26+ Best Magento 2 B2B Modules That Boost Wholesales

by Lily Tran

This blog is for those concerned about Magento 2 B2B Modules.

In B2B eCommerce, high-quality products are not enough for an online store to stand out. Customers who buy bulk products need to be treated differently with a personalized experience at your eCommerce store. 

For that reason, it is necessary to equip additional tools that help advance your store and effectively engage buyers.    

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Keep reading the blog to explore the top 26 Magento 2 B2B modules selections (Magento wholesale extension) that empower wholesales. 

Access & Register Management

1. Force Login

6. Multi-User Account 

There are many Magento 2 B2B Modules that are very useful, Force Login for Magento 2 creates a security wall for B2B Magento stores so that you can reduce unwanted access from improper visitors or even your competitors. This Magento wholesale extension is very supportive of these functions: 


  • Prevent non-login visitors from accessing specific page types 
  • Redirect those visitors to another page, request them to login
  • Enable or block registration links from guests 
  • Enhance user experience after logging in 

2. B2B Registration


B2B Registration is a Magento B2B module that empowers admins to manage registration submits more flexibly. Thanks to it, you can control trustworthy registers and eliminate junk accounts. 


  • Give B2B customers a new register form 
  • Manage registers flexibly with preview/accept/pending/reject 
  • Enable or disable the default register link

3. Catalog Permission


This Magento B2B module is another option for an extra security wall in order to protect your content. Catalog Permission for Magento 2 comes with practical functions: 


  • Configure categories to be accessible by specific customer groups. For example, only wholesales customers can access the B2B Category. 
  • Configure CMS pages to be accessible by specific customer groups 
  • Redirect not-allowed visitors to another URL to improve customer experience

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4. Customer Approval for Magento 2


Better customer management can result in larger sales. It saves admins so much time and focuses on important customers that drive sales. For that reason, Magento 2 Customer Approval also support B2B with these features: 

  • Require the admin’s approval to active user accounts 
  • Approve, disapprove, delete, edit user accounts 
  • Assign account to a customer group
  • Work well with the default function: “Email Confirmation is required.” 
  • Auto-approve registrations and update if necessary

5. B2B Company Account for Magento 2

Customers in B2B are usually companies with complicated structures, including different roles. B2B Company Account is B2B solution Magento 2, which supports: 

  • Parent-child hierarchy for company accounts
  • Roles and permissions for child-accounts
  • Visibility of orders, quotes and reward points within the company
  • Changeable status of child-customers

6. Multi-User Account 


For those who seek a Magento B2B extension to have multiple users and sub-accounts under the same master account but with different user permissions, look no further. Multi User Account contains all configurations you need to create and manage sub logins under a single Magento account. 


  • Create and edit sub-accounts under a parent account with roles and permission
  • Allow users to send the cart for approval prior to purchase
  • Support five different permission levels to assign roles 
  • Admins can add, edit or remove users 

That is all about Access & Register Management of Magento 2 B2B Modules. You can find more information about this product in the link that we provided. 

Price Management

7. Hide Price


PURCHASE NOW: Magento 2 Hide Price

In what situations do you need to hide prices?

  • Prices, in many cases, are competitive advantages of a wholesaler. Your rivals should not know it.
  • You expect to show those prices to specific customer groups. 
  • You want customers to take further actions on your website, such as registering, logging in, etc. 
  • Your product prices fluctuate frequently, so you don’t want to keep them fixed.
  • Your prices depend on the size of orders or business relationships. 


Highlighted features: 

  • Select specific products to hide prices
  • Select particular categories to hide prices
  • Set up this function for selected customer groups
  • Replace the “Add to cart” button with custom text and redirect it to a URL

All the reasons above are enough to make ‘hide price” an important function in Magento B2B pricing. Thus, the Hide Price extension is a highly recommended Magento 2 B2B module. It is easy to use, includes simple configs, but works.  

8. Request For Quote


In B2B, requests for quotes commonly happen because customers have their negotiation power with big-size orders.  On the other hand, merchants usually have to set prices flexibly for specific orders but still ensure their profit. That’s why BSS Commerce has launched Request For Quote Magento 2. 

