit the current page, which makes purchasing easy for the clients.

Quick Buy lessens friction and cuts time, increasing conversion rates while giving customers some satisfaction. The feature is of great importance for D2C startups that seek to ensure a smooth purchase process on their eCommerce website.

Marketing & Conversion

Blogs & FAQ page

blog Startup theme Shopify

The Startup Theme Shopify features an inbuilt blog that allows you to compose articles that stimulate clients’ interest in shopping at your store again. Providing industry information, new product announcements, or simply offering useful tips is what should be shared to establish your store image.

A frequently asked question (FAQ) page is very useful in answering customers’ queries on matters regarding your products and services. Responding ahead of time prevents customers’ time wastage, reduces customer service complaints, and enhances customer satisfaction. An excellent FAQ page can also resolve any remaining doubts that your clients may be having, boosting conversion rates.

Quick view

The Quick View feature comes as a game changer in providing customers with fast and straightforward access to product details as well as prices. Viewing details of products, adding them to their cart, and purchasing them will all take place on the same page. The minimalist shopping process reduces the friction rate and significantly amplifies the chances of conversion rates.

Promo banners

Merchants can generate enticing banners that they can display in their online stores. The Promo Banners help highlight new arrivals to catch customer attention, promote discounts, and offer limited-time promotions aimed at increasing sales.

Startups will be able to design their banners according to their brand’s personality and message helping better communicate their promotional campaign through online shops.

Product reviews & Recommended products

Customers often believe in reviews and feedback and will read them before deciding to buy a product. Positive comments about the product by people who might have already tried it give more confidence in the quality and trustability of the shop.

Google takes user-generated content seriously. Product reviews may also enhance the SEO optimization of a site. Besides, they indicate whether your product is effective or otherwise. Feedback provides an avenue to improve products, product descriptions, or even services offered to customers.

Additionally, using the Recommended Products feature will enable you to suggest relevant products to your clients based on their browsing behavior or past purchases. It also boosts cross-selling and upselling chances, resulting in higher average order costs and the happiness of customers.

Recommended products Startup theme Shopify

Age verifier

The age verifier is one of the outstanding attributes of the Startup Shopify Theme. Such a handy tool helps you ascertain whether a buyer is an adult and therefore eligible for getting age-restricted products following the law. With this tool, you can provide your consumers with a seamless and secure purchasing experience while remaining on the right side of the law.

Store locator

The Shopify Startup Theme also has a Store Locator feature that makes it easy for the customer to locate a local store. This aspect is very important to businesses with physical stores since it aids in building an Omnichannel experience.

Quick Setup & Easy Customization

Setting up an online store is quite easy through the user-friendly Startup Theme Shopify where one does not need coding knowledge or technical skill. A quick setting up process gives you an opportunity for immediate sales and marketing – ideally for startups that just want their store to go live fast.

A D2C store can only succeed when it gives a distinctive and special shopping environment for the customer. Shopify Startup Theme is highly customizable and comes with a wide range of options like colors, font selection, and layout designs – and all of these settings are quite easy to adjust to match your brand vision.

Furthermore, you can always keep modifying it according to what your customers say and how things are in the market. Such flexibility allows one to keep on having up-to-date and modern-looking digital stores in order to retain and gain new customers.

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Animation and High-Resolution Visual

Visually pleasing is what brings a great experience to users once they visit the website. Animation, in comparison to static pictures, is much more involved and therefore can draw the attention of customers towards a certain product or offer, among many others.

In D2C stores where customers cannot feel or try out items themselves before purchasing them, the high-quality images also help customers to visualize what to buy, the purpose of buying it, and its usefulness to them. Such a website presents high-resolution visuals as well as fluid animations that would give customers an impression of a serious and professional business thus increasing their level of trust.

Product Discovery

Breadcrumbs & Mega menu

Breadcrumbs aid in navigation and they indicate the trail leading to the current page, providing clarity to customers and simplifying the navigation process, improving customer experiences.

Mega Menu is a great option that is able to showcase images, subcategories, and promotional banners providing customers with quick browsing through different parts of the store by discovering numerous items.

Mega menu Startup theme Shopify

Product filtering and sorting

For stores with large product catalogs, the product filtering and sorting feature comes with advanced capabilities for filtering and sorting products based on variants such as price, color, size, and many others. Therefore, this feature assists customers in being specific about the items that they require to purchase.

Sticky header

The Sticky Header feature guarantees effortless access to vital navigation elements. By employing a sticky header, the principal navigation menu, and other crucial components are present at the page’s top while customers scroll down. This eradicates any necessity for users to ascend back up to reach the menu or search bar, thus enhancing the convenience of navigation, and consequently elevating the overall user experience.

