When it comes to reaching new customers and driving sales, there are countless sales channels available, from social media platforms to online marketplaces. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine which channels are the most effective for your online business.

Thankfully, Shopify offers a solution: using third-party apps from the Shopify apps store, merchants can easily add new sales channels to their online stores. In this post, BSS Commerce Shopify will introduce you to the top 10+ Shopify sales channel apps from reliable developers. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your existing store, these third-party Shopify sales channel apps are worth considering. So, let’s jump right in and explore the best sales channels for Shopify, as below:

A Glance at Shopify Sales Channel

Sales channels on Shopify are diverse platforms where you can sell your products and engage with customers. Leveraging these sales channels for your online store can greatly contribute to building your brand and expanding your customer base.

Shopify Sales Channel

Shopify allows you to effortlessly sell your products through various online sales channels that can be seamlessly integrated with your business. Consequently, you can enhance customer service, customize your branding, and synchronize your product inventory with other platforms.

The available sales channels for your business encompass the following options:

  • Establish an online store for your business
  • Conduct in-person sales through Shopify POS
  • List your products and interact with customers on the Shop app
  • Utilize Shopify Inbox to connect with your customers and other messaging platforms
  • Sell your products to other businesses using the Wholesale channel
  • Explore selling on the Handshake wholesale marketplace
  • Leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok

Please be aware that the availability of specific sales channels may vary depending on your location and the Shopify plan you have chosen.

Why Should You Use Sales Channels on Shopify?

1. Scale up your business: Increase the scope of your business by integrating your online store with the various sales channels that cater to your business. Thanks to establishing a connection between these sales channels and your Shopify store, you can efficiently handle your products, orders, and customers on a single, centralized platform.

2. Management capabilities directly for all sales channels: Shopify allows you to efficiently monitor all your sales channels from your internal dashboard, providing you with the means to enhance your sales prospects and uphold remarkable brand coherence across various social media platforms.

3. Taking use of Shopify’s various sales channels: Thanks to utilizing the various sales channels provided by Shopify, businesses can gain a competitive edge over those that confine themselves to a single platform. In addition, offering promotional and seasonal campaigns on several platforms increases the likelihood of holding targeted flash sales or special deals, which encourages people to make purchases and boosts sales during shopping hours.

4. Social proof: The potential customers that your brand wants to attract can be positively impacted by social proof. Your customers may feel more secure about making their purchases if you provide them with social evidence. For instance, TikTok and Facebook include tools that let users rate, review, and comment on the goods you sell. This is a fantastic method to raise customer satisfaction and create enduring connections with clients.

In general, every online store sales channel is equipped with its dashboard, providing you with a comprehensive overview of recent sales and traffic. Utilizing these channels will not only expand your customer reach but also enhance your workflow efficiency, boost sales, and establish a consistent and impactful brand presence across various online platforms.

10+ Best Sales Channels for Shopify You Should Consider

Here is the full list of the top 10+ best Shopify sales channels list that you should consider for your online store:

Best Shopify Sales Channels Developer Rating Price
Online Store Shopify From $35 to $399/month
Facebook & Instagram Meta 3.7/5 Free to install. Additional charges may apply
Point of Sale Shopify 4.2/5 Free plan available and Shopify POS pro with $89 per month
Google & YouTube Google LLC 4.3/5 Free to install. Additional charges may apply
TikTok TikTok Inc. 4.8/5 Free to install. Additional charges may apply
Pinterest Pinterest Inc. 4.6/5 Free to install. Additional charges may apply
Shop channel Shopify 4.6/5 Free
Shopify Marketplace Connect Shopify 4.3/5 Free to install. Additional charges may apply
Buy Button Shopify 3.5/5 Free
Shop Inbox Shopify 4.7/5 Free

#1. Online Store

For good reason, many first-time business owners open an internet store as their initial sales channel. When creating your store, you have the freedom to curate the display of your products. At the same time, you gain access to comprehensive customer data and have the opportunity to sell directly to consumers (DTC), allowing you to retain all the profits.

This direct relationship with customers can greatly benefit your brand. Research indicates that DTC eCommerce is experiencing significant growth across various locations and industries. Moreover, a majority of customers prefer purchasing from independent stores rather than multi-brand retailers.

However, one challenge you may face is generating traffic to your new store while your brand is still in its early stages. In such cases, it is advisable to use your online store as a central hub for other sales channels. With Shopify, you can establish multiple sales channels and redirect customers back to your store, maximizing your reach and potential sales opportunities.

Highlight Features

  • There are not many initial expenses, and you can use Shopify’s free trial to create a store for nothing
  • Use your store as a central sales channel
  • Boost the creation of sales leads by utilizing customer information
  • No third-party branding or product rules
  • Keep all of the profit you make from sales


  • Basic: $25/month
  • Shopify: $65/month
  • Advanced: $399/month

#2. Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram

Selling on Facebook and Instagram not only helps expand your business reach but also efficiently manages your operations through Shopify. With this integrated platform, you can effortlessly handle orders, returns, and marketing tools to effectively promote your products and target your desired audience.