Highlighted features: 

  • Activate “Add to Quote” for each product or all products
  • Choose specific customer groups to apply
  • Set up a minimum quote amount per customer group
  • Support actions to manage requests: approve, reject, or customize 
  • Allow customers to add several items to the quote cart
  • Notify customers of all quote updates via email and in their account dashboard
  • Convert quote to order conveniently

9. Tier Price 


Tier Price (a Magento B2B pricing) is a must-have attribute of products in wholesales. Thus, let’s show your customers know that they can enjoy lower prices at higher quantities. The extension improves Magento 2 B2B features and satisfies your customers with clear tier prices in a tabular format. 

Besides, you can also stimulate visitors with a marketing message. Tier Price for Magento 2 allows you to do that. This function enhances the impression of your store in customers’ minds, makes them feel like you are communicating with them.      

Highlighted features: 

  • Apply to simple product type
  • Display tier prices in tabular format
  • Update quantities automatically when choosing a radio button
  • Allow adding a marketing message to motivate customers

All products from the Price Management catalog are very useful Magento 2 B2B Modules. You can check it on our website NOW!

10. Price per Customer (Custom Pricing)


INSTALL NOW: Magento 2 Price per Customer

Price per Customer extension is a powerful assistant for B2B store owners to set up different prices for each customer group. 

  • Personalize different product prices for different customers/ customer groups
  • Replace the original price with a custom price
  • Assign Price rules massively with conditions
  • Compatible with Customer Attributes & Hide Price
  • Support GraphQL APIs for Data Transfer

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Ordering Process

11. Wholesale Fast Order


PURCHASE NOW: Magento 2 Quick Order

Wholesale Fast Order is a Magento 2 B2B module, one of the leading extensions. As its name suggests, the module has been specially developed for wholesale. 

Let’s put yourself in customers’ shoes; what do you have to do to purchase bulk products? 

With the default functionality of Magento, you will have to search for products one by one, choose their quantities, then add them to the cart. How many products do you choose, you click the “add to cart” button the same number of times?  

Say goodbye to this time-consuming process with Wholesale Fast Order. Especially, the Magento B2B professional extension by BSS Commerce is the richest in features. 

This incredible module allows your customers to order bulk products with an order form in a grid. They can easily search for the desired items by SKUs, define a quantity for each, then add all to the cart with one click.  

In many cases, customers have already prepared a product list with names, SKUs, quantities, etc. It’s time that they can use the import – CSV file function, which makes purchasing bulk products more effortless than ever.       


Highlighted feature: 

  • Help customers order quickly by SKUs and a fast order form
  • Auto-suggest matched outcomes according to what customer type 
  • Allow store owners to set up the order form with ease from the backend
  • Support add bulk products to cart by CSV
  • Work well with various product types

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12. Minimum Order Amount


No wholesaler accepts orders which are too small. By the default functionality of a Magento store, there is no way to create a minimum threshold that each customer group can purchase. 

With the Minimum Order Amount extension, you have one more Magento 2 B2B module that directly helps you to boost sales. Customers will have to order from the minimum amounts based on their customer groups thanks to it.

To implement the minimum quantity requirement, you can prevent customers from accessing the checkout page if their order amount is insufficient. Moreover, mention the minimum order amount in the error message to notify customers of how they should purchase. 

At BSS Commerce, Minimum Order Amount for Magento 2 has always been one of the best-selling extensions. More than 1000 customers have downloaded and rated it.


Highlighted features: 

Store owners can

  • Set a minimum order amount per customer group
  • Disable the “Proceed to checkout” button if the order size is under the minimum value
  • Customize an error message per customer group

13. Add Multiple Products to Cart


In B2B or wholesale, ordering bulk items is time-consuming when buyers do it manually. What should online stores feature to stand out? Supporting quick order right at catalog pages is a light point. It means your store allows buyers to add multiple to the cart but still overlook all other items in a catalog.

With Add Multiple Product to Cart extension, buyers can: 

  • Provide a checkbox for each product and allow ordering multiple items by clicking at relevant checkboxes 
  • Choose “Add to Cart” button on the product list page
  • Choose product options by Ajax popup 
  • See success popup and go to checkout or continue to shop 
  • Apply with all product types 

14. Better Change Qty Dropdown


Magento 2 Better Change Qty Dropdown gives customers more options to choose preferred quantities with different discount prices. This is the supportive Magento B2B extension that helps store owners to gain more benefits and improve user experience.


