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Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2

Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2 allows admins to set up different prices for the same product on each store view and supports setting up base currency per store view also.
  • Set up different prices, special prices and tier prices for a product per store view of Magento 2 store
  • Set up base currency for each Magento 2 store view
  • Allow customers to checkout with base currency of their store views conveniently
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Community: 2.1.x - 2.2.7
      |      Enterprise: 2.1.x - 2.2.7

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Many people don’t know that price has the scope of Website, which means prices are similar between stores and store views under a Magento website. In reputable Magento forums such as Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow, there are a lot of questions from store owners that why they cannot set up different prices for a product per store view. All of them are facing the same issue and seeking a solution to overcome the limitation of default Magento.

Hence, as an expert in Magento multiple store view solutions, we desire to offer you a module to help you easily sell a product at various prices per store/store view.

* NOTE: When you purchase this extension, you absolutely get both CE and EE editions in one package. Therefore, you have more choices to select which version is matched with your website. It is also noticeable that we only offer Free support for ONE Magento installation

  • Set up different prices, special prices and tier prices for the same product in each store view of a Magento 2 store.

You can see various prices of Put It Messenger Bag between the English and French store view as below: 

+ Prices of Put It Messenger Bag in the English store view: 

magento 2 multiple store view pricing-price in english


+ Prices of Put It Messenger Bag in the French store view: 

magento 2 multiple store view pricing-price in french

    • Set up base currency for each store view at ease and customers will check out with this base currency

You know that customers always check out with the base currency of the website according to the default setting of Magento (US Dollars). Therefore, our module helps you to choose the base currency for each store view and supports checking out with the base currency of this store view. (In addition, to make customers easier and more convenient when checking out, Checkout with Display Currency extension is another ideal solution for Magento sites with multiple store views.)

magento 2 multiple store view pricing-checkout with english currency

  • Set up different prices and special prices for a product per store view 

+ Set up prices of Put It Messenger in the English store view: 

magento 2 multiple store view pricing- setup price in english


+ Set up prices of Put It Messenger in the French store view: 

magento 2 multiple store view pricing- setup price in french

To set up tier prices for a product in each store view, you need to go to Advanced Pricing. Check out the following tutorial for more details: 

  • Work well with product types: simple products, configurable products, grouped products, virtual products, and downloadable products

  • Other features of the module:   

+ Allow admin to set up shipping cost (Table Rate, Free Shipping, and Flat rate) for store view level. It means that admin can change shipping cost, shipping condition and handling fee of these shipping methods for each store view
+ Allow admin to set up Minimum order amount for each store view 
+ Work well with Magento 2 Catalog Price Rule per Store View extension

What does this Multiple Store View Pricing benefit you?


  • Make suitable changes of pricing for particular Magento store views

For each store view, you have its own language and target customers with differences in shopping behavior as well as shipping cost or storage cost. Therefore, flexibility in prices by setting up different prices of a product for each Magento 2 store view is necessary to optimize business efficiency and save considerable expenses in the selling process.

  • Help customers to checkout with their store view currency

As mentioned before, one of the most outstanding features of Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing is allowing customers to check out with store view currency. This makes much convenience for customers compared to checking out with US Dollar in Magento default because they do not need to consider complicated exchange rates of currency. Therefore, you create a much better checkout process for localized customers when shopping at your online store.



  • high quality extension
    my customers can check out easily with their store view currency, pretty awesome
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Justin Mack on 29 June 2018
  • Fantastic extension and nice support from Bsscommerce team
    Fantastic extension and very professional support team behind! They're very fast response support, serious and responsible.Nice extension and nice experience working with them.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by John R. Stephens on 27 February 2018
  • Great extension, even better support!!
    The extension works perfectly. Even more importantly, the team at BSS Commerce helped us to get it up and going and helped us solve some minor issues.

    THANKS BSS Commerce!!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Aaron on 18 December 2017
  • Great and a MUST have Extension !
    Install and use it. It does work out of the box. The supplied documentation is sufficient and we didnt need support for it.
    Simply a great module to have.
    Highly recommend to use for multiple store views.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Spencer Sharpe on 18 July 2017
  • Useful plugin. Great work!!!
    Magento default is limited with prices in store view level but Magento 2 Multiple store View Pricing by BSSCommerce filled this gap!
    Now I can sell a product with different prices in each store view.

