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Magento 2 Cookie Consent

Magento 2 Cookie Consent or Advanced Cookie Notice is a module that helps you show compliance with the EU User Data Privacy Policy and freely customize the cookie consent bar on your site.

Store owners need this bar to ask for explicit consent to collect and store visitors' cookies with the support of Google Consent Mode v2, for personalized ads & analytics. It’s urgent to get this extension if you target customers in EEA & UK.

Highlight features:

Owns nearly all features of Magento 2 Cookie Notice extension:

  • Display a cookie notification popup/bar on the main store to ask visitors for cookie consent
  • Let customers consent to website cookie usage
  • Better than Cookie Notice module: Add links (to both CMS pages & external pages) into the message.
  • Freely customize the content, display & positions of the cookie consent bar
  • Auto-hide messages after X seconds in case of no interaction
  • Responsive on multiple devices

Plus advanced features:

  • Assist you in complying with the EU's User Consent Policy
  • Support Google Consent Mode v2
  • Gather consented cookies for Google Analytics tools, Google Tag Manager, and business marketing like Google Ads
  • Set default logic for cookie collecting when users don't interact with the consent bar

New updates:

  • Integrate with GeoIP to show cookie consent banner for certain regions/countries.
  • Add a Link to the webpage to show the Cookie Banner again for customers to reselect their consent.
  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.7
  • Compatible with the Hyva Theme and Hyva Checkout

Open Source (CE): 2.3.x - 2.4.x
Commerce On-Premise (EE): 2.3.x - 2.4.x

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URGENT: Get the Google Consent Mode v2 now before too late to keep Google tools track properly & avoid violation of EU data privacy policy.
By March 2024, all store sites selling to EEA-UK customers must comply with this cookie regulation. Also, this is the way to show respect to your customers in data privacy and help you avoid any of the Google products you use being suspended or limited.

So how to set up this consent mode for your site? And if users deny cookies, the analytics reports will not be precise anymore?


Well, don’t worry! BSS Commerce’s Cookie Consent for Magento 2 extension will help you to activate this Google Consent Mode v2 & set up a consent bar at the storefront for your customers to accept/deny cookies effortlessly.

To maintain getting adequate data, you must have Consent Mode v2, with which Google will be able to bridge the data gaps in analytics & ads conversion reports when users deny cookies.

Magento 2 Cookie Consent - Detailed Features

Support Google Consent Mode v2 for compliance with EU data privacy regulations

The EU’s User Consent Policy requires you to explicitly inform and grant users the right to accept or deny their data being collected. If not, you won’t ensure transparency and might breach the regulations.

Google Consent Mode v2 is a solution to help you with that. It assists you in setting up the consent status including these 4 important parameters:

  • ad_storage,
  • ad_personalization,
  • ad_user_data,
  • and analytics_storage.

But configuring it into your Magento store might take quite complicated steps. That’s why you need this extension. Once the Magento 2 Cookie Consent module is enabled, your store site will be compatible with Google Consent Mode v2, and it will do the rest.

Let customers accept or deny cookies through a cookie consent banner

Store owners can set up a Magento cookie consent bar/popup at the frontend for customers to accept or deny all cookies on their first visits.

This bar will be displayed on Homepage, CMS page, Category page, Product page, Search result page, Shopping cart page, Checkout page, and Wishlist/Compare page.

Freely customize the design & display of the consent bar

#1: Store owners can write their own message and customize the design with: Message Title, Title Text Color, Message, Message Text Color, and Background Color. You can also do the same with Accept or Decline buttons.

#2: Admin can set 4 positions on the storefront: Top Left, Bottom Left, Top Right, and Bottom Right.

#3: Auto-Hide Message: set the amount of time (seconds) for the consent bar/popup to close if users don’t interact with it.

#4: The cookie bar is also responsive on multiple devices: Desktops, Mobiles, and Tablets.

Set the default consent status as you wish

Usually, if visitors do not interact with the cookie consent bar/popup, the default consent status will be “Denied”.

However, you are the store owner, you can change that with this Magento 2 Cookie Consent extension. You can configure the default status for each consent type to create various combinations.

Only display consent bar to selected countries/regions with GeoIP

As the EU Privacy Policy will mostly impact advertising & analytics of the EEA & UK region, customers from other countries may not have to see and decide their Consent Mode.

Therefore, for global sellers, this module allows you to detect the customer's IP and show the cookie popup for specific countries through the GeoIP function.

Let customers reselect their consent by clicking a link to show the cookie banner again

After clicking the Accept/Deny buttons, the popup/banner disappears. Some visitors may think again & want to change that. This module supports adding the link to any place on the webpage via a widget so that your customers can click to see the cookie banner again & change their consent.

This is necessary for showing respect and bringing your customers a better experience.

Coming soon features

  • Let users customize cookie groups to be collected

These features will be added soon. Buy once and enjoy lifetime updates!

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Release Note

    • v1.0.2 (Apr 24, 2024): 
      • Update:
        • GeoIP function.
        • Compatibale with M2.3.x & M2.4.7
        • Adding widget link.
    • v1.0.1 (Apr 2, 2024): Validate coding standard. 
    • v1.0.0 (Apr 1, 2024): First release.