9 Powerful Magento Extensions for B2B Website (part 2)

9 Powerful Magento Extensions for B2B Website

In the first part, we introduced you to the benefit of wholesale selling and the requirement for a B2B online store compared with a B2C store. We also showed you 4 useful extensions that efficiently support you in building a B2B website. In this part, we will introduce another 6 powerful solutions for your B2B website.

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5. Credit Limit Extension

Magento Credit Limit Extension is specially developed to maximize the benefit of wholesale customers. Magento Credit Limit Extension enables wholesale customers to place orders in advance without processing any other paying methods as long as it does not exceed the credit limit. This method is called “Pay on account.” Because wholesalers buy products in bulk, they may temporarily get difficulty in payment, therefore, making an allowance for them is a worthy solution to boost up your sale.


6. Percentage Off Tier Pricing Extension

Tier pricing is an essential factor in wholesale selling. Extended from default Magento function, Magento Percentage Off Tier Price Extension by BSSCommerce helps you manage tier pricing in your site effortlessly. Instead of spending time calculating and setting up tier prices manually in the backend, you have to add your pricing policy and price for customers will be calculated automatically by the system. You can set tier prices in both fixed amounts and percentages based on standard price or group price.


7. Cart Quote Extension 

Magento Cart Quote Extension allows your wholesale customers to request a quote rather than check out. When the admin approves it, the quote can be converted into order and checkout. Admins of online stores can control all the quotes, and modify them from the backend. Moreover, quote requests can be created for each customer group. This extension is very convenient for both wholesalers and store owners. The check-out step now becomes considerably more comfortable.



8. Wholesale Add to Cart Extension

When using Magento Wholesale Add to Cart Extension, only with “Add to row” button, customers can add multiple products on the detail page for the configurable product. A table, on which customers can add the product by “Add to row” button and choose the quantity by “Update” button, is shown for chosen product options. It is time-saving for customers who want to place orders in bulk for a different simple product.


9. Sitewards B2B Professional Extension 

Sitewards B2B Professional is an extension that provides fundamental functions to help you create a professional B2B store. Customers need to wait for approval of admin to get access to the product prices and add-to-cart page. Other details of the product are still visible to general customers.


The Bottom Line

We have introduced you to some of the common extensions to maximize your profit when doing wholesale business. The weakness of Magento as a B2B solution will be diluted with these extensions. You can use more than one of them to get a full experience of a professional B2B website. Good luck!

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