Presets of Shopify Startup Theme

startup shopify theme - presets

In Shopify, presets refer to pre-designed layouts and styles that are included in a theme. This Startup Theme Shopify also has four preset variants, which have their layout, color scheme, typography, and other design aspects. The professionally designed and built-in presets come in various styles aimed at providing solutions for multiple sectors, aesthetics, and brands.

These are templates that you can use as a guide while developing the appearance of your eCommerce shop. Such templates provide different options and variants that you can choose from to give your customers a new look on your storefront.

Techstartup theme - tech preset

Dark color blends with strong and bright contrast details are used in the Tech preset of the Startup Theme Shopify. It gives off an up-to-date, cool vibe that will undoubtedly make an impression on your clients and last in their memory.

This theme is great for businesses that need to be specific and different from competitors – such as manufacturers and sellers of equipment, machinery, or tools stores. It is also suitable for single-product stores which specialize in cosmetics or wellness products.


shopify startup theme - travel preset

Its contemporary feel and vibrant look are what make the Travel preset stand out. This is specifically one of the presets that sports an elegant as well as modest design that easily convinces customers.

This preset is best suited for experiential organizations like travel agencies and travel essential products retailers. It has modern looks and feels, thus, it is ideal for any business looking to portray a dynamic image that connects well to the company’s targeted audience.


startup shopify theme - cloth preset

Another preset option under the Startup Theme is Cloth, which works well with clothing or apparel-related startups. The refined and classic preset is an ideal choice for businesses who want to give their site a soft and pleasant feel.

It is obvious that Cloth has a visual appeal that will capture the attention of prospective clients; therefore becoming a perfect choice for almost every company in the apparel industry.


startup theme shopify - home preset

For the Shopify Startup Theme users who are looking for a calmer, cozier, comfy, and soothing atmosphere, the Home preset will be a perfect choice.

The font is in capital letters and the color combination of white and dark blue. It is suitable especially for product catalogs that are relatively smaller such as home decor and furniture that attract consumers through the website.

Successful Stores Using Startup Theme Shopify

Check out some typical eCommerce websites built in the Start theme Shopify for you to get inspired:


shopify startup theme - ogtog

OGTOG is a brand harnessing the Startup Theme Shopify, strategically employs a simple yet impactful design on its homepage, and presents customers with an exciting amalgamation: the neutral beige base color is punctuated by bold green accents. That combination indeed stirs excitement among OGTOG’s clientele. The brand’s website exudes an impression of meticulous crafting and thoughtful design.


startup theme - notsu

Notsu, a specialized stationery brand that produces desk tools, serves as an exemplary instance of the successful implementation of Startup Theme Shopify. By leveraging product review features to bolster customer trust and swiftly garner sympathy from their clientele, Notsu paves the way for enhanced consumer loyalty.

Notsu impresses its customers by utilizing high-contrast blue and orange tones on the brand’s website, maintaining a neat vibe with clearly organized catalogs.


shopify startup theme - checkpup

Another example is a brand called Checkpup, which provides test kits for diagnosing and preventing diabetes, cancer, and heart disease in your pet. Checkpup leveraged Startup Theme to build a harmonious and pleasant bluish-whitish website where numerous quality images of products, services, and feedback are readily available for their customers. As such, the brand helps in putting at ease the consumers with concerns about the healthiness of their pets.

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Startup Theme Shopify Alternatives

startup shopify theme - alternative eurus

Apart from the Startup Theme, Shopify has numerous other themes to suit your taste. For instance, Eurus is a theme offering similar features like a quick setup, single pay with an unlimited free trial, and a diversity of product discovery features, among others.

One can say that Eurus has more extensive features than Startup. Say, for example, countdown timer, pre-order, and gift wrapping to improve customer experience. The EU translation utility for various European languages like French, Dutch, and Espanol is associated with this theme.

To be specific, Eurus offers sellers Lookbooks and Image gallery features that help in showcasing the products best. With Eurus, your online store will be beautifully designed and highly functional to impress your customers.

The Eurus Theme is compatible with all the latest versions of Shopify and would surely last with the growing number of Shopify’s features. This theme by BSS is ideal for shops that have a sizable catalog and execute lots of operations during a limited time.

Wrap up

To summarize, the Startup Theme Shopify would be a good go for setting up an online store with Shopify. It has an elegant look and is highly adjustable, which makes it a solid basis for D2C startups to present their products. It is versatile, user-friendly, and has strong support. This is what makes up an excellent basis for an eCommerce business.

Furthermore, one needs to note that the Eurus Theme by BSS Commerce Shopify can be a suitable option for people who desire flexible and visually pleasing design. Eurus is easy to set up and offers various designs that can be customized according to the preferences of businesses and their customers.

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