Are you trying to get more people to visit your physical store? A simple way to do this is by using a store locator app Shopify! This app gives customers clear directions to your store, making it easy for them to find you.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 9+ best store locator Shopify app for finding stores that can help bring more people to your store. If you want more folks coming through your store doors, keep reading to find out about these helpful Shopify apps!

Store Locator Shopify Apps Developer Rating Free Plan Free Trial Price/Month
1. Way: Google Maps Store Locator Effective Apps 5/5 No No Free
2. Simple Store Locator Simple Apps 5/5 No No Free
3. MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator BSS Commerce 4.7/5 Yes 7 days From $5 – $50
4. S: Store Locator Storeify 5/5 Yes 14 days From $8.99  $39.99
5. Progus Store Locator Map PROGUS SP. Z O.O. 5/5 Yes 14 days From $9.99
6. Stockist Store Locator Stockist 5/5 No 14 days From $10
7. Storemapper Store Locator Map Storemapper 4.8/5 Yes 7 days From $24.99
8. ProMap ‑ Store Locator Amai 4.7/5 No 7 days From $4.99
9. SC Store Locator Map fka Bold Shop Circle 4.6/5 Yes 14 days From $9.99

Best Free Store Locator App for Shopify

#1 Way: Google Maps Store Locator

Way offers the flexibility to include a floating sticky icon or footer at the bottom of your store

Way offers the flexibility to include a floating sticky icon or footer at the bottom of your store, initiating navigation to your physical store via a preferred navigation app. This feature showcases your physical presence, cultivates trust, and potentially boosts customer conversions.

Way – free store locator app for Shopify is highly adaptable: specify the navigation app (Waze or Google Maps), decide its display location (storewide or limited to the homepage), determine device compatibility, and more, suitable for those who want to find a store locator Shopify app.

📌 Key Features

  • Implement a floating store locator that triggers navigation to your store upon clicking.
  • Completely customizable design elements: Adjust colors, sizes, display locations, and more to suit your preferences.
  • Support for two widely used navigation apps: Waze and Google Maps.
  • Facilitate curbside pickup delivery options and guide customers to your warehouse.
  • Compatible with universal themes and offers a hassle-free, code-free installation process with a simple click.

📌 Pricing: Free

📌 Try App Now: Way: Google Maps Store Locator

#2 ListR Store Locator

ListR Store Locator

ListR Store Locator is a free store locator app for Shopify with a comprehensive solution. This tool displays the diverse locations where your brand is accessible, encompassing B2B wholesalers, retailers, dealers, and stockists. Through its integrated searchable store locator, it effectively directs and encourages increased foot traffic towards these outlets. This amplifies visibility and fosters a deeper level of trust with customers, reinforcing your brand’s credibility.

Consequently, the strategic display of these multiple access points can significantly augment in-store sales, capitalizing on enhanced visibility and customer trust to drive greater engagement and transactions within these physical locations.

📌 Key Features

  • Rapid setup—no need for API Keys
  • Easy installation within minutes, no coding necessary
  • Effortlessly add countless stores instantly through bulk import/export
  • Utilize search filters to display the products each retailer offers

📌 Pricing: Free

📌 Try App Now: ListR Store Locator

Best Store Locator Shopify Apps – Premium

#3 MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator

MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator is the best store locator app Shopify for businesses with many stores or dealers. It helps them add their store locations easily, either one by one or all at once, using a particular file. This way, customers can easily find the closest store or dealer that sells the specific product or brand they’re looking for.

MAPPY lets you pick from different designs to make the map or store finder look like your brand or store. It’s a perfect store locator Shopify app for anyone!

