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1. Multiple Item Discounts 

To express our thanks for your trust, we are delighted to provide you the multiple items with attractive discounts for all Magento extensions. This program is always valid and is automatically applied for orders of multiples extensions without coupon code required.

  • Buy 2 extensions; you will get 10% OFF of total payment.
  • Buy 3 extensions; you will get 15% OFF of total payment.
  • Buy 4 and more extensions; you will get 20% OFF of total payment.

(***)Please note that the multiple items discount can’t be used with other promotions at once. Also, this discount program will exclude B2B package, Sales Motivation package, Administration Package, Combo, and Free extensions.

2. Attractive discounts for products in the Magento 2 B2B extension package

Besides the basic and professional B2B package, we offer the hottest discounts for products belonging to this package. The more extensions you purchase - The more money you can save up!

  • Buy 4+ modules - Get 20% OFF of total payment.
  • Buy 8+ modules - Get 30% OFF of total payment.
  • Buy 12+modules - Get 40% OFF of total payment. 

*Note: This discount is valid for 15 extensions included in the B2B package and isn't combined with other promotions.  

3. 67% OFF Magento 2 SEO extension

Our SEO Suite solution strengthens your website rankings on Search Engine Result Pages. 13 extensions are bundled in a package to target various SEO concerns on a website, helping to meet requirements from search engines and then get a good evaluation and higher rankings.

Just add products to cart and receive the discount in the blink of an eye! 

4. 25% OFF Magento 2 Import Export solution

No need to seek separate Import export extensions for migration! The Import Export solution from BSS Commerce stays here to cover most of your expectations at a very affordable price.

Buy now to get 25% OFF! 

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