Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View

Magento® Shopping Cart Rules per Store View Extension allows admin to set up different shopping cart price rules for various store views to optimize promotion efficiency.
  • Easily set up shopping cart price rules for each store view
  • Set up promotional price as wish

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Magento supports creating multiple store views to show products in different languages for different countries. With this function, store owners can localize their trading for each target market. However, Magento default does not support store view pricing and shopping cart rules in each store view, so the purpose of multiple store views is not optimized.

Magento® Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View Extension is developed to help admin create different shopping cart rules for each store view to maximize the advantages brought by multiple store views.

Key features of Magento® Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View Extension

  • Help create different rules for shopping carts in each store view

In default Magento, admins only can set up shopping cart price rules at website level. It means that a rule must be applied on the whole website. However, store owners may want to apply different price policies for different areas, so they have demand of creating separated rules for shopping cart in each store view. Magento® Shoppping Cart Price Rule per Store View Extension allows store owners to diversify promotion in each target market without trouble.

Let's take two examples to get better understandings: 

+ You set a rule "20% discount for $300 and above orders" for English store view and it is applied as below: 

magento shopping cart price rule per store view-english store view

+ You set another rule "10% discount for $300 and above orders" for French store view: 

magento shopping cart price rule per store view-french store view

  • Easily set up in backend

Only by adding Store View as an option in Conditions to set up rule, Magento® Shopping Cart Price per Store View allows admin set up shopping cart price rules in each store view with simple steps:

+ Enable module and Choose Store View as an option in Condition 

magento shopping cart price rule per store view-store view as a condition

 + Choose one store view and then set up rules for it 

magento shopping cart price rule per store view-choose a store view


Why Magento® Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View by BSSCommerce is your must-have extension?

  • Help store owners apply suitable price rules for each target area

Each store view is created for different customer groups mostly based on geographical variety. There is a fact that each area is not only differ from location but also interest, buying habit, buying power… So, it is essential to have different rules that are suitable for each area.

  • Help store owners carry out promotion campaigns more effectively

Promotions now can be set up to adapt each kind of customers depending on their countries. It is convenient for store owners when planning and conducting promotion campaigns because they can easily set up different rules for separated target customers.

  • Enhance admins’ experience and business performance

With this extension, admins can manage their shops more effectively with various choices to set up price. Besides, promotion campaigns targeted to right customers will boost up sale and revenue as well.

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    • This is essential extension that every new store must have
      I have been using this extension for 4 months and really like all of its features that benefit for my store. Because it has some store views, running promotions becomes more conveniently thanks to BSS module.
      Highly recommend to use!
      BSS support team is also extremely enthusiastic!

      14 December 2016

      Stephen Terry
    • Totally love this extension!
      Thanks to this great extension, I can easily run my particular promotion for local market. I also highly appreciate amazing support from BSS team. All guys are doing very well. Keep on moving towards!

      14 December 2016

    • Fantastic!!
      The installation of this extension is so easy. It works perfectly, too. The most unique in this extension is that it can set rules for different store view. I have never seen other extension do such thing. setting rules in magento is quite tricky but with the help of support team I can fully understand how to do it. Great extension guys!

      01 July 2016

      Harry Baker
    • Advanced extension
      Compare to the default magento shopping cart rules, it seems that this extension doesn't do much. But actually it's very useful ! Its function have all been said above. The backend is simple but setting rules is quite confused (as it always be). But thanks to the support team I've managed to set the rules that I want for all three store view of mine :)

      23 June 2016

    • The best extension I have been using!
      Nothing to say more about this module because it is extremely awesome and useful for my store. It overcomes one of Magento drawback that I always want to apply for my site. Therefore, buying this module is the true decision and I can easily set up shopping cart price rule for store views.

      Good Job! Best extensions!

      04 June 2016

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