MAPPY: Dealer & Store Locator is a helpful tool for businesses with many stores or dealers

📌 Key Features

  • Add stores individually or all together using a special file: this Shopify store locator plugin allows for a versatile approach to adding store locations. You can meticulously input each store individually, ensuring precise details are captured, or you can swiftly upload numerous locations using a CSV file. This flexibility caters to various business scales, accommodating it equally for small boutiques and large retail chains.
  • Add tags to stores helps customers find what they’re looking for, like specific products or services: By incorporating tags into store listings, the app amplifies the search experience for customers. These tags act as virtual signposts, guiding customers toward stores that offer specific products, distinct services, or unique features. This meticulous categorization transforms the search process, ensuring customers effortlessly find precisely what they’re looking for.
  • Customers get directions right away to your stores: Providing instant directions is a game-changer for customer convenience. The app seamlessly integrates with mapping services, offering customers hassle-free navigation directly to your store’s doorstep. This streamlined experience enhances customer satisfaction, ensuring they easily arrive at your location.
  • Automatically shows nearby stores based on where customers are: Leveraging the power of geolocation, this Shopify store locator plugin automatically detects and displays nearby stores based on customers’ IP addresses. This intuitive functionality significantly enhances accessibility, presenting customers with a tailored list of conveniently located stores, thus encouraging foot traffic and potential sales.
  • Translate the store finder into different languages: Catering to a diverse customer base becomes effortless with the ability to translate the store locator page into multiple languages. This feature transcends language barriers, creating an inclusive shopping experience for customers from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Store owners can see all customers’ search history on a map: Store owners gain valuable insights into customer behavior through the Search History Records feature. By visualizing customers’ search patterns on a map, store owners can discern popular areas, peak search times, and preferred products or services. This data empowers strategic decision-making, enabling businesses to optimize store placements and offerings to meet customer demands better.

These standout features empower businesses to create a personalized, efficient, and user-centric shopping experience, ultimately driving foot traffic to physical stores and fostering stronger customer connections.

📌 Pricing

  • Free: This plan suits development stores, partner test stores, and newcomers under the Shopify free trial. It offers filter/search by country location/phone, positioning displayed fields, and up to 5 store locations
  • Basic plan: $5/month, including search filter, find my location, bulk imports & exports, auto-detect locations when import, up to 50 store locations
  • Advanced plan: $15/month, includes Basic Plan, plus customer search records, up to 500 store locations
  • Platinum Plan: $50/month: includes all features, 500+ store occasions, and more store locations depending on the dynamic plan.

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#4 S: Store Locator

The Store Locator Shopify app is a useful tool that can display all your physical stores

The best store locator app Shopify is a useful tool that can display all your physical stores, dealers, distributors, and other locations on a single page of your Shopify website. By utilizing Google Maps, you can easily show the exact addresses of your store or dealer locations, making the shopping process for your customers as convenient as possible. You can add an unlimited number of store locations and arrange them in the order you prefer.

📌 Key Features

  • Include endless locations, upload many locations using a CSV file/spreadsheet
  • Effortlessly search for stores by location, postcode, store or product name, and tags
  • Incorporate detailed location pages, link products, insert meta tags and tracking codes
  • Integrate a dealer registration form, location contact form, Heat-map, and language translation
  • Utilize multi-page layouts and various map styles, apply custom CSS, and import/export stores in bulk.

📌 Pricing

  • Free plan available with the 14-day free trial.
  • Startup: $8.99/month
  • Pro: $19.99/month
  • Advanced: $39.99/month

📌 Try App Now: S: Store Locator

#5 Progus Store Locator Map

Progus Store Locator Map

This store locator Shopify app solution simplifies the process of discovering your physical store locations. Its intuitive design and search features have the potential to enhance in-store sales while minimizing customer inquiries. It is an effective platform to spotlight your stores, retailers, and dealers globally. Moreover, its sophisticated analytics yield crucial insights into customer product searches, aiding in better comprehension of their preferences.

📌 Key Features

  • Streamlined installation without needing an API KEY or external services, ensuring swift setup at no additional costs.
  • Diverse map styles, customizable markers, color schemes, and font selections for a personalized appearance.
  • A robust bulk import system, notably the Google Sheet synchronization feature, offers unparalleled convenience.
  • Advanced analytics functionality alongside customizable dealer registration forms for comprehensive insights and streamlined operations.
  • The cutting-edge multilingual capability allows app and location data translation, representing one of the most advanced systems available.