In addition, by offering a seamless in-app shopping experience, you can attract new customers and guide them from product discovery to checkout. At the same time, automatically synchronize your eligible products to your Facebook and Instagram shops, enabling you to sell from one inventory and take advantage of the opportunity to create ads and shoppable posts directly on these platforms, where your customers are already engaged.

Highlight Features

  • Gain valuable shop analytics, such as top-selling products and popular tagged content
  • Enhance your ad performance by establishing a conversion pixel
  • Seamlessly configure your shop by connecting your account just once
  • Streamline your selling process with a synchronized inventory that updates automatically
  • Receive prompt assistance through email and live chat support from Meta

🎁 Free Trial Now: Facebook & Instagram

#3. Point of Sale

Point of Sale

The next name of the best Shopify sales channel is Point of Sale (POS), Shopify POS excels in both in-person and online sales, making it the ultimate point of sale solution. By integrating your online and retail stores, Shopify POS enhances sales conversions across all channels, simplifies store management, and fosters stronger customer relationships.

Packed with essential features, it empowers you to make sales, monitor performance, and efficiently handle customers, orders, and inventory. With convenient options like local pickup and delivery and the ability to sell inventory from multiple locations, you can expand your customer base and provide seamless shopping experiences.

Highlight Features

  • Use features like email carts, shipping to customers, and local pickup to increase conversion rates.
  • Maintain quick access to product specifications, inventory levels, and client profiles.
  • Gift cards, split payments, exchanges, and returns are all accepted.
  • Retail checkout gear that is always ready to accept payments.
  • Integrated omnichannel technologies to centrally manage your in-store and online operations.


  • Shopify POS lite: Free
  • Shopify POS Pro: $89/month

🎁 Free Trial Now: Point of Sale

#4. Google & YouTube

Google YouTube

Almost all merchants highly value the Google and YouTube apps due to their intuitive interface, smooth integration, and advanced marketing features. It can boost sales traffic and seamlessly integrate with Google Shopping and YouTube advertisements. At the same time, sync your products, special deals, and shipping details with Google Merchant Center. This helps convert more people browsing into actual customers.

Nevertheless, a few merchants have encountered challenges in managing large inventories, facing account suspensions, and receiving “misrepresentation” warnings. Additionally, there are concerns regarding the accuracy of data tracking and the initial setup complexities.

Highlight Features

  • To showcase your products throughout Google, connect your store to the Merchant Center
  • With a Performance Max ad campaign powered by Google AI, you can help increase sales
  • Link your store to YouTube so that people may watch your videos and support you
  • Link the entire eCommerce process with Google Analytics information
  • Sync Shopify product information to display offers, shipping, and returns on Google

🎁 Free Trial Now: Google & YouTube

#5. TikTok


The Shopify sales channel integration of the TikTok app offers a seamless way to reach out to a vast audience of active consumers. These individuals are not merely scrolling through content but actively making purchases, as evidenced by the widely used hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. This presents a great opportunity for your business to attract new customers.

In addition, the features ‘Duet,’ ‘Stitch,’ and ‘Shopping’ have gained recognition for their ability to effectively captivate audiences and drive product promotion. These features are highly esteemed for their comprehensive analytics and focused advertising capabilities, which contribute to the improvement of content strategies and the enhancement of marketing effectiveness.

As a result, thanks to the TikTok App, you can easily create engaging ad campaigns, synchronize your product catalog, and effectively sell your products through in-feed videos and live broadcasts on TikTok Shop.

Highlight Features

  • Create TikTok style advertisements within minutes by easily uploading product images or videos
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your ads by installing the TikTok Pixel with just one click, allowing you to measure their performance accurately
  • Streamline your order management process and keep track of new orders by selling directly through TikTok Shop, available exclusively in the United States

🎁 Free Trial Now: TikTok

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#6. Pinterest


You can effortlessly showcase your products to a wide audience on Pinterest, a platform where users seek inspiration and make purchases. By installing the Pinterest for Shopify app, you can seamlessly connect your Pinterest account, swiftly publish Product Pins, automatically update your product catalog daily, and monitor performance using the Pinterest Tag. This enables you to organically engage with Pinterest users who can effortlessly explore, save, and purchase products from your website.

Additionally, you can expand your reach further by running campaigns to enhance brand awareness, encourage consideration, or drive conversions – all within your Shopify interface!

Highlight Features

  • Upload your product catalog and maintain near-real-time updates
  • Make your whole product catalog naturally visible to Pinners
  • Use the Pinterest Tag to monitor conversions and see comprehensive product statistics
  • Use shoppable advertisements to advertise your goods and connect with potential buyers
  • When your first-ever Pinterest ad campaign is launched, you will receive a $100 ad credit

🎁 Free Trial Now: Pinterest

#7. Shop channel

Shop channel

The Shop channel serves as your central hub for effectively managing and enhancing your brand’s visibility on Shop. One of the big pluses of this app is that it allows you to interact directly with customers, promptly respond to reviews, and leverage automation to drive sales.