  • Suggest quantity options with enjoyable discounts
  • Allowing customizing quantity steps
  • Support multiple categories and product types
  • Open quantity box so that buyers can fill in quantities freely
  • Hide or show recommended quantity options 

15. One Step Checkout

As the “Quick” factor is one of the key competitive advantages among eCommerce websites, One Step Checkout has been favorited and used by many Magento store owners. Specifically, this Magento B2B module allows buyers to experience a time-saving and simplified order process.



  • Gather all checkout information and steps on only one page 
  • Auto-detect location using GEO IP and suggest the address based on typed characters
  • Include detailed fields for delivery date, delivery note, and order comment
  • Contain integrated payment method badges to make your store trustworthy
  • Perform well across any devices 

16. Reorder Product List


Wholesale customers usually buy one product many times and even become loyal to your store. It will be uncomfortable if they have to search for ordered products again whenever they come back. 

Understanding that, BSS Commerce has developed Reorder Product List for Magento 2. The module improves the customer experience with a list of ordered items. It is a place you can reorder those quickly. The ordered items are displayed with important attributes in the list to search with them. 

Ultimately, in one click, you can add those items to the cart. 

In a nutshell, Reorder Product List extension benefits both wholesale and retail businesses. Many store owners have experienced and left positive reviews about the helpfulness of the module.   


Highlighted features: 

  • Gather  all previous orders in one place 
  • Support searching ordered products by their names, SKUs, or other attributes
  • Choose custom options of products in a popup
  • Customers can add multiple items to the cart with one click

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Product Management

17. Configurable Product Wholesale Display


This Magento 2 B2B module by BSS Commerce will surely make a great improvement from the frontend. 

Buying configurable products can become more adorable than it used to be with a grid showing all associated products. It’s comfortable to choose each option in different quantities with separate lines. Customers who want to view an associated product can click on the corresponding option in the grid. 

Moreover, you can easily define which attributes to show in the grid and which customer groups to see it. 

Notably, the module supports advanced tier prices in case customers want to buy in bulk. It also allows you to hide prices with specific customer groups. These are important Magento 2 B2B features that every wholesaler wants. 

Finally, you can enable the Configurable Product Wholesale Display extension to be responsive to all devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. 


Highlighted features: 

  • Display associated products in a grid
  • Add multiple associated products to cart with one click
  • Enable to show SKU, Quantity, Unit Prices, Tier Price, and Price Range
  • Support Advanced Tier Price
  • Configure to be responsive in any device

With the above outstanding features, the extension deserves to be a must-have Magento wholesale extension.  

18. Configurable Product Matrix View


Configurable Product Matrix View is a Magento B2B extension that displays configurable products neatly in a matrix form. This view gives customers a better overview of product options and selects quantity for each option conveniently. 



  • Add multiple children products to the cart in one click 
  • Display special price, tier price, stock status of children products in the matrix view
  • Select specific configurable products to enable matrix view 
  • Support Advanced Tier Price
  • Suitable to apply with configurable products having many attributes
  • Support default swatch function with clickable options
  • Perform with all types of custom options

19. Improved Configurable Products


If you want a handy solution at a reasonable price to improve configurable products, this is an ideal choice. This Magento suite helps your configurable products look more enjoyable and friendly to customers. 


  • Show all children products of the configurable friendly
  • Present prices, stock status, and availability all in the grid
  • Update dynamic content per selected children products
  • Add several products in different quantities to the cart in one click
  • Save 30% compared with separate purchases

Refund Process

20. Store Credit


HAVE A LOOK: Magento 2 Store Credit

No sellers are happy to refund customers with money. Especially in B2B, values of orders are often significant. A refund can reduce the profit of store owners substantially. 

Don’t worry about this situation because Store Credit Magento 2 can solve it. By installing the extension, you will provide each customer with a store credit account. In case they request you a refund, let’s pay them back with store credits. 

