Magento Web Optimization Service by BSS

Overall, web optimization is the process of using controlled experimentation to improve a website’s ability to drive business goals. Simply speaking, your daily tasks to improve customer experience, enrich product content or streamline checkout process can be considered as web optimization. However, hereafter we will focus on two most worthy points that you must invest to make your website pop. They are Speed and SEO. If you don’t, then your competitors will.

BSS is available for your reference and even can join hands to your web optimization process.

Your Magento Website is Too Slow, Then Fix It Faster!

No online shoppers bother browsing a slow website even if your content is incredibly interesting.

Meanwhile, the lightning-fast page load speed leverages visitor engagement, retention, and finally boosts sales.

Then, what an ideal page speed should be?

Based on our practical experiences and several studies, the ideal loading time is average between 2 to 3 seconds. The slower the load speed is, the higher the bounce rate will become, which is over 50% when the loading is about 6 seconds.

So, what can BSS help to boost your load speed?

Our dedicated team will perform code audit and performance review using both testing tools and our experiences to pinpoint the root causes of slow loading. Then, we will put forward cost-effective solutions to leverage your web speed toward the ideal value. This process can involve using extensions, custom development, or changes in configuration.

Your Magento Website Ranks Very Low, Then Boost It to The Top!

Why can’t my website present itself on the first Google search page?

Why I invest tons of time and effort to create fascinating content yet none read it?

Why I follow dozens of SEO tips but there is very little improvement in the ranking?


All because you might not do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the right way. Obviously, SEO is a large definition which is not a several-day effort. To save your precious time, let’s get our professional developers involved. They understand Magento very well and know where to add value to sweeten your SEO juice with different strategies such as making out of default functions, installing built-in extensions, or performing custom development. Even more, they provide free consulting on SEO best practices to boost your ranking even better.

Why Choose Us to Optimize Your Website?

We know website optimization is your daily priority. We know you need professionals. And, we do offer professionals.

  • We know Magento: The team of BSS includes certified solution specialists and certified developers and frontend developers. They understand and work with Magento components almost every day. Thus, they know how to optimize your website on time and under budget, avoiding unnecessary customizations.

  • We have the 6-year experience with Magento: During our journey from a small website development agency to Magento Solution Partner and Magento Select Extension Builder, BSS has pitched in a number of projects from small to large scale. From such precious experiences, we grow far from Magento developers to ecommerce experts to understand both online user experience and SEO best practices.

  • We provide fast and helpful support: BSS’s support agents are available to help you out any problems. We try our best to respond to your queries promptly and straight to the point.

  • We quote all services at a competitive price: Price is always one of the very first concern. At BSS, we offer cost-effective solutions without the hidden fee.