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Open Source (CE): 2.3.x - 2.4.x
Commerce On-Premise (EE): 2.3.x - 2.4.x


1-Year Support


Lifetime Update




(*) 30-Day
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  • Developed for wholesale buyers and sellers/B2B business model
  • Invest 1 for 11 Magento 2 extensions
  • Ensure the full compatibility in features
  • Buy this bundle to save 50% OFF


  • Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 & PHP 8.2
Open Source (CE): 2.3.x - 2.4.x
Commerce On-Premise (EE): 2.3.x - 2.4.x

Magento 2 B2B Extension Serves Every B2B Requirement To:

Build a new B2B/B2B2C website

You are a new-comer to Magento or plan to migrate B2B site from M1 to M2. BSS will:

  • Provide full B2B functions from Login to Checkout
  • Deliver B2B Implementation service to build a website from scratch
  • Guarantee theme and third-party compatibility

Enrich B2B functions to existing websites

Your B2B online website lacks essential features to adapt wholesale business operation. BSS will:

  • Let you freely select any extensions to fulfill B2B experience
  • Offer higher discount for more purchase
  • Guarantee theme and third-party compatibility

Convert B2C websites to B2B2C

Your business model is now B2C, but you wish to widen business scope to B2B2C (B2B and B2C). BSS will:

  • Bring B2B features to benefit wholesale selling
  • Create a seamless experience for both consumers & wholesale buyers
  • Make more custom development to create a complete B2B2C website

We also deliver a complete B2B website within 12 hours (Magento 2 B2B extensions included). Read More!

Prominent B2B magento 2 extension's Features

Dig deeper into the premium features of Magento B2B module and see how close it is to your customer journey. Download full feature list!

Your long-term sales strategy will be ruined if unauthorized audience can see products spent exclusively for B2B. Our B2B Magento 2 extension helps you avoid the dilemma by:

  • Hide specific pages or the whole site from the non-logged-in;
  • Grant access to specific categories or CMS pages on the base of the customer group;
  • Encourage passers-by to register and do transactions with your company;
  • Streamline the purchase experience after logging in.

New Update: All extensions of this package are compatible with Hyva theme.

See how B2B extensions work in Hyva theme here!


Affordable Pricing for Every B2B Website

Community: 2.3.x - 2.4.x

$599 $971
All the basics for starting a B2B business
    • Restrict access to category, product & CMS pages

      Allow the admin to restrict access to categories/ CMS Pages for customer groups.

    • Create a separate & informative B2B registration forms

      Create a unique B2B sign-up form and accept/ reject each register.

    • Streamline company accounts and sub-users (roles and permissions)

      Enable buyers to include multi-users with different roles into a shared purchase account.

    • Hide product prices on various pages for specific customer groups

      Hide some product prices from specific customers.

    • Request for Quote for better price negotiation

      Smooth negotiation process by facilitating buyers to submit & manage quotes.

    • Customize pricing per customer/ customer group

      Tailor custom prices to specific customers/ customer groups, and totally replace original prices.

    • Quick order via a form or upload CSV file

      Enable buyers to search/ add CSV files/ place bulk orders under one fast order form.

    • Personalize shipping & payment methods for each customer group

      Restrict shipping/ payment methods from specific customer groups.

    • Restful & GraphQL API Support
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$939 $1868
Everything you need to grow an A-to-Z B2B bussiness

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Force customers to login for store/content access

    Require guests to sign in to read personalized content.

  • Assign certain sales reps to customers

    Assign certain sales reps to customers for the best serving.

  • Set up minimum order amount per customer group

    Set up minimum order amount limit to specific customer groups.

  • Add multiple products to cart on product list pages

    Enable buyers to add all products on pages to the shopping cart at once.

  • Optimize the option display & ordering for configurable products

    Present child products' information of configurable ones under a neat grid table, and place them massively.

  • Let buyers create multiple wishlists of products

    Allow buyers to save favorite products to labeled wishlists.

  • Exaggerate customer retention with store credit

    Grant store credits to customer accounts' balance as reward points.

  • Offer company credit to increase sales effectively

    Accept purchase orders (PO) as a payment method, and configure credit limits to each customer group.

  • Lessen steps to reorder in one page quickly

    Save order history in the customer dashboard to place repeated orders faster.

  • Free CRM/ERP integration consulting
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A custom solution for specific needs of your business
  • No limit to select any Magento 2 B2B extensions.
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    20% OFF for 4+ modules

    30% OFF for 8+ modules

    40% OFF for 12+ modules

Are you building a B2B website on Magento Commerce? However, their B2B features can't meet your advanced needs? Visit our Extended Magento Commerce B2B extensions to lift your store to a higher level!

Zero Conflicts. 100% Compatibility

Payment Methods
Shipping Methods
B2B Themes
ERP/CRM/Accounting Systems

Why Choose Our Magento B2B Module 

Free installation

Once you purchase this B2B Magento extension from BSS Commerce, you have our team install it on your website for FREE and ensure all features work properly out of the box on your website.

Free support

No need to worry about any problems during the usage of this Magento B2B extension! Our dedicated team try their best to resolve every issue as soon as possible. Stay tuned and get more.

60-day money back

We appriciate your effort to complete a B2B shopping experience with our solution. Hence, a higher period of refund guarantee you have enough time to check functions on your website. Don't hesitate to ask us for help if you need! BSS always make the best effort to support you!

Free lifetime update

Never stop upgrading Magento 2B2B extension with more advanced functions and guarantee the best user experience! We update the Magento 2 B2B Extension package frequently to meet the ever-changing demands of your business and your customers.


  • Can I install this Magento 2 extension via Composer? If yes, how can I do that?

    Yes. You can install Magento 2 extensions via Composer following the instruction here.

  • How to send customization request for this extension?


    Just drop us an email to or contact us.

    We'd like to offer customization service for all BSS Commerce extensions and any third-party extensions.

  • Does BSS Magento 2 B2B extension allow my store to assign different prices for different customer groups?

    Sure. With our Magento B2B extension, you can utilize our Custom Pricing feature to create various price rules for each customer group. For example, with the same product, retailers will see a different price from wholesalers.

  • Does your B2B Magento extension compatible with Magento 2 themes?

    Yes. We've developed our Magento 2B2B module to be fully compatible with various Magento 2 themes such as: Porto, Codazon (Infinite, Fastest), Claue, Art Furniture, and Pearl. (To be more and more in the future...)

  • How do I know which BSS B2B pricing plan is suitable for my website?

    For small B2B sites, you can refer to our Magento 2 B2B Basic Package. It includes must-have functions for an online B2B site.

    Meanwhile, Pro Plan would be a better choice for B2B sites that arise some advanced demands related to order and sales management.

    For medium to large sites, Premium version of B2B extension Magento 2 is highly recommended. It covers everything you need to grow a wholesale business from A to Z.

    If you're functioning in a special industry and don't need some features in our two plans above, or you have integrated the same features from other providers, Pay as you go will be a good choice.

  • Does your Magento B2B extension work with our ERP/CRM/PIM system?

    We deliver customized services for your business to make your system work with our B2B package. It needs more of our work but promises to bring the best compatibility to your website. 

  • I want to build a whole new B2B site from the scratch. Does BSS offer any service like that?

    Sure. Our developers and support agents are experienced in building B2B websites from hosting to maintenance. Just drop us an email at or contact us.

  • Do you also have a development team available and what are the time and material rates?

    Yes, of course. Our B2B development team is always available to support you timely. In terms of time and material rates, they depend on the characteristics of each project such as scale, volume, complexity, and more.

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