In this way, you simultaneously keep the money in your store and motivate customers to come back.  


Highlighted features:

  • Refund customers by store credits 
  • Update all changes of store credits at customer’s account
  • Enable customers to purchase by their store credits
  • Allow store owners to keep track and manage all credit transactions 

21. B2B Company Credit

company credit

HAVE A LOOK: Magento 2 B2B Company Credit

B2B Company Credit is a Magento B2B professional extension that motivates sales by offering credit to the customers you trust. Here are powerful features of B2B Company Credit:

  • Create a credit limit for customers and customer groups 
  • Accept credit as a payment method in the frontend 
  • Easily track overdue credit payments
  • Schedule automatic email notifications on credit operations

Boost Sales

22. Pre Order for Magento 2


CHECK NOW: Magento 2 Pre Order


Pre Order maximizes sales in Magento stores by allowing customers to order out-of-stock or upcoming products. In this way, you won’t miss chances to increase revenue and lose potential customers. 


  • Allow ordering out-of-stock or upcoming items 
  • Hide “Add to ‘Cart’ button, display ‘Pre Order” button 
  • Show notes and messages for pre-order products on the product page and the shopping cart 
  • Modify the “Pre Order” button, notes and messages 
  • Manage pre-orders professionally in the backend

23. Reward Points for Magento 2 


The more loyal customers are, the more orders they bring to your store. That’s why loyalty programs are specifically invested in so much. Reward Point is a very hot Magento B2B extension to stores to build up a professional and favorable loyalty program.   



  • Give customers points for their orders, registration, review submission, and other behaviors
  • Allow customers to use reward points to pay for orders
  • Allow refunding customers by points to keep earned money stay on your store 
  • Conveniently keep track of reward point balance and transactions on customer accounts 
  • Add or deduct reward points manually to customer accounts from the backend 
  • Notify customers about the expiry date of reward points through emails 
  • Easily import/export reward points and transactions

24. Private Sales and Flash Sales 


Sale events play an essential role in boosting sales. However, the poor features of a default Magento store might limit you so much. 

For example, you can not show a countdown timer for a sale event to urge shoppers by default functionality. 

Private Sales & Flash Sales allows you to create a private sale, flash sale, sample sale, daily deals, and limited-time events for your store. Those sale events will surely enhance customers’ willingness and make them feel bustle.

Highlighted features: 

  • Create private sale events and flash sale events with a countdown timer
  • Assign your daily deals to any products
  • Organize individual or several events on Homepages

25. Advanced Review for Magento 2

Reviews, comments, ratings are important features that every online store should care about. They not only make a store more trustworthy but also motivate more interaction from customers. Therefore, BSS Commerce has launched Advanced Review – a recommended Magento B2B module.


  • Support detailed product reviews with pros and cons specified by buyers
  • Diversify product rating information with custom rating value (price, quality, etc..)
  • Visualize product rating ratio with a Rating Summary Graph
  • Provide customers with an advanced product review filter by pros and cons and sort by product rating, date, and helpfulness
  • Allow voting for helpful/unhelpful review and sharing through social networks
  • Minimize spam and fraud with report reviews feature
  • Allow admins to review access restrictions from the backend

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B2B Package – Complete Solution 

26. Magento B2B Suite


Magento B2B Suite (Magento wholesale extension) is a package of Magento wholesale extension options. Thanks to that integration, it brings store owners a complete B2B solution, Magento 2, that supports A to Z in the customer journey.   

Magento 2 B2B extension package includes: 

  • Force login
  • B2B registration 
  • Customer Approval
  • Company Account & Sales Rep
  • Catalog permission
  • Wholesale Fast Order (Quick Order)
  • Configurable product wholesale display
  • Minimum order amount
  • Hide price
  • Request for quote
  • Store credit
  • Reorder product list
  • Multiple wishlists
  • Company Credit
  • Custom Pricing (Price per customer)

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Final Words

Through the list of Top 26 Magento 2 B2B Modules selections, BSS Commerce introduces high-quality extensions, which are all supportive for your wholesale. You should consider using checkout extensions to improve your checkout process for more effective results. 

It’s your turn to choose the proper Magento extensions with the right strategy to use them.  

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