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Product Images by Customer for Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Images by Customer extension allows your buyers to upload pictures of products to Magento stores. This will increase your reliability and encourage next customers to buy without any hesitating.

  • Allow registered users and guests to upload product images to Magento websites
  • Automatically send admin notification emails when customers upload images
  • Easily manage uploaded images by customers in a grid of the backend
  • Approve/disapprove/delete one by one or multiple customer image requests
  • Set up image sizes in the backend configuration
  • Show accepted images in a particular slider
  • Let customers view images uploaded by other ones
Community: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.7 - 2.3
      |      Enterprise: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.7 - 2.3

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Free Installation
Free 1-Year Support

Improving product representative is the first priority of any e-commerce store. And many Magento 2 store owners can’t find out how to engage customers to make purchase decisions faster by the content in the product page. Besides the product content by providers, online buyers might want to refer reviews and sharing of other customers. Therefore, Magento 2 Product Images by Customer extension can be the perfect marketing tool for your store. This module lets users add images of products to your website and displays all uploaded picture in an eye-catching slider.

Key features of Product Images by Customer for Magento 2 Extension

For customers:

  • Be allowed uploading product images to Magento 2 product pages

In product tab, your customers can freely upload multiple images to any product page at once. The uploaded images must be waited for acceptance from admin to be enabled.


  • View images uploaded by other ones in an eye-catching slider

All images uploaded by customers are displayed as a slider in the product tab. When users click on a picture, it will be zoomed in a popup. When the user clicks on an image, the full-size pic will be present in a popup and like an image gallery, this popup can slideshow all the images, review thumbnails, view in the full-screen mode. It makes the more visual and better experience for customers.

For admin:

  • Receive notification emails when customers upload images

  • Approve/disapprove/delete customer image requests

Like customer reviews in default Magento 2, the admin needs to create approval to start showing accepted images in a particular slider on product main pages.


  • Easily manage and create mass actions for images uploaded by customers in a grid

  • Be able to upload images by customers from the backend

  • Set up image display in the backend configuration

Customer Product Images for Magento 2 extension allows admin to edit title and description for customer image tab. You can freely set up the slider by choosing the number of product per slider and slideshow speed and customizing the size of slider-frame as well as the zoomed images in a popup.

  • Restrict non-login customers uploading images and limit the maximum number of images can be added at once

  • Require users to submit emails before adding images

Why Product Images by Customer is your must-have extension?

  • Make your store be user-friendly by allowing customers to share their personal pics

Many people are very happy if they can share their experience with people all around the world. With Magento 2 Product Images by Customer extension, customers can easily add their product pictures to your Magento 2 stores, which makes they feel you always care them. Therefore, they will have positive attitude with your store then comeback for many times.

  • Get unique and reliable content for your products

  • Build the trust with customers and increase sales

Visitors to your site are likely to be attracted by the content that is “real”. Images uploaded by other buyers can be the perfect proofs to let them see your product is useful and qualified. Hence, they will make purchase decision faster and your conversion rate definitely is improved.


  • Briliant idea
    an effective way to review product instead of long and boring words and stars
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Chester M. Bennett on 27 June 2018
  • Boost sale extension.
    With your Magento 2 Product Images by Customers, my customers share that they can now check how items look like in reality, so they can make purchase decision quickly. As a result, my sales increased significantly last month. Big thanks.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by John M. Garcia on 07 June 2018
  • Quick Support!
    Your Magento 2 Product Images extension is good enough, but I just wanted to add some small features to make it even more fancy for my customers, so I asked your support team. They responsed and solved it quickly. Look forward to other extensions.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Stacey M. Dejesus on 01 June 2018
  • Every feature works as described.
    I'm pretty satisfied with your Magento 2 Product Images by Customer extension. All features run smoothly as your promised. Just wonder whether your team can recommend me more extensions to improve product page content? Thanks a lot!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Ronnie P. Stoll on 25 May 2018
  • Thumbs up!
    Whenever I look for Magento 2 extensions, I visit your site. This time, Product Images by Customers lives up to all my expectation.
    Big thanks and keep up the good work!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Kelly E. Krieg on 17 May 2018
  • Great extension!
    This is the must-have extension for fashion stores. It is an effective way to get feedback from customers and prove the product quality.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Rhys Bond on 12 January 2018
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Release Note

  • v1.0.0: First Release
  • v1.0.2: Compatible with Single Store Mode
  • v1.0.3: Fix sort order of module's fields
  • v1.0.4: Fix issue with prefix table
  • v1.0.6: Fix display on slide