This app also helps you take control over your brand’s presence on the Shop app by seamlessly integrating assets and customizing your mobile app storefront to accurately reflect your brand identity. Here are the specific features of this app:

Highlight Features

  • Boost your sales by utilizing Shop Pay’s fast checkout feature
  • Enhance trust and promote transparency by incorporating the ‘Track with Shop’ button
  • Tailor your mobile app storefront with exclusive assets that reflect your brand
  • Captivate and retain customers by offering personalized product recommendations
  • Evaluate the impact of Shop on your business through comprehensive performance analytics

🎁 Free Trial Now: Shop channel

#8. Shopify Marketplace Connect

Shopify Marketplace Connect

Shopify Marketplace Connect (formerly known as Codisto) offers a seamless and efficient solution for selling on major global marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Etsy. With just one app, you can effortlessly connect and integrate your Shopify product catalog with multiple marketplaces, enabling you to easily manage and synchronize listings, orders, inventory, and measure performance, all within the convenience of Shopify.

Highlight Features

  • Connect your product listings to popular marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy
  • Efficiently handle your listings, orders, and inventory on Shopify with seamless synchronization to marketplaces
  • Customize your fulfillment options to align with your integrated channel strategies
  • Enjoy the convenience of unlimited connections to supported marketplaces for your marketplace accounts
  • Expand your reach by selling in various marketplace regions and categories, with the added benefit of built-in currency conversion.

🎁 Free Trial Now: Shopify Marketplace Connect

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#9. Buy Button

Buy Button

With the Buy Buttons app, you can promote products or collections and increase sales by creating quick and simple checkout links. By creating a buy button for any product or collection, you can easily integrate it into your website or blog. Customize the style and colors of the Buy Button using the editor to align with your brand’s aesthetics. Once done, copy and paste the HTML code onto your preferred platform.

In addition, you have the option to create quick checkout links that directly lead shoppers to your checkout page. Select a specific product and variant, then share the link via email, direct message, or social media post.

Highlight Features

  • Enable shoppers to conveniently complete their purchases directly on any website or blog
  • Enhance your ability to showcase and market your products to frequent visitors of your blog or website
  • Tailor the fonts, colors, and layouts of your online store to seamlessly align with your website’s unique style and brand
  • Effortlessly keep your product information up to date by making changes directly from your Shopify account, without the need to modify any code on your website
  • Monitor and analyze your sales performance through the comprehensive sales overview and Analytics pages available on your Shopify Home.

🎁 Free Trial Now: Buy Button Channel

#10. Shop InboxShop Inbox

Shopify Inbox is a useful messaging tool that enables seamless communication with customers while they browse through your store. It’s fascinating that 70% of all inbox conversations occur with shoppers who are actively making a purchase.

As you engage in conversations, you can monitor real-time customer data, such as their viewed products, cart contents, and previous orders, to customize your messages and enhance the customer experience. Moreover, you can suggest relevant products or provide enticing discounts to boost the overall order value.

Highlight Features

  • Enable chat functionality and monitor outcomes effortlessly within the Shopify admin
  • Easy to handle conversations originating from the online store chat and Shop app
  • Swiftly gain insights into customer identities through profile and cart information
  • Deliver product suggestions, images, and discounts directly within the chat interface
  • Automate greetings, contact acquisition, and frequently asked questions to enhance efficiency for both you and your customers.

🎁 Free Trial Now: Shopify Inbox

Step-by-step Guides to Adding Sales Channels to Shopify

After finding out the best Shopify sales channel you decided the app you wanted. The next step is adding sales channels to Shopify Admin. In the section below, BSS Commerce Shopify will detail guides about this process.

  • For Desktop

1. Access the Apps and Sales Channels section in your Shopify admin by clicking on Settings and then selecting Apps and Sales Channels.

2. Once you’re on the Apps and Sales Channels page, navigate to the Shopify App Store by clicking on Visit the Shopify App Store.

3. Utilize the search function within the App Store to find the specific sales channel you wish to add.

4. Once you’ve located the desired sales channel, click on Add channel to incorporate it into your Shopify store.

  • For iPhone

1. Tap the … button on the Shopify app

2. In the Sales Channel section, select the Plus button

3. Choose the desired sales channel from the Add sales channel screen

4. Tap on the Add channel option

  • For Android

1. From the Shopify app, click on the … button

2. In the Sales Channel section, click on the Plus button

3. On the Add sales channel screen, select the desired sales channel to add

4. Click on the Add channel button

NOTE: All your current products become instantly accessible on a sales channel once you add them to Shopify. However, if you wish to exclude a specific product from being sold on a particular channel, you must remove the channel from the product’s availability.

Shopify Sales Channel – Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the Shopify sales channels are powerful tools that, when syncing your products and dealing with these platforms, you can reach a wider audience and convert more browsers into customers.

BSS Commerce Shopify trusts that these full lists of the top 10+ best Shopify sales channels are useful for you, support you in choosing the most suitable app, and then add the sales channel to Shopify admin effectively. BSS Commerce is a reliable blog that shares the latest knowledge, news, tips, and tutorials about Shopify and the eCommerce industry. If you are operating in this industry, let’s frequently visit our site to gain useful information.

If you need help with any Shopify website development & customization, contact BSS Commerce Shopify to get the best advice and solutions.

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