B2B guides and resources

A - Magento B2B Extension Package

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1. Full Feature List

A more detailed explanation of every function in the B2B extension package assists you to better understand the solution, and clarify how they can support your business.

The full feature list provides you with a general workflow of our solution, tailored to the customer purchase journey from Login to Checkout in your wholesale website.

Each step in the purchase process can be closely approached with a specific function of our B2B extension, and guarantee to bring the most seamless shopping experience for your customers.


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2. B2B Extension Comparison Chart

Don’t know which B2B solution suits your Magento business and requirements? Don’t worry! BSS Commerce spent time figuring out the best comparison ever between B2B extensions on the market.

You’ll get:

  • A full list of B2B solution providers for Magento 2
  • A detailed comparison between each pricing plan of B2B extensions under various aspects: features, policies, services. 

B - Magento 2 B2B Ecommerce

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1. Magento B2B Starter Guide

This resource plays a role as a guiding star for all subjects, especially new beginners who don’t know how to start a B2B business from scratch.

You’ll get:

  • A general overview of B2B Ecommerce and the difference between B2B and B2C customers raises specific things in the wholesale business. 
  • Essential B2B features for an Ecommerce website.
  • Deep analysis about Magento 2 B2B functions supported by the Commerce version as well as its limitations.
  • A new solution for every business that desires to build a wholesale in Magento Open Source.
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2. Free Guideline for Magento B2B Website Costs

The step-by-step guide gives merchants essential factors to complete a Magento B2B website from platforms, hosting, themes, B2B features and so on. Hence, store owners will know what they should do, how to do and how much they will spend to shape a B2B online business in their hands.

In details, you'll get:

  • Necessary elements to build a B2B website 
  • The Estimated costs for each element
  • The estimated total cost of ownership 
  • Recommended solutions to empower your wholesale website