It’s no coincidence that upsell is an indispensable feature in e-commerce stores. It provides the most intuitive customer approach with additional products related to the customer’s shopping cart. And you can’t do this without the best upsell apps for Shopify stores below.

Do you believe that an offer, a discount, or even just a product recommendation that pops up in the customer shopping process will help you increase sales significantly? If you are willing to research and analyze customer behavior and personalize your upsell products, it is straightforward to encourage customers to spend more. So the Upsell application was born and helped you to do it automatically and quickly.

Let’s start with a closer look at upselling and then the top 10 best upsell apps for Shopify today!

Why Use Best Shopify Upsell Apps

Upselling is the method of increasing the average order value, which encourages customers to spend more on orders by recommending products with a higher value than the items in their shopping cart. There are many ways you can upsell. For example, when a customer buys a 64GB iPhone, you can recommend an iPhone 128GB or 256GB as an additional sale. If a customer chooses that upsell product, then the original product will be replaced in their shopping cart.

We know that the current marketing campaigns bring e-commerce stores a great deal of traffic. However, did you know that 96% of the customers visiting your website are still not ready to buy or that the average basket abandonment rate is between 60% and 80%? Today Shopify businesses can only successfully convert less than 3% of shoppers into buyers.

You see, conversion rates are so low, but are you ignoring the people you’ve converted into customers? That’s why you need the Shopify best upsell app. Reports indicate that a customer has a 27% chance of returning to buy after their first recommended purchase and a 45% chance of coming back for a 3rd purchase – an excellent opportunity to increase sales and price average order value that you cannot ignore.

Yet, the best Shopify upsell apps help you increase your customer cart’s size in one go, but it also enables you to increase your brand’s customer trust. Instead of spending too much money on acquiring new customers, retention is even more critical. In fact, SMEs generate more than 50% of revenue from loyal customers.

But how to approach customers skillfully and recommend the right product for them? The best upsell apps for Shopify below will help you analyze consumer behavior and the products in your cart to make relevant and best-selling suggestions.

In short, the most significant benefits of using the best Shopify upsell app are:

  • Boost profits.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Increase ROI.
  • Bring more options to customers.
  • Show your interest and expectations to your customers, thereby increasing customers’ trust in the brand.

BLOOP Referral and Loyalty

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Review 10+ Best Upsell Apps For Shopify

#0 Adoric

At the center of a user’s shopping experience is a desire to navigate several products/pages without disrupting their browsing flow. Adoric meets this need through custom campaigns that allow you to seamlessly upsell products across different pages in your store.

Built for Shopify, Adoric offers you product recommendations for viewing the best-selling products, new arrivals, recently viewed items, and items that are frequently bought together (which serves cross-selling purposes).

Adoric’s easy-to-use design wizard means that you don’t need any technical expertise to set up and use Adoric on your Shopify store. You can start boosting your average order value with their in-built campaigns.

Top Features:

  • Product recommendations to boost upsell and cross-sell.
  • Easy-to-use Wizard.
  • Email marketing enhancement through one-click popups.
  • Returning user Popups to help users shop faster and better.
  • Cart abandonment campaigns to promote store checkout.
  • Custom triggers to timely display store campaigns.


Adoric offers a 14-day free plan. Paid plans follow a pay-as-you-grow scheme that allows you to pay based on your total monthly store orders.

#1 Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together Shopify upsell app

Rating: 4.9⭐

When you shop online nowadays, you will often find that underneath each product, there will be a hint at the products that are often purchased with the product you choose. For example, if you want to buy a shirt, they will add a promotion if you buy it with the dress or pants recommended by the store. Of course, this will encourage customers to see more products in the store and increase the average order value. The Frequently Bought Together app will help you create those product recommendations and offers. Wouldn’t it be a big step for generating additional revenue from each customer?

Ranked at the top of the best upsell apps for Shopify list, Frequently Bought Together leverages AI to facilitate personalized offers tailored to individual customers. AI will help you analyze previous customer transactions and suggest the most reasonable product packages. That’s why Frequently Bought Together prides itself on being one of the best Shopify Upsell apps that generate over $1 billion for all 150,000 stores on Shopify.

Key features:

  • Displays commonly purchased products.
  • Upsell with just one click.
  • Can customize the user interface.
  • Recommended upselling packages.
  • It offers many proposed algorithms.
  • It is integrated with product reviews, yotpo,, loox,, and Ali reviews.