    I extremely like your support. You are so professional with quick support. Good Jobs!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Pierpont Barrière on 12 July 2017
  • It is easy to sell a product at specific prices in each store view of my sites!
    I don't like price in default Magento 2 because prices is same in the whole website. I have 3 store views and I want to sell a product at different prices in 3 store views. Luckily, I find out your extension. It is also over my expect. I also love settings for base currency of store view. That is so great!

    Good jobs, guy! Hope to have more good extensions like that for store views
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Kayden Wright on 19 May 2017
  • Very good quality and professsional support
    This extension is so great. Purchased it and within a few minutes, it is installed and works very well. also easy to configure.

    Support is very helpful and work professional
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by David Gerrad on 11 May 2017
  • Easy to use and efficient! Excellent support
    Thanks for a nice extension. I cannot find out other better solution than your plugin. It help me solve a big problem. Your support team is very good also. They always answer me quickly
    Highly recommend to use!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Ash_Jacob75 on 19 April 2017
  • Great work
    Awesome extension. Works good.
    Easy to install. Honestly, there were some problems after installing, but it was because of new Magento version (2.1.1) and Bss team helped me without any problems.
    So generally, I`m satisfied with this module.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Viktor Kis on 30 September 2016
  • Just wonderful
    fast installation, only takes a few minutes on my site. I was quite hesitate when buying this extension as it's a new extension and there's not many review about it. But I've checked the Magento 1 version of this extension and I received good impression. And after buying this I know that it's worth my money. The backend is easy to understand, and the features are as wonderful as described.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Rahul on 01 July 2016
  • Great experience
    Great extension. It works flawlessly on my site. Now I am no longer worried about the price for different store view any more :) I can easily change it in the backend
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Andrew Baker on 29 June 2016
  • Excited!!
    OMG! I've heard that BSSCommerce released Multiple store view pricing on Magento 2 and honestly I feel really excited. Because I was having a very awesome experience with this module on Magento 1 so when I upgraded my store I felt disappointed as I could not find any extension like this. But now I can use this module again on my site!!
    This module is as wonderful as on the M1. I can easily change the price for my 3 store view. Also the support team is so enthusiastic. They help me a lot in installing this module on my site when I have problem with it.
    Anyhow, this extension is truly worth my investment !!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Jackie Lee on 27 June 2016
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Release Note

  • v1.0.0: First Release
  • v1.0.1: Compatible with Magento 2.1 and 2.1.1
  • v1.0.2: Fix price display in widget
  • v1.0.3: Fix price display when switching store views
  • v1.0.4: Fix error when deleting Catalog Price Rule
  • v2.0.0: Fix sort by, filter price on category page; Fix editing price in orders in admin
  • v2.0.1: Fix price scope when enable Cache EAV
  • v2.0.2: Fix price filter it is not working for the existing products
  • v2.0.3: Fix price filter with grouped product on magento 2.1.x
  • v2.0.4: Update reindex logic and Support Gift Card product type in EE
  • v2.0.5: Fix price update's cron job
  • v2.0.6: Fix bug when adding Store Code to Urls
  • v2.0.7: Compatible with magento 2.2 and support tier price per store view
  • v2.0.8: Fix Catalog Rule issue
  • v2.0.9: Support Table Rate Shipping method per store view
  • v2.1.0: Fix tier price by %; Fix save tier price in store view scope; Implement table rate per store view; Fix display incorrect currency symbol in product mass update
  • v2.1.2: Compatibel with magento 2.2.4
  • v2.1.3: Compatible with magento 2.2.5, 2.2.6
  • v2.1.4: Fix bug on magento CE 2.2.6
  • v2.1.5 for M2.2.x CE: Fix tier price issue
  • v2.1.5 for M2.2.x EE: Fix tier price issue
  • v2.1.6 for M2.2.6 CE& EE: Remove custom Tier price config; in General config add 2 options which are Use only Tier price for Storeview and Merge tier price for storeview with website; Fix conflict with third party extensions using block 'Product Listing' for model which is not 'Product'
  • v2.1.6 for M2.2.x CE: Fix reindex issue after installing; Fix Mini cart issue when store view switching; Update note in module's configuration; Fix Summary update error on Cart page and minicart when switching store view with same display currency
  • v2.1.7 for M2.2.6 CE&EE: Fix tier price issue which causes slow query; Fix product loading issue when enabling Magento Default config Use Flat Catalog Category/Product