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Magento B2B Website Implementation is an A2Z solution for every wholesale business to perfect online stores. Let BSS experts simplify it for you! We devote all our strong passions to implementing websites that can speak your brand voice louder.

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Who Needs B2B Website Implementation?

The service name has implied that it fits B2B business perfectly. Corporate customers appreciate a seamless shopping experience, extreme professionalism, and lightning-fast speed.

So, companies making a commercial transaction with another need our implementation service to meet all client demands.

  • We construct B2B eCommerce business or exaggerate B2B functionality:
  • Empower B2B websites with a load of essential features;
  • Offer integration service to make compatibility with CRM, ERP, PIM, and other enterprise systems;
  • Support international & local websites in various industries.

Grab our solution to professionalize your B2B site!


The difficulty climbs up to a tricky level when it comes to B2M business. Besides striving to meet the same needs as a mere B2B business, you also face challenges in categorizing different customer groups to deploy appropriate marketing strategies.

BSS Magento 2 B2B website implementation will blow out your nervosity. Our solution embraces B2M functionality in a unified website: 

  • Grow from B2C to B2B online to work simultaneously;
  • Meet both B2B and B2C requirements in one solution;
  • Support international & local websites in various industries.

Meet the demands of B2M businesses


Nowadays, more and more sellers are drawn to B2B Marketplace to reach a variety of audiences they might otherwise miss and thereby increase sales volume. 

Plan to convert your store into a B2B marketplace? Crave for being successful as eBay and Amazon? Let’s our implementation service do that for you by enriching B2B features:

  • Bring B2B features to Marketplace-based websites; 
  • Make a leap from B2B online stores to Marketplace websites;
  • Support international & local websites in various industries.

To reach more potential clients, convert your Magento store to B2B Marketplace.



When B2B Implementation Service Works Its Magic


Build a Magento 2 B2B Website From Scratch

Our B2B Implementation service accompanies you from setting up the first foundation on hosting, B2B Package installation, themes until you have any other needs.

Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Our development process covers even those cases wanting to idealize their current site or mounting up Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Migrate from Another Platform to Magento

Your current platform’s maintenance cost is exorbitant, while it lacks crucial B2B capabilities. This urges you to migrate your store from the current platform to Magento. We can take action for you!

What You’ll Get from Magento B2B Website Implementation

We offer precise components to assemble an ideal solution for your B2B business development.

Optimized Server for B2B

It’s our honour to partner with web hosting providers to aid merchants in stepping up firmly on the website implementation roadmap.

Our partners are trustworthy hosting companies. Some giants can be counted here, such as mgt-commerce, Cloudways, AWS, Linode, Cloudflare, and so on.

Magento Installation

As you may know, Magento installation requires some technical know-how because this is a powerful platform with cutting-edge features. Don’t panic, BSS B2B Implementation got this covered! By including Magento installation, we want to bring you minimal downtime and peace of mind, as well as ensure the extensions work hand in glove with each other.

B2B Theme Compatibility

Porto themePorto theme
Magento Infinit theme of CodazonMagento Infinit theme of Codazon
Fastest themeFastest theme
Hebes themeHebes theme
Claue themeClaue theme
Unero themeUnero theme
Pearl themePearl theme

Popular Themes

We have partnered with reputable theme providers, such as Porto and Codazon, and made B2B Package compatible with their themes.


Our slider shows prominent themes you cannot ignore, including Porto themes, Fastest and Infinit from Codazon, ArrowHitech themes, and other bright providers. 

Speedy BSSSpeedy BSS

PWA Themes

BSS Speedy: This is a prominent Magento 2 PWA theme designed by BSS Commerce to form a responsive B2B eCommerce website and deliver a smooth mobile shopping experience. Not only does it beautify your site’s look in the eyes of multi-device users, but it also ensures rapid loading speed for optimized UX and boosts SEO score.


SimiCart: We’ve partnered with SimiCart to distribute a splendid Magento PWA solution. They are the first and currently the only solution for Magento to be listed by Google as a qualified agency to build optimized and mobile-friendly web apps.


A Blue-ribbon B2B eCommerce Solution

Bundled in our implementation service, one B2B Package will be integrated into your site to ensure the consistency between the operational logic of extensions and client purchasing flow.

Our Magento 2 B2B extensions are considered the pioneer in this market, and we're constantly researching, developing, and releasing the best versions with full B2B features as follows.