This app offers a 30-day free trial. After the trial period expires, the subscription fee of $9.99 per month will be charged for continued access to the Unlimited plan.

#2 LimeSpot Personalizer

LimeSpot Personalizer best upsell apps for shopify

Rating: 4.8⭐

Personalizer is a top-rated sales app developed by Limespot. Personally, its features are pretty similar to Frequently Bought Together. LimeSpot Personalizer also relies heavily on AI for a comprehensive analysis of customer behavior and preferences. The best part is that it displays the right items for the right audience and at the right time, which is committed by the application to turn shoppers into buyers for your store.

Additionally, this Shopify best upsell app allows you to create real-time collections and carousel layouts for your store suggestions. This results in customers having more choices with highly relevant items, which increases the size of their shopping carts. According to one report, the app ranks first in all global e-commerce personalization technologies that boast an average 5% growth in shopping cart size.

Key features:

  • Enable to display of trending products according to store performance.
  • Provides real-time ROI analysis reports.
  • Increase the ability to add cross-sell in the shopping cart by personalizing each type of customer.
  • Complete customization capabilities with Visual Editor.
  • Provides user management options and consistently recommends products.
  • Provides an A/B/N test.

Pricing: Free plan available, 14-day free trial

Personalizer does not provide a specific price for each plan it is based on your store’s monthly sales. The application only offers the floor price for each plan as below.

  • Essentials: $18/month
  • Pay as you grow: $19/month
  • Premium: Free to install, custom price based on store revenue

#3 Booster: Discounted Upsells

Booster Discounted Upsells Shopify App

Rating: 4.5⭐

Booster: Discounted Upsells is an affiliate of Booster apps that offers various useful tools for your Shopify store. While most of the best Shopify upsell apps on this list focus on optimizing product recommendations, Discounted Upsell exploits the aspect of discounting to increase sales.

Of course, there are many ways to stimulate customers to buy products, and one of the most effective is to reduce prices. Customers always love to buy promotional products, even if they are not planning to buy them but at a low cost, they will consider it.

Reliable and easy to use, Discounted Upsell is one of the best upsell apps for Shopify that will help you get all of these things done quickly. Specifically, it allows you to create and customize discounts like “buy three, get 65% off” or “buy one, get one free.” It also tracks and analyzes customers as they begin to purchase suggested supplements. Instead of the traditional discount method, the app automatically optimizes conversions by presenting the most product advantages.

The most important thing is that the application is highly mobile-friendly, indispensable in the current era when customers shop online. However, this app doesn’t offer bundling capabilities, so it’s only suitable if you want to generate discounts.

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Pricing: 7-day free trial

Fortunately, the app allows you to try it out for free for seven days before deciding whether to pay monthly. Also, consider Discounted Upsell’ three premium plans if you find this one suitable for your store.

  • Basic: $19.99/month
  • Professional: $29.99/month
  • Advanced: $44.99/month

These three plans’ prices depend on your Shopify plan, respectively Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify.

#4 ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell

ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell app for Shopify

Rating: 4.9⭐

ReConvert is genuinely the best Shopify upsell app available today. We are not saying that it has a perfect 4352 4.9-star review. Let’s find out why users so love it much.

First, ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell allows you to optimize your Shopify store’s thank you page. The app’s founder insisted that the perfect place to upsell your product is on the thank you page after the customer makes a payment. The truth is that even after the customer has paid, you can still recommend related products and provide good reasons to encourage customers to buy more. Not only that, but it also offers store add-on and off-site controls. For example, the drag-and-drop editor allows you to provide related products and encourages customers to increase their shopping cart size.

Besides, with this app, you can track and survey customers after purchase to improve product recommendations. And yet, the customer’s birth date will be collected for you by ReConvert, from which you can send birthday offers to customers. This will help you increase sales as well as loyal build customers.

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Key features:

  • Discount popup with a countdown timer.
  • Provide a custom button.
  • Set up an email campaign and birthday message.
  • Integrate customer reviews and analysis.


After a 30-day free trial, ReConvert offers various plan packages corresponding to your store’s transaction volume.

It has the four most popular plans.

  • Development Store: Free
  • Upsell Basic: $4.99 a month with up to 49 orders per month.
  • Upsell Premium: $7.99/month with up to 99 orders per month.
  • Upsell Premium Pro: $14.99/month for up to 199 orders.

