Purchase and Support Policy - Magento 2 B2B Extension Package

Magento 2 B2B eCommerce Solution is among the key products of BSS Commerce, so we always reserve the best and most preferential purchasing policies for B2B clients. Please read our specific purchase & support policies for BSS B2B solution carefully before making decisions to ensure your rights. By purchasing Magento 2 B2B Extensions from BSS Commerce, we suppose that you read and agree to our terms and conditions.

1. Copyright 

BSS Commerce is the copyright holder of all software sold on this site. The copying, redistribution, use or publication by you of any products without BSS Commerce’s permission, is strictly prohibited. You aren't allowed to use any part of our code in whole or part of any other software or product or website.

2. License

Only one copy of our Magento 2 B2B package can be used on one Magento installation for your business purpose. A separate License should be purchased for each Magento installation. For more information, please read our License Agreement. Our solution is 100% open source code and you are allowed to customize the B2B features to fit your needs.

3. Free Installation

BSS Commerce offers Free installation service for Magento 2 B2B solution purchase under one Magento installation ONLY. To get Free installation support, please provide us access to your website (including admin account and FTP/SSH info). Free installation offer is just valid for 2 weeks (10 working days) for each order upon the date of purchase. If customers contact us to install an extension which was purchased after 2 weeks or for the second Magento installation, we would like to charge installation fee for this kind of service (basically $100/Installation request).

4. Lifetime Update

BSS B2B clients receive a very special treat:

- Old customers who have bought BSS B2B Package before will receive free updates to our Advanced edition;

- New customers who purchase one of our new pricing plans (Basic, Pro, Premium and Dynamic) will be updated depending on the plan you bought;

B2B team updates the solution regularly to meet clients' needs and make our products compatible with Magento's new versions. We provide FREE Lifetime Update for all B2B pricing plans.

When we publish new versions of the solution, please take notice of the Product Release Page to get updates.

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* Please note:

- We don't provide free services (including free support and installation service) for updated versions.

- Module updates are provided only for the Magento version branch, for which the product was purchased. For example, if you buy the extension for Magento 1.X.X, updates and support will be provided only for Magento of 1.X.X version branch. Updates for Magento of 2.X.X versions will not be provided for free even if the period of free updates and support will still be valid.

5. Support Policy

BSS Commerce offers Free 1-year support for all customers when they purchase Magento 2 B2B extensions.

Please notice that we just provide support for a Magento installation ONLY depending on the time of customer purchase.

5.1. Our support includes answering any question related to our solution and fixing any bug/error caused by our products. You can report those problems to us so we make sure it works well as the demo version. Our Magento 2 B2B eCommerce Solution is built and tested on Magento default so that support service doesn't include fixing coding conflicts related to any third party extension/theme on your store.

5.2. Moreover, free support doesn't include customizing our extensions to fit your own needs. Any customization request will require an extra fee. Please provide us access to your website for the support (including admin account and FTP/SSH info). Team viewer support isn't accepted. 

5.3. Free support service is just applied to paid products. We don't offer free support for free extensions, which means if customers ask for any kind of support for a free extension, there will be an extra fee for this service. Customers can contact for support by sending email to b2b@bsscommerce.com, raising tickets or through our Live Chat. Kindly understand that all support requests on the weekend will be processed when we’re back to the office the next Monday (GMT+7).

5.4. After Free 1-year product support, customers can extend the product support with a small fee. The extra fee for this service can be purchased as a 6-month package or 1-year package as follows:

+ 6-month product support pack's price = Product price of Chosen Plan * 0.5 

+ 1-year product support pack's price = Product price of Chosen Plan * 0.6

You can contact us at b2b@bsscommerce.com and provide us with your order number to request a purchase for a new product support package.

6. Customization Services

- Customization will be similar to discussed requirements. It doesn't include further or additional changes. Any further or additional changes will be considered as a separate project and will be quoted separately.

- Customization also doesn't include installation support. Free Installation support is just applied to extensions purchased from our BSS store.

- Customization support will be valid for one month only upon delivery of the project. For further support, you need to extend the support time and we would like to charge you an additional amount for extended support time.

- During Customization Service, please don't make any modification on any file. If you're making any change, please inform us first and make a backup of the file/folder/database/setting.

* Note: Customization is guaranteed only for the site we work on. We aren't responsible for any site's change/update/upgrade later on the site or applying the same customization on other sites even in the free support period of the project.

7. B2B Refund Policy

BSS Commerce offers a 60-day Money Back guarantee for ONLY B2B eCommerce Solution.

If you have any problems running the Package, concerns about the refund term, or support and installation service, don't hesitate to contact us.

If a feature in Magento 2 B2B Package fails to function properly due to a bug and we cannot support to fix it, we will be happy to provide a full refund within 60 days of the original purchase. However, we stand behind our products and will assist customers in solving problems first.

* Please note that we will only refund for faults generated from our products, any refund requests related to personal changes will not be accepted.

Refund Terms

-  Before granting a refund, our team will try to solve any problems related to our B2B Solution. Contact us via Email or Skype and provide us with the information related to problems. We handle problems timely but it may take us up to 5 business days to solve an issue.

-  Note that refund request which is to be made after 60 days from the B2B purchase date will be invalid.

- Refunds will be invalid if:

+ You simply decide not to use the solution or if the extension was purchased for evaluation purposes. Before purchasing the B2B Package, please read product descriptions and also check the DEMO carefully.

+ Coding conflicts are related to any third party extensions/themes that are installed in your store. We can offer our support service in fixing conflicts for an additional charge.

*Note: Please remember that we won't refund any fee you paid for installation and customization services.

- For partial refund for Magento 2 B2B Package, you must meet all refund conditions as separate purchases mentioned above and extensions that you keep in the package will be counted at their normal prices. The multiple items discount will still be applied. The rest value of the original package from the amount of chosen extensions is the partial refund amount.

*Note: The 60-day Money Back Guarantee is only applied for the B2B package and products belonging to the B2B Solution. This new refund policy takes effect for purchases since September 9th, 2020. All purchases of the B2B package and products in this package which were finished before this date still apply the 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

8. Change Notes

Please note that these B2B Policies may change from time to time. BSS Commerce reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Regardless, we will post any Terms and Conditions changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice.