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Magento 2 Affiliate


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Community: 2.3.x - 2.4.x
Enterprise: 2.3.x - 2.4.x

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Magento 2 Affiliate extension allows store owners to build a huge community to promote the products and gain orders.

  • Run various programs at a time
  • Freely customize programs to meet your business needs
  • Auto-calculated commission pays per sale, newsletter subscription, registration and unique click
  • Allow affiliates to refer friends via numerous ways
  • Create new program unconditionally
  • View affiliate statistics
  • Allow commission withdrawal via multiple payment methods
  • Effectively manage affiliate programs, accounts & transactions



Refer friends through various ways

This amazing Magento 2 refer-a-friend module allows affiliates to connect with customers easily.

Affiliates can connect and share the referral link/code with a large number of customers in many ways, such as:

  • Share to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
  • Send an invitation email to friends and family.
  • Use banners & widgets to promote the products.

The module also supports offline affiliate marketing. And the affiliate referral link is encrypted to ensure privacy.

multi-level affiliate

Multi-level marketing system

This extension allows store owners to create tiers and apply different commission levels to each Magento 2 affiliate program.

For instance, when customers buy a product on a child-affiliate link, the child-affiliate gets a commission portion, and the affiliate tier 1 also gets a commission for the order. The wider the affiliate network is, the larger the profit affiliate gets.

This Magento affiliate plugin helps build your own community and drive your sales dramatically.

create unlimited affiliate programs

Freely create & customize multiple programs to meet your business needs

With the Magento 2 Affiliate module, store owners can create unlimited affiliate programs without constraint.

For each program, the admins can:

  • Manage conditions based on catalog rules and shopping cart rules.
  • Configure the program's priority.
  • Nominate to particular Affiliate groups.
auto calculate affiliate commissions

Commissions are auto-calculated by cookies and client IP

This Magento 2 affiliate plugin helps affiliates to gain commissions in a convenient way.

When the customers visit the affiliates link, the cookies will be saved for a while, and the number of days can be configured optionally. The next time they purchase products, even if not via the referral link, affiliates still get commissions from the order.

The feature benefits the store and increases the affiliate's income. It's a win-win for both.

withdraw affiliate commission

Commissions withdrawal

The affiliates can withdraw their commissions via many payment methods, such as:

  • Bank transfer
  • Offline payment
  • Paypal

They can withdraw manually or set up auto-withdraw in Magento 2 affiliate module when the balance reaches the condition.

manage affiliate program

Effective programs management of Magento 2 Affiliate

In each program, the store owners can set up:

  • Name
  • Commission proportion
  • Valid date (The program will run out automatically when it comes to the end date)
  • Add groups of affiliates to the program
  • Priority (In case the purchased product belongs to more than two programs, there is only one affiliate program that takes effect)

Note: The program priority can be based on maximum commission or maximum discount as well.

track affiliate program

Affiliates can keep track of their transaction by reports

Our Magento 2 affiliate program shows reports so affiliates can easily follow all of their commissions.

Additionally, on the report page, there are also statistics about clicks, subscriptions, and registered or purchased for affiliate invitations.

Affiliates can easily see all sales activities through the affiliate report.

subtract commission automatically

Subtract commission automatically when customers cancel the order or require refund

Normally, commissions are added to the affiliate account balance when the order is processing. But what if the customer decides to cancel the order or they want to return the product and get a refund? What would happen to the transferred commissions?

Don't worry! The Magento 2 Affiliate extension will subtract these commissions automatically when the order is abandoned for any reason.

affiliate emails

Affiliates are capable of getting in touch with affiliate information through emails

All new updates from the store or affiliate activities is sent to affiliates through email, including:

  • Affiliate sign-up notification
  • Affiliate account locked or unlocked
  • Evaluate withdrawal activities
  • Credit balance changes
  • Notify about new programs

Thanks to this feature, affiliates will not miss any notifications.

Full Features of Magento 2 Affiliate Extension


Sign-up and manage affiliates:

  • Easy to sign-up for new affiliate through default sign up form or customized form by admin.
  • Each affiliate has own setting section to manage all affiliate activities, on this page affiliate can conduct: commission and transaction history, withdrawals, invite to gain commissions, affiliate program, etc.
  • Able to update referral account.
  • Affiliates can use their referral code when buying products on the site and still get commissions.
  • Get email to not miss latest notifications.

Affiliate account dashboard:

  • Choose to auto withdraw when the balance reaches the condition or withdraw in a manual way.
  • Track all transaction activities.
  • Easy to follow their sales and gained commissions.
  • Affiliates can build their own network and gain commissions through the child-affiliates.
  • Use referral code or link to share to over 200 social networks.
  • Send invitation emails to friends and family.
  • Manage all invitation results like total clicks, sign-ups, subscribes or purchases via invitation report.
  • View detailed statistics for all purchases and commissions through affiliate report.
  • Assume affiliate performance easily with a line chart, visualize commission source by a pie chart.

Withdrawals and payment methods:

  • Affiliates can withdraw commissions when their balance reaches the conditions provided by store owners and they can choose withdrawal methods as manual or automatical.
  • Withdraw commissions through different payment methods such as bank transfer, offline payment, Paypal.

Refer friends and family:

  • Able to connect and share the referral link to many popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
  • Send invitations via email from the affiliate management page.
  • Use banners to spread and promote the business on forums, websites or blogs.
  • A diversity of social networks made it a huge opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Manage referral accounts:

  • Fully control on affiliate account: add or edit, enable, disable accounts.
  • Able to view affiliates information on the site such as commissions, programs, transactions or payments.
  • Move affiliate account among different groups.
  • Enable auto sign-up for the affiliate when buyers register a new account.
  • Enable auto approve sign-up registration.
  • Pre-select affiliate group when registration auto-approved.

Magento 2 Affiliate programs:

  • Create new programs easily and unlimited action.
  • Store owners can choose to notify affiliates about program changes or not.
  • Set priority to each program: when more than two purchases meet programs' conditions, there is only one program to take effect. Execute program priority based on 3 types: by maximum commission, maximum discount or program priority.
  • Enable or disable a program with just one click.
  • Schedule active date range for each program, when the period ends the program will disable automatically.
  • Create flexible rules for each program based on shopping cart rules and catalog rules.
  • Different programs can have different commission levels.
  • Create affiliate tiers and specify commission for each of them. For example, for each order via child-affiliate link, affiliate A gets 10% commision, his child-affiliates get 5% commission if they sell products successfully, and so on.
  • Enable customers to receive a discount when buying on affiliate site.
  • Visualize all program transactions.

Manage withdrawals:

  • Provide minimum and maximum amount of commission to withdraw for each request.
  • View withdrawal report and able to export them to .csv or .xml files.
  • Manage when to send commissions to affiliate's balance.
  • Auto subtract commission if an order is canceled or refunded.
  • Manage all withdrawal requests in an easy way.
  • Able to add new payment methods and set withdrawal fee.
  • Set withdrawal period and processing day.

Banners and links:

  • Upload banners and create banner links, easy for affiliates to get and spread to websites, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Choose specific affiliate groups or members for each banner in Magento 2 affiliate.
  • Support flash banners.

Manage transaction:

  • Follow commission history from all affiliate accounts.
  • View affiliate balance from transaction history page.
  • View exact type of transaction together with detailed time.
  • Updated by admin.
  • Use credit to checkout.
  • Canceled order using credit.
  • Refund product.
  • Withdraw.
  • Canceled withdraw.
  • Referral purchase.
  • Referred customer receives refund.
  • Referral visitor.
  • Referral subscribe.
  • Referral sign-up.


  • View statistics of sales generated by affiliates, commission as well as referred customer discount via a line chart in an optional date range.
  • Update the top affiliates by sales.
  • Understand Magento 2 affiliate invitations performance: see the number of clicks or purchases, number of new accounts.
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