The price will continue to increase if your store has more orders.

#5 Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory

Bundle Upsell PickyStory - best Shopify Upsell Apps

Rating: 4.8⭐

The next recommendation in the best Shopify upsell apps list is Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory. This app is tailored to help you generate more revenue from every shopper who visits your store. Rather than selling single products to your customers, PickyStory allows you to create upselling and cross-selling product bundles and deals, thus increasing your average order value (AOV) and boosting overall revenue. Add optional discounts to your bundles, and display them throughout your store.

With PickyStory, you can create bundles of products commonly bought together and add them to your product pages, create a gallery of shoppable looks, or group your products and sell them as a single product. You can also use tiered pricing to encourage upselling or let your customers build their bundle from a pick-and-mix selection of products.

The best part? Inventory is synced at the SKU level for every individual product included within a deal – no manual updates are required!

Key features:

  • Versatile deal selection to suit a range of upselling scenarios
  • Flexible discount and pricing rules
  • Drag and drop deals onto any page (no code required)
  • Customize deals to suit your brand’s colors, messaging, etc
  • Analytics dashboard to track and optimize deal performance


PickyStory offers 3 plans with pricing based on the revenue your store’s revenue generated via PickyStory.

  • Free: Free to install
  • Standard Tier 1: $49.50/month
  • Standard Tier 2: $89.50/month

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#6 Reviewbit Reviews via WhatsApp

Reviewbit Reviews via WhatsApp - Upsell Apps for Shopify

Rating: 4.5⭐

Reviewbit Reviews via WhatsApp helps Shopify sellers provide post-purchase customer engagements via social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Stores can collect feedback on each order by sending an automated review request through instant messaging.

As one of the best upsell apps for Shopify, Reviewbit allows businesses to provide immediate customer service in response to negative reviews, upsell their products to satisfied or loyal customers, and increase sales through upselling and cross-selling products by sending offers and promo coupons while gathering feedback through chat platforms. Merchants can also retain current customers while also converting new ones into loyal customers and ensure 30% more results in collecting reviews than through email.

Key features:

  • With automated review requests via WhatsApp, you may ask your customers for reviews with photos/videos.
  • Create strong ties with your customers and give them an exceptional experience.
  • You can convert visitors into buyers with beautiful review galleries that feature satisfied customers.
  • With discount offers, you may entice pleased consumers to buy from you again.
  • To quicken the review creation process, send review requests to prior customers up to three months ago.
  • Revewbit’s review widget integrates with all major Shopify review apps, including Loox, and, Stamped, and others.
  • Customers will be able to receive review requests in their own language.


  • Pay per preview: Free
  • Free plan
  • Essentials (500): $10/month
  • Essentials (1000): $15/month

#7 Picreel: Sales & Email Popups

Picreel Sales & Email Popups - Shopify Upsell App

Picreel: Sales & Email Popups is one of the best tools to upsell products and drive sales on your Shopify store. This simple popup software lets you target visitors with attractive offers at the perfect time – when they show signs of exit or when they are deeply engaged in a page.

The tool’s cutting-edge technology tracks the digital footprints and click behavior of visitors, which allows you to display the most relevant popups with personalized recommendations. There are over 100 beautifully designed templates you can choose from to create stunning popups. Right from exit surveys and sign-up offers to the wheel of fortune, you get access to numerous templates that help you get started on the right foot.

You also get advanced features like A/B testing and smart analytics that are instrumental in evaluating popup performance and continuously improving it for maximum conversions. Furthermore, Picreel’s integration with over 700 CRM, CMS, and email marketing tools can be leveraged to direct visitor data to your favorite platforms and boost your outreach campaigns.

Key features:

  • Easy popup editor with advanced customization
  • Beautiful upsell and cross-sell popup templates
  • A/B testing to evaluate popup performance
  • Smart reports and analytics to track impressions and conversions


    • Forever Free Plan: Free
  • Business Plan: $19.99/month

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#8 Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell best Shopify Upsell Apps

Rating: 4.7⭐

As we said above, there are many ways you can upsell or cross-sell. If you are not successful on the first outreach, you can impress your customers and persuade them to spend more with other upsells. A good example is suggesting other items on the thank you page after they check out, or even when they’re checking out, you can offer multiple upsell products.

Bold Upsell is an application that helps you create many upsells like that. Specifically, it allows you to create an upsell funnel with up to three consecutive upsells for a specific audience. Even if the customer accepts or rejects the proposal, it helps the app collect detailed data to analyze its performance.

Besides, just like ReConvert, it offers a pop-up window, and with only one click, customers can add those recommended products to the cart. You can completely count on this application’s ability to work as it has over 1000 5-star reviews and is named the top 5 apps on the Shopify Appstore.

Bold Upsell is appreciated as one of the best upsell apps for Shopify because it has a wide range of special sales incentives thanks to customer behavior analysis and other mining algorithms.

Key features:

  • Allows creating up to 3 upsells on the Shopify store.
  • Customize batch two and batch three offers if the first upsell product is rejected.
  • Personalize offers based on customer behavior.
  • Offer an upsell catalog of products by price or other factors.
  • Integration with Bold Brain, Google Analytics, Bold Product Options, and Bold Discounts.


Don’t worry if Bold Upsell doesn’t have a free plan, as you still get a 14-day free trial. Then, you can consider up to 5 premium plans for the app. All plans allow you to use the complete set of features; only a limited number of upsell views will vary.

  • Growth 1K: $24.99/month 
  • Growth 5K: $59.99/month 
  • Growth 50K: $199.99/month 
  • Unlimited Plus: $399.99/month

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#9 Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell

Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell - Shopify Upsell App

Rating: 4.9⭐

Voyager Upsell & Cross-Sell, which is also known as Smar7 Bundle Upsell is an application provided by Skup. This app provides you with up to two upsell approaches thanks to their consumer behavioral analytics and intelligent browsing approach. Unlike other best upsell apps for Shopify, Voyager says they have “smart” technology that shows the best way to secure conversion rates and maximize your store’s sales. So what is that technology?

Specifically, this app uses various essential data collected from shopping cart items of different customer groups. It then provides advanced customization capabilities such as bundling capabilities and customizing the upsell product to each customer. And all of the above steps only take 30 seconds.

And yet, as noted above, Voyager also comes with a second strategy, which offers incentives or discounts that stimulate customers to increase the size of their shopping carts. You can recommend free shipping for upselling suggested purchases or offer discounts to ensure customers spend more in your store.

Key features:

  • Create a list of suggestions on specific products.
  • Upsell or cross-sell according to consumer behavior.
  • Create more incentives and discounts when customers spend more.


The Voyager Upsell & Cross-Sell has a single monthly price tag of $27. Before you pay for the plan, the app allows you to try it out for free for seven days. However, you must consider carefully when deciding to use the premium plan because canceling a subscription is quite tricky.

#10 Innonic Upsell Recommendations

Innonic Upsell Recommendations - Shopify best upsell app

Rating: 4.5⭐

Maybe this will be the only app that’s completely free in the list of best upsell apps for Shopify. Innonic Upsell Recommendation works much like product recommendations on Amazon. This tool automatically generates upsell products on three pages, including the homepage, product page, and shopping cart page. Of course, these recommendations have all been personalized for each customer thanks to data on the best-selling products, best products, and today’s popular items.

Besides, the app allows you to customize upsell products to match your Shopify store, such as custom upsell widget locations. It also doesn’t slow down your website, which means the Upsell Recommendations widget loads behind your pages, so it will keep your store up and running quickly.

Amazingly, the app is suitable for all themes on Shopify and is mobile-friendly. Wouldn’t this optimize the user experience of your store? You also don’t need coding knowledge to get started because all it takes is one click to get started with ease.


The Innonic Upsell Recommendations app is entirely FREE to download and use. During the process, you do not incur any additional costs or hidden costs. Besides, it also does not limit the number of upselling views. It’s great, isn’t it?

#11 USO: Discounts & Promotions

USO Discounts & Promotions - Shopify upsell app

Rating: 4.6⭐

USO: Discounts & Promotions is one of the best upsell apps for Shopify available today, thanks to its flexibility. The tool allows you to create customizations like upselling, bundling, bulk, and so on. Let’s go through some details of its features.

First, the app offers discounts on any of the products or groups of products you have selected. Also, it allows you to create deals like “buy one, get one free,” which is seen as how the customer gets two items together for the price of one thing. Another form of discount that you can refer to is that the customer chooses another free product; for example, when buying a pair of shoes, the customer will be given a shoelace or sock.

