Ajax Social Login for Magento 2

With the aim of facilitating customers’ login process, BSSCommerce has developed a smart extension for Magento 2 named Ajax Social Login which allows customer to sign in on a Magento site through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,...
  • Allow customer to sign in on site through social media accounts.
  • Customize the position to place social login block.
  • Support unlimited social accounts.
  • Display Ajax pop-up for login and signup purpose.
  • Add reCaptcha into login and register process.
  • Freely choose the page redirected after login.
2.0.x - 2.1.x

2.0.x - 2.1.x

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Key features:

  • Allow customer to sign in on site through social media account

With Ajax Social Login, customers can speed up their login or register process by creating an account on Magento site based on data from their social media platforms. Customers no longer need to fill in long personal information to register, all those information will be automatically synced from their chosen social accounts. More conveniently, following times they access the site from the same browser, their account will be automatically remembered. Customers can also quickly log in from other browsers by select login with social account. In addition, module also auto-creates password on site to double the methods customers can log in with social accounts.

  • Customize the position to place social login block

Ajax Social Login extension enables admin to freely choose the place on site to locate the social login block. It can be set to appear at the header of each page on site, in the login and register pages as well as in the signin popup.

  • Support unlimited social accounts

One plus point of this module is that it supports user with unlimited options of social accounts. Admin has ultimate control over which social platforms are available for customers to login and signup. You can totally add more social accounts into social login block if you do not satisfy with list of ones we already set up.

  • Display Ajax pop-up for login and register purpose

Instead of opening Login or Create an account pages, our module facilitates this step by an Ajax pop-up with two tabs: Login and Create new account. This pop-up also includes social login buttons. Not only save up loading time, this pop-up provides a nicer and more modern display compared to default Magento signup pages.  

  • Add reCaptcha into login and register process

To avoid spam accounts, admin can choose to enable the reCaptcha and place it in login, register or forgot password pages and pop-up. Type and design of this reCaptcha can be easily customize from Magento backend.

  • Freely choose the page redirected after login

Using Ajax Social Login, shop owners have total control over the pages redirected after login. Various options for admin to select from like stay on current page, redirect to home page, account dashboard, … They can also choose to redirect to a custom URL as wish.

Why Ajax Social Login is your must-have extension?

  • Speed up login process of customers

With social login, customer can signup or login on a site quickly within few clicks instead of wasting time on filling in register or login form. Ajax pop-up is also a method to save up time customers might spend on loading new pages.

  • Increase traffic and engagement to your site 

The ease of login or register process will inevitably encourage customer to interact more with your site. While traditional sign up form might drive customers to bounce out immediately due to the complication and amount of time they have to spend on that step, login with social media method can give them more incentive to sign up on your site. Since many people tend to forget the information they used for signup like email, username and password, social login function will help them get rid of remembering all above information. Social login also benefits shop owners by encourage site visitors to share content with their social network, which is one of the most powerful free word-of-mouth advertising.

  • Avoid spam accounts and false information from customers

By syncing information from social media accounts, shop owners can avoid false or incomplete information customers might type in the register form. Besides, reCaptcha is an effective way to avoid spam accounts created by robot.

  • v1.0.0: First Release

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      • Simply the best extension to support login process
        The extension provides the basic yet very essential feature to enhance login process on site. Our customers have been sending good feedbacks since we install it. Great work!

        16 December 2016

      • Recommended extension
        This extension is more than I wish. I love that it supports unlimited social accounts. Free installation and instant support are also big plus point!
        Good job, BSS! Keep it up!

        30 September 2015

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