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Magento 2 PWA Add-on Call for Price


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Coming Soon

PWA Add-on Call for Price allows you to hide product prices for particular customer groups, products, and categories on all devices.

Magento 2 PWA Add-on Call for Price extension is an upgraded extension of Magento 2 Call for Price. It helps building B2B price strategy:

  • Hide price for particular customer groups, products, and categories
  • Replace Add to cart button with text depending on your purposes
  • Apply function based on products, categories, and customer groups
  • Customize and link the Add to cart button to a Ask for price form

*Note: To use PWA Add-on, you need to install Magento 2 Hide Price/Call for Price extension first.

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Magento 2 PWA Add-on Call for Price

Magento 2 Hide Price/Call for Price

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How does PWA Add-on Integration Elevate Your Magento Webshop?


PWA stands for Progressive Web App. It brings a smooth user experience with high speed, and frictionless combines the greatest features of both the web and native apps. Nowadays, user experience - when optimized right, can skyrocket conversion power by 400%.

So, for a long-term business strategy, finding a way that improves every aspect of the purchase journey is crucial. PWA is a spearheading technology to help you stand out from the competition. Be the leading course in your niche and get customers familiar with this new standard you provide.


Improve User Experience with Magento 2 PWA Add-on Call for Price


Price is the most critical competitive advantage in the B2B world. Sellers don't want to share their pricing strategy publically, and wholesale customers want to negotiate for a long-term relationship. To satisfy both sides, you need the Magento 2 Call for Price extension to disable prices for particular products, categories, or customer groups as wanted.

However, is that enough? According to research, nearly 70% of customers admit that page speed impacts their purchasing decisions. So if you want your customers to buy your products, ensure your website loads quickly, especially on a mobile device. And the solution is Magento 2 PWA Add-on Call for Price. This extension makes the transfer between devices more convenient and smoother.

Increase B2B sales by installing right now.


Get benefits with Magento 2 PWA Add-on



The size chart auto-adjusts to fit all screens. Its responsive design can capture the hearts of mobile users.

Loading Speed

Never keep customers waiting - With PWA Add-on, your size chart will load quickly in seconds, which helps to fuel customer satisfaction and engagement.

App-like Experience

All features, including Push Notifications, Add-to-home-screen button, and Offline mode, enable users from any device to enjoy the size chart using a native app.


Designed with mobile-first standards, PWA helps your product page rank better on search engines.

Minimum Cost

Use PWA at a substantially lower implementation cost than Android and iOS apps.

Platform Compatibility

The Add-on functions well on your website platform (Magento 2)


How Magento 2 PWA Add-on Call for Price Attract Customer



Hide price for particular customer groups and categories

The module allows you to easily hide prices for a specific customer group and/or category. This is essential for B2B stores to protect your price strategy.

Replace Add to cart button with custom text 

You can freely tailor messages to show in place of the default Add to Cart button to inform customers of the reason to disable the price or how they can get the price.

Enable Call for Price option

You can also replace the traditional Add to Cart button with custom text linked to a contact popup so that customers can submit a price request easily and conveniently.

So, take your action right now to experience Magento 2 PWA Add-on Call for Price
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