Second, for customers who buy in bulk, buy in bulk, USO: Discounts & Promotions allow you to create Shopify bulk discounts. After programming a fixed deal, the application will discount itself according to that value.

Finally, the app also provides reports showing store performance and developing the most effective and economical strategy. There is no need to worry during use, as the application is easy to use and requires no coding knowledge. They also have a customer support team that helps to answer your questions quickly.

In short, this is one of the best upsell apps for Shopify which is especially suitable for wholesale rather than retail stores.


You will have to pay $9 per month to use this app. Besides, you will also have to pay an additional fee for each order. The application will give you the first ten orders for free; you will have to pay $0.99 for each subsequent order. So take advantage of the 14-day free trial to make sure USO: Discounts & Promotions are suitable for your store.

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#12 Sales Rocket: Upsells & Speed

Sales Rocket - Upsell Apps for Shopify

Rating: 4.9⭐

Last but not least, Sales Rocket released by Codeinero, is a multi-in-one app that includes over 40 sub-apps to optimize your Shopify store. You might be overwhelmed with the features this app has to offer. Not only increase page load speed but maximize sales with the app’s conversion boosting tools, which are great as well.

Sales Rocket displays orders purchased by previous customers, suggesting products often bought together at your store. This both improves new customer confidence in your store and stimulates customers to spend more on upsell products. The products recommended by the application are all unique, most purchased in the store to encourage customers to buy those products.

Besides, the app offers product categories based on clear criteria such as Scarcity, Urgency, and Social Authenticity. When using it, you will find this is a well-established and stable application with the most basic features to boost your store’s sales. As one of the best upsell apps for Shopify, Sale Rocket offers a user-friendly, one-click setup process for seamless integration.

Top features:

  • There are more than 40 applications in one that include arrays such as conversion rate increases; reduced cart abandonment; increased user experience; increased revenue, social networks, store security, and other customization features.
  • Strengthen the conversations between you and your customers.
  • Upsell high-performance items.
  • Apply a variety of Upsell methods.
  • Show customers’ recent sales.


The app gives you a 7-day free trial. After that, the paid plans will be attached to your Shopify plan.

  • Basic: $ 9.99/month for stores with subscriptions to the Basic Shopify plan.
  • Shopify: $19.99/month for stores in the Shopify plan.
  • Advanced: $29.99/month for stores with a subscription to the Advanced Shopify plan.
  • Shopify Plus: $49.99/month matching with the Shopify Plus plan stores.

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#13 Trtle ‑ Buy Now Upsell

Trtle Buy Now Upsell - best Shopify Upsell Apps

Rating: 4.8⭐

Trtle ‑ Buy Now Upsell, a Shopify upsell app is recently been overtaken by Shipway. To add in the “Super App”, is the platform that helps D2C merchants boost their sales by setting up cross-selling, upselling, and bundling opportunities on their eCommerce websites and increasing their AOV.

The platform allows setting a popup that recommends similar products to what your buyers’ have added to their cart, and this pop will appear as soon as they click on the “Add to Cart” button. With this easy-to-use app, you will not require any coding. Moreover, you can add the upsell pop-up between the product page and the cart, also you can customize these pop-ups as per your brand theme requirement.

The app is designed for your high-converting eCommerce business standards and is helpful to increase your ROI by 10X.

Key Features:

  • Add an upsell popup between the product page and the cart.
  • Instantly turn the app on or off.
  • Pre-populate your upsell with digital products.
  • Customize the upsell pop-up to suit your brand.


After a 14-day free trial, the Buy Now Upsell Popup app offers various plan packages for your store’s transaction volume convenience. It has the four most popular plans, as follows:

  • Basic Plan starts from $9.99/month
  • Standard Plan starts from $29.99/month
  • Advanced Plan starts from $79.99/month
  • Shopify Plus Plan starts from $149.99/month

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Those are the top 10+ best upsell apps for Shopify stores compiled by BSS Commerce Shopify to help you boost sales and set your business apart from your competitors. Before deciding to use any apps, think twice about the upsell strategies and customer approach you want because each app has its advantages. In short, there are dozens of upselling tools out there, but I’m sure this list is the best. We hope this article is helpful to you.

Besides, why don’t you dip into other great apps in different categories in our Shopify review series? Pretty sure it won’t make you regret it!

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