Tax per Store View

Magento Tax per Store View extension helps store owners to charge customers different taxes of a product in specific store view.
  • Change Scope of Tax Class attribute into Store View
  • Apply separate taxes of the same product per store view
  • Easily select specific tax class in each store view
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1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x, 1.14.x.x

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Along with Magento Multiple Store View Pricing that allows setting up prices, special prices, group and tier prices of products per store view, Tax per Store View is a very great extension for a store with multiple store views. 

Key features of Magento Tax per Store View: 

  • Apply different taxes with specific tax rates for each product per Magento store view

Take 2 following example:

+ Customers buy a watch on English store view and have to pay an additional tax amount with rate of 8.25%: 

tax for eanglish store view Magento

+ Customers buy this watch on French store view and only have to pay an additional tax amount with rate of 4.92%: 

tax for French store view Magento

  • To see how to configure tax of a product for each store view, please check USER GUIDE.

Why Magento Tax per Store View is a must-have extension?

  • Flexible tax for specific local customers

As you know, default Magento doesn’t allow admin to apply tax for the level of store view, but tax is applied for the whole website. In case Magento stores want to charge their customers from local market (corresponding to store views), it is impossible to do this issue with the default. Therefore, Magento Tax per Store View will help stores to flexibly apply specific tax class with customized tax rate for a product in each store view so that they can achieve some tax strategies of their business.

  • Be good for Magento stores with multiple store views

With Magento Tax per Store View extension, store owners can do more things with their store than the default function. That is how to customize tax issues at the level of store view based on the real demand of each business.



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    • Nice module and love support so much
      It is a very nice and amazing module. Help me so much to have different taxes for my 3 store views. I always want to do it but until I see this extension, I can do it . So great!
      I also appreciate your suppor team. They give me many useful advices even for store views issues.
      Thank you all guys!

      18 May 2017

      Christo Ferrante
    • A very smart way to overcome drawback of tax in default Magento
      I really love this Tax per Magento store view module. Love the way you have a very smart thinking of setting tax for each store view. It is very great. Now I can easy to have different taxes for different store views in my website.

      You are the best! Good jobs.

      17 May 2017

      Pablo Sanchez
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