📌 Pricing

  • Free plan available with14-day free trial
  • Basic: $9.99/month
  • Standard: $19.99/month
  • Unlimited: $29.99/month

📌 Try App Now: Progus Store Locator Map

#6 Stockist Store Locator

Stockist offers an easy way to integrate a searchable store map into your website.

Stockist – Store Locator Shopify app offers an easy way to integrate a searchable store map into your website. This well-crafted store locator app boosts your in-store sales, minimizes customer support queries, and fosters trust in your brand. It is an excellent tool to showcase your various stores, retailers, dealers, and similar entities.

Additionally, its comprehensive search analytics provide valuable insights into where customers seek your products.

📌 Key Features

  • Manage store listings individually, import via a spreadsheet, or synchronize with Google Sheets seamlessly.
  • Customize colors, layouts, translations, search preferences, and more to align with your branding and requirements.
  • Provide instant nearby results using geolocation and dynamic map updates as users navigate.
  • Gain insightful analytics revealing where customers are actively searching for your products.
  • Create unlimited search filters, ensuring customers easily find precisely what they need.

📌 Pricing

  • Basic: $10/month
  • Plus: $20/month
  • Premium: $40/month

📌 Try App Now: Stockist Store Locator

#7 Storemapper Store Locator Map

Storemapper uses Google maps and directions to help customers easily locate your shops, dealers,

Storemapper uses Google Maps and directions to help customers easily find your stores and locate your app, dealers, or distributors on any device. This store locator Shopify app analytics tracks which store locations get the most searches and traffic, giving you insights to boost your marketing and sales. Storemapper works smoothly with any Shopify theme, and you can customize the appearance of your site using CSS. Plus, you can add locations worldwide.

📌 Key Features

  • Data from Google Docs, your Shopify account, and other sources syncs automatically.
  • Get detailed analytics on where customers search for products and where they can’t find them.
  • Use custom pins on Google Maps and tap into its accurate geocoding.
  • Tailor the look with style.css.liquid file and map color themes to match your brand.
  • Bulk add unlimited worldwide locations, even on Facebook and mobile.

📌 Pricing

  • Free plan available with the 7-day free trial
  • Micro: $24.99/month
  • Pro: $39.99/month
  • Premium: $69.99/month

📌 Try App Now: Storemapper Store Locator Map

#8 ProMap ‑ Store Locator

ProMap ‑ Store Locator

The ProMap ‑ Store Locator app boasts user-friendliness, enabling the addition of numerous stores or outlets while facilitating swift discovery for your customers. With this app, customers can input their current location, prompting the display of the nearest store. Vital details like address, phone number, and operating hours are readily accessible. Additionally, customers can leverage Google Maps integration for seamless directions and distance calculations.

This tool not only aids in administrative tasks but also elevates your retail presence. Customization options abound, allowing adjustments to the map’s color, style, and various elements to align seamlessly with your theme. Further customization of the search box, location list, and other components ensures your business stands out effectively.

📌 Key Features

  • Bulk uploading: Easily import over 500 locations using a straightforward CSV file.
  • Tailored Store Tags: Empower customers to filter and locate stores based on specific tags.
  • Complete Customization: Incorporate personalized store images and pins into the interactive map.
  • Dynamic Display: Instantly load store locations as the map is navigated.
  • Commitment to Support: Access round-the-clock live human chat support (no automated bots!) to address any queries or concerns.

📌 Pricing

  • Lite: $4.99/month
  • Basic: $9.99/month
  • Standard: $19.99/month
  • Unlimited: $39.99/month

📌 Try App Now: ProMap Store Locator Shopify

#9 SC Store Locator Map

SC Store Locator Map fka Bold

This application enhances sales by directing customers to your stores or various product locations, amplifying your brand’s visibility. It offers limitless store or product location mapping capabilities and is resilient even under heavy traffic loads. Additionally, it augments customer searches through supplementary fields, filters, and Google Autocomplete integration, streamlining the process of finding stores swiftly, even with partial address details.