  • Access Restriction: collect customer data to build the most reasonable and practical sales & marketing strategies.
  • Corporate Customer Management: B2B Registration, Customer Attributes, Company Account, Sales Rep - thanks to these assistants, the customer database lies right in your hand reaching.
  • Price Strategy: Hone your price scheme to enhance professionalism and profitability with Hide Price, Request for Quote, Custom Pricing features.
  • Order Process: Fasten and streamline the order placement process, raising client engagement. 
  • Time-Saving Refund: The Store Credit feature included in our B2B Solution will make online refund transactions simpler than ever.
  • Quick Reorder: Wholesalers tend to return and place their old orders again. Thus, BSS inclusive implementation service encompasses this last step also. Speed and accuracy are considered our priority for soaring customer loyalty and satisfaction.



B2B Customer FlowB2B Customer Flow
Customer flowCustomer flow

B2B Marketplace

Besides integrating must-have features for your Magento B2B site, we’re in charge of installing and customizing Marketplace extensions from prestigious providers like Webkul in case you plan to convert your eCommerce store to a multi-vendor marketplace.


Magento 2 Marketplace Multi-Vendor module transforms your existing store into an online shopping mall marketplace with multi sellers and buyers. Utilizing this, the supplier can take full control of products, inventory, delivery, profile and collection page, and more.


Many involved subjects benefit from this tool. Specifically, the admin user can manage vendors, negotiation and buyers’ RFP, commission, orders, product reviews. For sellers/ vendors, they have basic permission/role in managing and facilitating their micro-store. Meanwhile, buyers easily purchase products and submit quotes on the Marketplace. 


BSS B2B implementation service enables you to savor the versatility of Marketplaces. 

Enterprise System Integration 

Although your business can function well on the Magento base, the maintenance of a B2B eCommerce store becomes an onerous burden for companies without CRM, ERP, PIM integration. Thus, our B2B implementation plans to soothe this pain by making your website compatible with these systems. We’ve connected with trusted vendors of ERP, CRM, and PIM solutions to provide streamlined website performance and reduce a massive workload for your B2B business.

The system integration keeps you updated with real-time data by conveniently synchronizing data points such as:

  • Inventory: Automatic stock level updates from Epicor ERP to Magento 2;
  • Customer details: Customer accounts, credit limit information, customer groups, account updates, billing and shipping addresses, company credentials, addresses, admin users, etc;
  • Orders: Order and sales data including tax details, payment info, invoice, shipping, and tracking data. Automatic upload of Epicor ERP order statuses to Magento 2;
  • Product line: Full catalog synchronization, all product types, quantity, attributes, categories, etc.
  • Tier price: Product price list, including tier and special prices;
  • Quotes: Quotes and negotiable quotes - order price discussions and discounts;
  • Shared catalog: custom pricing and visibility settings per company account.

Thanks to Magento and enterprise systems’ compatibility, in-charge people have access to accurate information resources and make smart decisions. At the same time, store owners can reduce management costs considerably.

In brief, above are a list of services and products covered in our ultimate implementation solution.

For those who want to jump directly into a ready-made website for B2B businesses instead of waiting for a long development time ,

DON'T HESITATE to check Magento B2B Website IMMEDIATELY!



Our Works

Magento 2 B2B Website Implementation Service Workflow

  • 1
    Email sharing/Calling

    You book a live demo or send us email for consulting.

  • 2

    You send us a brief of your requirements.

  • 3

    A web implementation project is officially formed.

  • 4

    We establish necessary tools and actions, third-party providers, goals, and deliverables.

  • 8
    Long-term support

    We are willing to support you if there’s any issue arise.

  • 7
    Project Control

    We regulate to optimize development costs and achieve defined goals.

  • 6

    Our ISTQB-Certified Testers will test the store carefully.

  • 5

    We set up a site with domain and server hosting, install Magento CE and theme, and migrate data.

Why choose BSS?

B2B Expert team

Magento B2B certified experts and passionate employees work wholeheartedly to provide you the best B2B E-Commerce solution.

High quality

We create various extensions with the perfect frontend to maximally optimize your UX.

Competitive price

We do not offer the cheapest price but we do offer the most added value, which sets our competitive price.

Dedicated service

Our B2B team is always ready to help you come over any appearing difficulties to boost your business.

Win-win mindset

We do not only try to meet your request. We do seek for the best success solution to optimize your cost & save our time.

Magento B2B eCommerce Starter Guide - Download essential knowledge to start a Magento B2B business or exaggerate B2B functionality.

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