Website launch successfully is just the beginning of your eCommerce journey. In the long run, your website requires regular nourishment to perform at its best. Here’s why we offer Magento support services and Magento website maintenance services.

To Obtain A Secure And Scalable Site

Do you need to tackle site crashes in peak shopping seasons? Or manage security issues in a world of rising cybercrime? An instant restoration of your web store by Magento maintenance service is needed. Say no to overloading and security attacks!

To “Up-to-date” Your Magento Version

Always keep your site upgraded with the latest technology to empower your site potential. Make sure that your website is always up-to-date to be compatible with the latest version of Magento, security releases, 3rd-party extensions, themes, plug-ins, etc.

To Acquire Well-functioning Features

Eliminate bugs and confront major emergencies that ruin your site’s user experience. Login or checkout errors, annoying plug-in issues,... all that just put your brand to shame. And of course, it should be eliminated ASAP!

To Achieve Quick Loading Of A Magento Website

Slow-loading sites give customers a frustrating shopping experience. As a result, they drop the site. Reviewing your site loading time must be a regular task. Let us help you with this work in our Magento support and maintenance services.

To Improve And Enhance Frontend And Backend Performance

Regularly updating your custom modules and third-party extensions is critical to ensure a smooth website operation. In addition to functionality, your store should come with a new & modern interface to attract more visitors to your store.

To Provide Distinctive Customer Experience

By enhancing all the mentioned aspects above, customer experience on your website will be improved dramatically. Magento maintenance services offer stability to your eCommerce system, making your eCommerce present perfectly in the long run.


As a certified Magento 2 Development Agency, we make sure to give you the best solutions that make your store stand out from the crowd. Explore 2 main parts of our Magento Support services and Magento Maintenance services.

Our Magento support and maintainance can be divided into 2 main parts:

Maintenance & Fixing


Full-site Audit & Review: Check the overall code health of your website, ensure the code is smart, follow 7 points in Magento coding standards

Bugs Fixing: Implement detailed troubleshooting, report and fix bugs at your requests

Magento Upgrade: Update Magento version, make sure your website receives the newest updated benefits in time.

Performance Optimization: Speed optimization, function optimization, eliminating minor to serious Magento 2 arisen issues (Saying top-exposing problems such as sluggish loading page or not-working functions, etc.)

Server Configuration: Optimize & configure your server in the best practice ways, check and recommend the trusted hosting provider

Extensions Installation: Suggest the best solutions for features addition, from most trusted providers

Security Enhancements: Install security patches, minimize security holes, prevent any website defections, risks of hacking, malware & viruses

Testing On-Demand: Perform on-demand testing and maintenance

Magento Training & Support: Give you technical advices and workable, unique, comprehensive solutions for all of your problems

What Magento Maintenance Service Covers

Our Magento Maintenance Service Workflow

We promise rigid maintenance, an actual time as the estimated time, and a satisfactory result that meets your expectations.


We have a short but direct discussion with clients (via phone, email, chat window) to listen to their stories, share our expertise and make sure we can help.


Our experienced consultants check their requirements and come up with the best technical solution.


After agreeing on the technical solution, we'll make a Magento website maintenance plan under the estimated time and budget.


Based on the agreed plan, we proceed with the maintenance process. In this step, we will first collect all the necessary access to maintain the website.


To finish the maintenance process, our ISTQB-certified testers will thoroughly test the site. It is only launched if all the results on the dev site meet our clients' requirements.


The site will be delivered to clients for review. If they are satisfied, we will go live the site and make sure it runs smoothly with dedicated support.


Download Full-site Audit Template For Maintenance

Our highlights?

BSS Commerce is glowing and growing in the most sustainable way. We have a proven track record in delivering exceptional IT service.

Huge Experience Through Global Projects

We've proved our expertise and reputation over lots of successful projects with feedback from clients. We create various products with the perfect frontend to maximally optimize your UX.

Robust Alliance Ecosystem Across Technology Providers

As a senior in our field, we’re proud to cooperate with lots of Magento partners and create an ecommerce ecosystem, bring the best success solution to the ecommerce world!Check more!

Up-To-Date Technology & Practices Of Magento

Proven solution accelerators leveraging cutting-edge technology methods and analytics to help enterprises extract maximum performance from their infrastructure assets.

Tight Process

With BSS, Magento Website Maintenance workflow is optimized and followed strictly from the beginning to the end of the project, to bring out outstanding performance for each website.

Certified Magento Developers & Solution Specialist

Magento certified experts and passionate employees work wholeheartedly to provide you the best E-Commerce solution.

Data Security

Commitments to information security are agreed from the beginning when you work with BSS. Besides, with newest technical approaches, we ensure that there will be no unwanted security breach during working with your website.

Reasonable Cost

We do not offer the lowest price, but we offer the most added value, setting our competitive price.

Dedicated Magento Maintenance Service Team

Our Magento support and maintenance team is full of passionate & experienced professionals, we’re always ready to help you come over any appearing difficulties to boost your business.

Our highlight Our highlight

Our achievements

Over the past 8 years, BSS Commerce has always strived to keep the target of 99% satisfied with our products and services.


Years of experience in eCommerce and Magento


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Headcounts & experts

We're proudly serving the best clients in the world!

Our ability to bring meaningful digital experiences spans through various battlefields. Especially, Magento maintenance service is one of our key priorities.

Customer Review

We worked together on previous Magento maintenance projects and they were all happy with the results we delivered. Our Magento maintenance service always meets the target of 99% customer trust & satisfaction!


  • Do we need to maintain our website regularly?

    Usually, when approaching a new website, we'll take a look at the website's existing condition first, then conduct the maintenance activities. Basically, it depends on your website. If your website structure is complicated and your theme is heavily customized, the maintenance activities should be taken more regularly.

  • How long does it take you to respond to our emergency request?

    We are making a great effort to provide 24/7 the best Magento support and maintenance service to clients. In our working hours, we will respond to clients in less than 30 minutes. If it's outside of our working hours, we will try our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

  • Will you spend dedicated resource(s) for us?

    Yes, depending on the actual workload, we will suggest the best way to cooperate. We spend 1-2 developers for a client to ensure that our team is always available to support your online store.

  • Could you integrate our website with other 3rd party technology/solution providers?

    Yes, we are Magento experts. Our Magento senior developers & Magento solution specialists can perform all types of Magento integration requirements.

  • How long does it take to upgrade the Magento website?

    It depends on the number of modules/customization you did and your current Magento version. We will provide the estimation after discovering your whole online store.