📌 Key features

  • Attract customers effortlessly through geolocation services and live directions leading to your doorstep.
  • Pin countless stores or product locations, ensuring resilience even during high-traffic periods.
  • Effortlessly map various location types, introduce refined search filters, and incorporate additional fields.
  • Streamlined integration: directly accessible within your store’s admin panel.
  • Tested for speed: Sustain high traffic volumes with minimal impact on your online store’s performance.

📌 Pricing

  • 1 store: Free
  • 1-50 Stores: $9.99/month
  • 51-500 stores: $19.99/month
  • 501-2000 stores: $39.99/month

📌 TRY APP NOW: SC Store Locator Map



Benefits of Store Locator Shopify App

Each business has its clientele, goals, and challenges. However, incorporating a store locator Shopify app can benefit nearly every business, particularly multi-channel businesses, in several ways:

  • Enhanced Search Engine Rankings: Implementing a free store locator app for Shopify offers clear advantages, like helping potential customers locate your physical stores more easily. Yet, its impact on search engine rankings is an often overlooked but crucial benefit. Today, local searches account for over 40% of all searches. Search engines favor businesses that provide useful information like a store locator, resulting in improved rankings. This translates to increased visibility and traffic to your website.
  • Boost Customer Loyalty: Customers value businesses that aid them in making informed purchase decisions. Effective store locator Shopify apps enable clients to find your business, ascertain opening hours, and locate specific products or deals, saving them time and money. By offering this assistance, you foster trust and loyalty among customers.
  • Enhanced Website Efficiency: Increased website visits heighten customer engagement and the likelihood of physical store visits. Integrating a free store locator app for Shopify makes your website more engaging and provides crucial information unavailable on platforms like Google Maps, driving more traffic and potentially increasing sales.
  • Reduced Unnecessary Calls: Providing essential information like address and product availability via the store locator Shopify app on your website diminishes the volume of simple informational calls, allowing in-store staff to focus on providing exceptional service.
  • Data Collection and Insights: A free store locator app for Shopify offers valuable customer interest and preference data. This information aids in improving store operations and marketing strategies, contributing to more effective campaigns and a better understanding of customer needs.

Ultimately, employing a store locator Shopify app can significantly impact various facets of your business, from enhancing online visibility to driving more foot traffic to your physical stores, all while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best Practices for Store Locator Shopify App

Most customers visit your website seeking a physical store’s address, making the efficient store locator Shopify app crucial for quick business discovery through maps or choosing the nearest location. Given the pivotal role of customer interaction in acquiring and retaining clientele, selecting the right store locator app holds significant importance. Here are key factors to consider:

  • Pricing Structure: Assess the initial cost and subsequent fees associated with the app. Many store locator apps use a freemium model, offering basic services for free and charging for additional features.
  • Third-Party App Support: Integration with Apple Maps, Google Maps, or other navigation apps can greatly benefit customers. Enabling users to click on a location for travel directions enhances convenience. Consider Shopify translation apps for catering to international customers.
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: Ensure the store locator is mobile-responsive, given the prevalence of smartphone usage. Responsive design is crucial for an optimal user experience, especially for customers accessing the locator via mobile devices.
  • User-Friendly Filtering: Robust search and filtering tools enhance the customer’s purchasing journey. Look for store locator apps that streamline search by offering powerful filtering options for services or products.
  • Software Reliability and Downtime: The reliability and stability of the platform are paramount. Creating a dependable resource aligned with customer needs is crucial for the effectiveness of store locator apps. Understanding your customers’ requirements and offering a reliable solution is key to maximizing the app’s utility.


A store locator Shopify app becomes essential when managing brick-and-mortar stores or dealers for product sales. Each mentioned app in the list of 9+ best Shopify store locator apps free & premium offers distinct features and functionalities, making them valuable choices. Determining the best fit for your store depends on factors like business type, size, requirements, and budget.

We recommend exploring the free version or opting for a free trial before committing to an app. As an additional suggestion, to elevate and streamline customer service or need help with technical issues, you can contact BSS Commerce Shopify with Shopify Store Development services.

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