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Sales are to businesses, just like oxygen is to humans. If you are doing business, you know how important sales are.

Needed to say, boosting sales is always the ultimate goal of any business, online or offline. That is why sales motivation extensions are one, if not the most, beneficial extensions.

Take advantage and power up your Sales Motivation with lots of functions never seen on the default Magento 2 Enterprise. Our Magento 2 Sales Motivation extensions cover most, if not all, of the indispensable features for any Magento 2 business to rocket your sales.

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Why Do You Need Sales Extensions for Magento 2?

For any business, sales is always an aspect that has a significant weight. Without sales, now matter how many wonderful products or services you offer, your business cannot grow.

Sales influences directly to the business’s revenue and the ability to expand the business scale.

However, as you know, sales is also the toughest job to do.

There are so many tasks involved in sales: launch a promotion, create discounts, build loyalty programs, etc. Yet, the default Magento sale features don't support you as much as you need.

Hence, BSS Commerce brings every needed Magento 2 Sales extension to effectively persuade your target customers to buy products or services of your stores and improve your sales.

Top Features of Magento 2 Sales Motivation Extensions

Equipped your website with our Magento 2 Sales Rep extension suite, you can:

  • Steal customer attention on promotions: Promotions are one of the best tools to encourage your customers to make a purchase. There are so many ways to do it. You can create and customize various types of popups with Popup. You can immediately send notifications to customers via common browsers with Push Notification. You can display promotion bars on various positions with Promotion Bar or slider with Product Widget Slider. Another way is to create product labels to highlight special things with Product Labels.
  • Stimulate customers to purchase more and more: Upsizing your customers’ cart by allowing add-to-cart popup on product listing pages with Ajax Add To Cart, giving customers suggestions of products which are frequently bought together with items they are viewing with Frequently Bought Together and Customers Also Bought/Also Viewed, adding a free shipping notification bar to show the amount left until free shipping with Free Shipping Bar and setting MOQ with Minimum Order Amount For Customer Group.
  • Improve product sorting: Adding 8 new commercial attributes to sort the catalog with Improved Product Sorting.
  • Build customer trust: Nothing can win customers’ hearts better than product reviews. Don’t forget to improve the review function of default Magento with Advanced Review and send review reminder emails to encourage customers to share their reviews with Review Reminder.
  • Keep customer interest for unavailable product: Allowing customers to pre-order to attract customers with Pre Order and sending notification email to customers when the product they’re interested in is back to stock with Out of Stock Notification.
  • Allow customers to pick up the expected delivery date and time: Some customers might want the product immediately or on a specific date. You can optimize your delivery schedule to fulfill any complex scenarios with Order Delivery Date.
  • Accelerate checkout process to avoid cart abandonment: The best way to decrease checkout abandonment is to have a user-friendly checkout experience. Combining 2-step default Magento 2 checkout into one with One Step Checkout for faster and better checkout process..
  • Build customer loyalty: Sales are about building relationships with customers. Building a powerful reward and loyalty program with Reward Points, Reward Points and Gift Card to encourage buyers to interact with your store more.

In case you want all the offered features to optimize your website, we also offer Sales Motivation Extension for Magento 2 Package as the one and absolute choice for any eCommerce businesses.


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Magento 2 extensions, packages of PHP code, are developed to enhance or extend the default functionalities related to various fields. As the leading Magento Select Extension Builder, BSSCommerce provides merchants with the best Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions, both free and paid.

Default features are out-of-box. However, they sometimes are not enough to meet the demands of online customers. Installing Magento 2 extensions keeps your business ahead of competitors by enriching store features, saving management efforts, and improving user experiences.