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Custom Order Number for Magento 2

Change your order numbers for the best convenience of sales management, customer management, and data security.

  • Create a unique format for order number as you want
  • Set number start, increments and number padding
  • Reset counter manually or configure to reset daily, weekly, monthly, yearly automatically
  • Change also the invoice, shipment and credit memo number
  • Support multiple store views
Community: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.7 - 2.3
      |      Enterprise: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.7 - 2.3

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Free Installation
Free 1-Year Support

KAIZEN - A great Japanese productivity philosophy

Toyota is the most famous case. This giant is known for a production system with such little waste and so few errors but a massive result. The reason stays in their working philosophy. That is, emphasizing continuous improvements in all stages of any process to all employees. They are gladly appreciated with every small suggestion for a better change. In short, it means "constant, continuous improvement," and is a mindset you can apply anywhere, at any job.

Kaizen in action: How this extension can be a “Kaizen” for you

  • Reduce paperwork significantly with a proper format of order numbers

In sales document processing or shipment, finding or sorting printed invoices is unavoidable. So, create the order number smartly to optimize the process. The format of the order number should contain basic information such as the store view, store ID, date of purchase, or any group of letters that meets the specific requirements of each enterprise. The paperwork actually does not create any additional value for the enterprise so waste the least time on it!

  • Be professional in the eyes of customers

Enterprises should not ignore the importance of post-purchase customer experiences. Make the order number to be an influential essence in customer convenience. Include easy-to-remember info such as store’s name, date of purchase, etc… to help your customers easily search the sales documents out when you need to find them. This small adjustment to your management system could bring a high return on customer service quality. Be smart and understand your customers!        

  • Protect sales data

Your number of sales actually can be estimated from the order number. Magento 2 Custom Order Number basically allows you to modify your sales number by setting the starting counter number and the counter increment step. This will enable you to fully have control over one of the most important data.  

  • Flexible format to meet any requirement

This interface is used for various types of order number format according to the field in which the enterprise operates. Depend on the requirements within the management or supply chain system, users can decide to fill which info in the number form with letters. Also, the number counter padding helps you to meet the local invoice numbering requirements, such as the number of digits, etc.

  • Work well with multiple store views

When one website has various store views, that is, the orders from each store view have certain separations. Custom order number extension provides you a freedom to “mark” orders from different store views in specific ways.


  • Freely arrange letter and variables for the number format

  • Set starting counter number, counter increment and number counter padding

  • Reset counter automatically or manually
  • Support multiple store views

  • Change also invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers
  • Choose to whether to use the same number format among store views or not

We don’t just sell but SHARE

Just like you,  we are an enterprise, trying to better our “machine” every day. With Kaizen we do:

(1) Make a day go with even the smallest  improvement in your enterprise 

(2) Assure applying Kaizen in every step of your customer strategy. Always stimulate and satisfy customers.

(3) Quality first, not profit. A business becomes better only when customers buy satisfying products and services.

(4) Every business has imperfection. Let your employees freely speak their opinions for the better.  


  • A nice extension should be bought from BSS
    The primary features make my business work more professional. Good job BSSCommerce
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by James Lusk on 17 July 2018
  • It is really an excellent extension!
    This is an excellent extension that works well. It has good flexibility and works without error.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Marc on 18 April 2018
  • Work out of box!
    Good module at a cheap price. All the features work well as described. Great product!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by RodolfoTelford on 07 March 2018
  • Good extension
    I can easily modify the default order number as I want, also with invoice, shipment and credit memo number. With the specific sales numbers, I can manage my store document easily. Additionally, the support team is so professional and kindly.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Paul Cummins on 12 October 2017
  • Must-have extension!
    I have just started my business with a Magento 2 website and I really want to build the truth with customers. My products are all qualified but this is not enough to make buyer believe when shopping in my store. By installing this extension and some easy configuration, the impressed number of orders helps me very much in growing my business.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Christian Hervieux on 12 October 2017
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Release Note

  • v1.0.0: First Release
  • v1.0.1: Optimize padding of random Numbers
  • v1.0.3: Fix bug when using Split database
  • v1.0.4: Fix bug with capture invoice
  • v1.0.5: Fix issue of wrong increment with orders on stores which are not main store: Check unique value of increment_id and store_id to allow Order (Invoice, Shipment, Credit Memo) number in different stores which can be duplicated
  • v1.0.6: Compatible with mollie payment; fix issue of capturing invoice when invoice config is set as no similar order
  • v1.0.7: bug when using config Use Different Counter Numbers for Different Store Views set to Yes